Best cookware for Bluestar cooktop 6 burner

PekeAugust 1, 2013

I have Farberware stainless steel cookware that is about 32 years old and still looks good. I have Oneida brand stainless steel pots, Calphalon non stick, Circulon non stick, one Paula Deen enameled cast iron Dutch oven, and regular cast iron skillets.

My problem is that the handles get so hot on the Bluestar. With cast iron I expect the hot handles, but I have burned my hands twice on the other cookware. I keep forgetting. Plus I am not sure about how long the non stick will last on the high btu gas cooktop.

So what cookware are all of you using for your high btu gas ranges and cooktops?

Santa Clause will be here before I know it so I have to get my list ready! ðÂÂÂ. Peke

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I use Fissler , Le Creuset Dutch (French) Oven and non stick grill pan, vintage cast iron, vintage copper bottom Revere Ware on my Culinarian. Plus I use my Wok Shop carbon steel Pow Wok quite a bit.

The new made in China Revere Ware is not very good.

The Fissler Steelux and non-stick pans have a handle specifically designed to protect your fingers from the flame. Didn't get the Steelux got two Pro pans plus a non-stick for eggs.

I don't use the full 23k btu with non-stick. Usually medium or low. I thought about just buying cheap non-stick over and over again when my 7 year old Faberware non-stick started sticking but decided to buy Fissler and see how that goes. Have not had it long but so far so good.

What are you cooking on the non-stick that you have the super-novas on high?

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Kristen Hallock

I've only used my Bluestar a few times now but I have the regular All Clad stainless and its working fine. The handles are stainless but I havent found them to be scorching hot.

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I have a 36RNB with griddle, and have several vintage cast iron pieces, which include a favorite old dutch oven. I also have a Staub grill pan, and a stainless Allclad skillet and a wok. For my saucepans and stock pots, I use vintage Revere copper bottoms. I'm not a non stick fan, but do have one Scanpan, that I reserve for omelettes and the like only. (If you must have a non stick, this is the best I've ever used.) I also have some vintage Revere skillets, but they need to be used on medium to low because heat so quickly, so they've taken a back seat to the cast iron. I must say though, even with all those pans to choose from, I go to the built in griddle daily as my main cooking surface, I absolutely love it!

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I am glad I kept my revere ware. I guess it is as vintage as my cast iron. I wondered about the new china made pots. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

Can someone explain why you can't put water in the enameled cast iron Dutch oven? Does it have to do with the cast iron and water?

I don't use the high burners with nonstick. The handles get hot on low. Even my revere ware.peke

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