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edb2nAugust 1, 2014

Okay, the last detail on our kitchen job is chairs. Our budget has run out, as has our ability to make decisions. The current chairs are from our bonus room. They are in bad shape, so will have to be repainted and of course reupholstered. Another option is to return those to the bonus room and use some antique ladder back chairs from MIL. They are cherry stained and also not in great shape.


  1. Pictured chairs or antique ladder back?

2. Stained dark like table top (for the ladder backs), painted white, painted medium gray, or even painted a soft yellow?

3. Which upholstery? Preferably one of the ones in the curtain or pillows, since we have leftovers. There's a gray dot, a solid yellow linen, and the gray and yellow print.

Here's a link to my reveal if it helps to see the whole thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Full Reveal

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Could just be me, but the chairs as is look just perfect there.

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Yeah, perfect, actually. Y'know what I really like? The lattice back of the chair echos your window mullions! So I say keep the echo, and have them white like the windows and trim. Use an upholstery that is medium, not light, and somewhat busy. That way any spills will not be super apparent as the would on plain, light upholstery.

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Those look brand new. I really like them! I say keep them. I wouldn't even worry about reupholstering right away.

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Another vote to keep them! If you want to repaint, paint in same color. I like the current upholstery - matches the table and floor, but since you have left over fabric, that's an easy task, no? You could even cut squares of both fabrics, tuck in place (over what you have), take pictures and then decide between the three. With new fabric, definitely spray with lots of Scotch Guard.

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I like how the backs of these echoes the windows, but honestly the ladder back ones would probably look great too.

The grey dots probably would hide dirt better than the yellow, but the yellow is great too. You've made such great choices already, I think any of them would work with it.

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I agree, they look great. I would think even though it's a lighter background, the busier yellow fabric wouldn't show stuff as much and would look good. But maybe not, maybe the dark background would be better. Any would look good, and if you've got extras of multiple, you can always switch it out later. :)

(And I didn't say on your reveal thread...I really like your light over your table.)

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I say keep them, they look great! Either fabric would be good too. I agree with oldbat2be, scotchguard them!

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I like the ones there already, just Change out the cushion fabric. I'm in a similar boat, wish I had existing chairs to work with. :)

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It seems to be unanimous (a rare event indeed). I think we'll keep the existing chairs, but repaint them in the same off-white as the table and bench. Right now they are just off the shelf white from 12 years ago and pretty chipped. We will use the gray dot fabric. Thanks!

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