(new here w/ Q.) SW Kilim Beige walls w/ what trim?

sidlo2188November 12, 2009

We are currently having our whole house painted (allowance is for one wall paint color and one trim color).

We had SW Kilim Beige before and both DH & I liked it a lot, so we are going with that again. It is a great neutral that went w/ a lot... before we had a very very very white - white on the trim... and I liked it well enough. I never gave it much thought, as it went w/ everything (and my needs to change things up at the same time).

Now, we actually have to pick a trim color. So I'm a bit overwhelmed by the WHITE choices out there.

Any advice on which white to go with for the trim? I'm completely open to a standard color from Sherwin Williams. The guy @ SW advise me go with Divine white for the trim & I thought that was a little too "not" white, but maybe I'm wrong.

I have to send over my paint colors this evening, so any/all advice will be trusted by you guys! ;o)

Oh, little more info... the floors are a charry laminate (not my first choice, but what was within my budget to work with). The rooms are on the smaller side.

Also, what is the "normal" finish for trim? High gloss? Gloss? Satin? I'm thinking high gloss would be easier to keep clean (they were not glossy before & I hated that part because I had to scrub to clean them).

Thank you so much!

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This is not really a good example but is the best I have. Beginning at the landing, then continuing up the stairs is SW Divine White. The other walls (to the left and on the right side of the steps up to the landing) is SW Kilim Beige. You can see the contrast with the semi-gloss trim - we have used semi-gloss white trim throughout the house.

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Do you know what color the trim is, though? Just a basic white... or was it a SW color?

Did you use Divine white on the trim, or the walls? It appears it is the walls you used it on (which, if it is, I really like it! haha!)

I need to give the contractor which color I want the trim. I've already picked kilim beige for the walls.

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Sorry, yes the Divine White is on the wall going up from the landing, but due to the lighting does not show much contrast against the Kilim Beige which in real life is apparent but not shocking. I was really attempting to let you see the distinction between the wall paint and the trim (which you can only see at the landing baseboard against Divine White).

This trim paint is actually a Pittsburg semi-gloss latex trim paint. Paint shop recommended it because I didn't want to risk runs. It's a thicker paint and applied nicely. I've discarded the container so unable to offer more specifics. SW trim paint is good too. Personally, I only think of trim being semi-gloss white - maybe I need to think outside the box.

Because our space is using three colors in total (SW Latte on some other walls), I purchased a quart of each and applied them side-by-side in several areas to see their effect throughout the day and under artificial light. I know you are restricting yourself to a single color but you might want to invest a few $$$'s and try a similar test because your new residence will have different lighting conditions than your prior home.

We're just DIY'ers and need to teach ourselves when taking on projects that pros already have experienced. We like the colors you are considering and am confident you will be pleased with the finished look. Good luck.

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Looking at those two colors I don't think there is enough difference between them. Do you want your trim to pop a little?

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Kilim on the walls will be OK as a safe neutral. But I don't care for Divine as its companion trim color. I much prefer Dover if you want an "off" white that doesn't look too antique-y. We used Dover for the trim in the old house and it was da bomb. If you really want a pop of white for the trim you could go with Alabaster.

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We have Alabaster trim in almost every room in our house at the recommendation of the SW woman who I have found has great taste. Our DD's bedroom is Kilim Beige which I was afraid would be too dark and heavy but it's actually really warm and looks amazing with the Alabaster. It's bright with just enough pop but not too stark white. It looks clean to me.
Good luck,

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