Backsplash for My Yellow Kitchen.. Please Share Thoughts...

2LittleFishiesAugust 11, 2012

Hi All-

Sorry for so many questions this week- a lot of decisions to be made!

By the way GC wants me to order backsplash but I'm going to tell him I want to wait. I know they want to finish the job (won't be done til late October) but it's hard to decide til I see the kitchen come together more. (size, etc...) They are doing the install, but maybe I can pay them for all except that install.

Anyway-- My fancy cottage kitchen again... Here's my inspiration pics:

(designer of this kitchen is Betsy Speert)

Doing yellow base cabs and white uppers...

perimeter counters:

White island with walnut butcher block:

My bird fabric:

OK for awhile now I've been thinking I'll do this hand done backsplash. It comes in many colors & finishes. I'd do white/cream to go with the danby marble countertop on the perimeter.

Here are some samples with my bird fabric for window valance.

Here it is in blue just so you can see a larger portion of it...

Here's my kitchen... It's 16 x 16. Note that some of these plans have been tweaked since putting on Photobucket but it's enough for this thread's purpose : )

***What I am wondering is if that tile (It is Ribbons & Feathers by Wizard Tile)

may be too much for my kitchen? The pattern is slightly raised and it's just beautiful but just thinking in a larger area it may be a lot? Do you think so???

Wall 1:

Wall 2:

Wall 3 (BAKING AREA) Counter top is 7'

I went to a different tile store this week that was recommended to me. Here are some things I saw. These are shown against my yellow cabinet sample (BM Barley 199). (This isn't my cab style- just color) This is a large piece though so I guess could be mixed in with a plain crackle square tile.

This is nice but don't think it's what I'm looking for.

*I should note that I really don't want a decorative spot for the hood area. Depending there could be some pattern change there, but I don't want a big decorative area for sure. Also, we have a pot filler so that will be enough of a focal point for me.

Another option I've always loved is to do a Imperial Danby or Calacatta Gold Mosaic backsplash. These aren't exactly the right colors but would find which manufacturer has the closest match.

The 3-4" Square Marble Sample is my Imperial Danby.

Not subways but here is the Calacatta


So, what do you think about doing the mosaics? Or, do you think the Ribbons & Feathers will be too much or perfect in my space?

Another option I was curious about is perhaps doing the baking area with a different BS than the L. Like maybe save the R&F for the baking area and mosaics in the L. (or vice versa) The baking area is a bit separate of course and there is a prep sink there. It will be used as a buffet for guests and is also the only spot with the open cabinetry so I thought it might work...

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WOW--I just can't wait to see you're finished kitchen. Before I read your final paragraph I already started thinking about two different backsplash materials. I think the birds and feathers is so perfect for your kitchen, you just channeled your inspiration pic so well. So one idea would be to use that in the main area, and then just in the baking area do a beadboard splash, similar to the inspiration. It will be an easier area to keep clean, and it spares you from using two different styles of tile. I think though that because of your good taste no matter what you do this one will be a stunner.

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I think that your materials are beautiful, and that the Ribbons and Feathers tile will be flawless in your space. The R&F will give you texture, but won't compete with your other finishes.
This is going to be such a beautiful kitchen!

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I am a firm believer of the phrase: "Less is more". My choice would be one of the plain field tiles, either the square or the rectangular. Any other choice would detract from your beautiful Danby marble.

Waiting until everything else has been installed sounds like a very wise move. If your contractor doesn't like it, too bad, it's your kitchen, your money, your call.

HTH, Petra

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I think the first tile is lovely. I wouldn't put bead board in the baking area cause it would be a nightmare to clean all those grooves. I'd get slop in there. I personally don't think bead board is a good choice for any kitchen because of the potential food mess.

In your inspiration picture there is yellow wallpaper up above to contrast with the white uppers. Are your going to contrast like that with paint? I think that contrast is a key. I don't see a lot of option for this juxtaposition in your layout. If you are contrasting with color I think the first tile in an overall layout would look good. Can you layout all you elements to see if there is going to be too much white, void of that lovely yellow, in the upper 1/2 of your kitchen? Is this making sense?

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I have a thread linked below about coloring in my kitchen.
Right now, I'm thinking yellow lowers AND the tall pieces (pantry, ovens, fridge cabinet would also be yellow. Now that I've found a yellow that is easier on the eyes I feel more confident about this.
Baking area- considered wallpaper in open shelving but my pieces on there will be various yellows so preferred the white bead board background there. However I will have yellow mixing bowls for example and am also using blue accents there as well.

This is a different yellow door though:

So, the yellow will be brought "up" that way (and on the tall cabs)...

Still considering making the back of the 2 glass cabs yellow surrounding the hood. Also if I do my drum pendant they will have yellow in them over island. Bird fabric will be over kitchen window bringing some yellow up as well.

As you can see there isn't much wall space for paint... Just around the side door a bit above the window, and a small area on the wall by fridge although that will connect to wall in dining area which is only a couple of feet on either side of bay window seat. I could use yellow around door or I was thinking of maybe using a blue to pick up my fabric and blueish aqua accessories. I decided I don't want to do anything too permanent in the blue so I'm not stuck with it.

Here's the aerial view. lol On the right will be a banquette bench surrounded by 4' of cabinetry on either side. That cabinetry will be all white.

Here is a link that might be useful: COLOR IN MY KITCHEN THREAD

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Thanks for the link. I think your yellow, white, marble, and walnut are perfect together! Tile? I really like your first one. That trim pencil is pretty sweet too.

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My vote would be for the R&F tile. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!

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If anyone thinks the Ribbons & Feathers will be too much everywhere I suppose I can use a plain crackle tile (4x4) in the L and use the R&F above the cooktop and in the whole baking area...

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2LittleFishies, what do you think you'd like to do?

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Well, I know I LOVE the Ribbons & Feathers so would like to use that. However, seeing it on the blue sheet I can see it has a strong pattern to it and wonder if it will disturb feel of the kitchen at all. I am always drawn to fancy things and have been trying to restrain to keep a simple (but not plain) feel to the kitchen.

I feel I have so many beautiful elements and don't know if the backsplash may need to take more of a back seat or not. That's my only concern.
That being said, the R & F is a solid color and it's not like bringing in all kinds of borders and colored patterns so maybe there's a simplicity to it as well.

I think a very good 2nd option would be to do what I said above and use coordinating plain crackle 4x4 tiles with it.

3rd option are the little square mosaic tiles which I just love as well. Makes me smile for sure! To me if those are kept in a simple straight across pattern they may work in one area or the other. I could be wrong on this of course. It could be my desire to use two things I love
: ) but maybe it would work?

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I know you want to simplify, but adding crackle tile just adds another texture to your kitchen - it won't have the effect you are hoping for. If you're going to mix tiles, choose Wizard field tile with quartets or rows of RF. Remember, your inspiration pic has a simple beadboard bs. The RF echoes the complexity of the wallpaper motif, the heaviness of which is broken up visually by bs and upper elements.

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Thanks EAM- The R & F I showed above does have a crackle to it. It's Very subtle but I thought if the R&F is crackled the field tile should be as well. I can also get no crackle in any of them though.

I think quartets over rows as it seems the pattern uses 4 tiles.

"your inspiration pic has a simple beadboard bs. The RF echoes the complexity of the wallpaper motif, the heaviness of which is broken up visually by bs and upper elements."

Not sure what you mean here or what I am meant to take from it : )
And why can't I get rid of the italics now? lol

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I like your original choice. I think it keeps the monotone color of the backsplash in your inspiration and brings in some of the pattern from the walls that you will not have. The marble mosaic is also nice, but there will be a whole lot more grout to deal with too.

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You forgot to add the html end brackets at the end. It's a bracket slash i bracket to stop the italics.

I want to know if Ribbons & Feathers is this tile:

I love (notice the end bracketing thing)

I think the beautiful, white raised pattern tile (which is that?) in the 1st picture is amazing. I don't think you have to worry about it being too much, actually, because it's one color. Standing 3-4' back you'll just see the color, and your subconscious will see the richness.

I really can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

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Thanks Christine! Always good to hear from you : )

No, Ribbons and Feathers is the white raised tile pattern from the 1st picture... the one you like I believe. The one you pictured above (top right of pic) I'm not crazy about.

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... or I should say it's not what I'm seeing for MY kitchen- it's still beautiful though : )

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just wanted to undersscore your decision to wait to order tile until the kitchen is in and you can see it in the space. based on the suggestions here, i did the same thing and was so glad i did as i changed from what i had originally selected.

good luck!

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Babushka did ur GC mind? Or was that not part of the contract with him?

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I agree with babuska. You are making so many decisions now, the color yellow being a huge one, that you need time to regroup.
I love your tile choices, BTW.

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I love the R&F and when I saw your post my initial thought was "but wait a minute....she has that gorgeous textured cream already picked out...." I love, love, love your planned kitchen. The yellow wallpaper in your inspiration pic is almost exactly what I've had in my dining room for nearly 15 years. We are doing a whole first floor renovation, and that (and our fireplace) are about the only things that will remain untouched. It's a "timeless" color choice and so calming yet energizing at the same time.

Of course, I secretly hope you decide not to use the R&F, because then I could copy your origninal planned backsplash, which I think would go beautifully with my planned kitchen of yellow accents, cream cabs, soapstone counters and marble island :). Can't wait to see yours finished. Good luck!

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I love the R&F and would put it counter to cab (not between other tile) throughout. It's so subtle in the cream color that I really don't think it would be too much but rather be very elegant and understated. I love all of your finishes and can't wait to see how it all comes together!!

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Maybe use your bird fabric as back splash? It's easy to "glue" it on with wall paper paste.

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Under the "too many clowns" dictum, I think something simpler than all of your choices is called for. Plain tile beadboard would work as an echo of your inspiration as well as be simple enough to let the other elements be the star.

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I meant that your inspiration pic has a few heavy elements, and a lot of lighter ones to balance things out. The baroque complexity of the wallpaper is balanced out by the simplicity of the beadboard, and the fact that there aren't huge monolithic expanses of that pattern.

In your kitchen, that will be even prettier that the inspiration photo I think, the heavier element is the patterned tile. It will be placed in large expanses of the kitchen uninterrupted by lighter elements. It is a much lighter color than the wallpaper, but using it in quartets with field tile in between might give a more balanced look.

I can't see the crackle in your tile image, but as long as you're consistent with the glaze on the decorative and field tile it'll be gorgeous.

One way to incorporate the sparkly mosaic in your last inspiration image could be to use it instead of bead board as your cabinet back in the open shelves above the prep sink, and in the glass cabinets around the cook top. It's an unorthodox suggestion, but it could be amazingly beautiful.

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Here's a rug for you, if you need it....

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Fishies - I LOVE that big, white tile you're holding up with your french manicured hand! The colour looks luscious, and it looks like tin, except white. 'Tin' is probably not '50's vintage' but it's kind of cottagey, so we're on the map.

In my mind's eye, I can super-impose that tile onto your inspiration pic, and it looks good, so I figure it'll look good in your kitchen.

I also like that the size is a little bigger than you'd expect.

How does the colour compare to your original tile? How does it look with the marble? I guess making sure it matches the marble is key.

Your kitchen will be predominantly yellow, brown (wood counter), off white, and greyish white (marble). I think it could handle a textured backsplash like the ones your showing us. (Sometimes I get bogged down with your accessories and fabrics, and I have to remember that those are just small touches against the larger backdrop of yellow, white, greyish-white, and brown.)

I don't like the marble mosaic idea because it's lacking the 'cute cottage' feel.

White is plain, plain, plain. It's not like you're doing a multi-coloured backsplash.

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I L-O-V-E the R&F tile. Since it's white on white it's not too busy at all. The pattern on the blue tile is much more defined. I would definitely use it.

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As long as the color really goes with your marble (hard to tell online), stick with the B&F. It's sort of a substitute for the damask wallpaper.

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