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mamashesheJuly 30, 2012

New here, but have been secretly lurking. Going for a Mexican feel kitchen without going to crazy and literal with colors. Have selected a patterned Mexican tile for bs area behind the cooktop. Most of the bs will be antique white hand made tile stacked staggered. Flooring is red maple natural finish and cabinets are sable cherry.

So, KD originally steered me away from any Cambria patterns with too much movement, because of the mexican tile. Originally I was going to incorporate colors from the patterned tile into the entire backsplash. I had selected Canterbury. Now that I have backed off the colors in most of the bs, I'm revisiting the decision and thinking of Bradshaw, because 1) I like the movement and 2) it is lighter and mimics the tone of the flooring, so we get more contrast and don't go too dark.

Photo is of the tile pattern, which will be framed with cornice molding behind the gas cooktop. Am I doing too much, or do you think the Bradshaw will work?

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Cabinet Color

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I was seriously considering the Bellingham, another of the Waterstone collection, for bathroom counters and decided it had too much movement, and was a bit dark for what I wanted. I also considered the Praa Sands, another from that collection, and managed to find it made up at a place not too far away. There is a fair amount of movement in those, more than is apparent from the small samples. Hopefully you've at least seen the 15x15 samples if not one of the collection made up to really guage the movement. I thought they were beautiful, just not for what I needed.

While I think the Bradshaw would look great with your cabs and flooring, it might be a bit much for me with the tile. But, I often see things as not working well together that most people think work very well together. So, my opinion isn't worth much in that regard. =)

Here is the Bradshaw:

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Thanks for your input! Here is a bigger photo of the Bradshaw. I haven't seen it anywhere installed yet, only the 15x15 sample in the store.

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The tile is beautiful! I am of no help with the countertop; in fact, I had to get suggestions for my own, but that tile is a star. Whatever counter you need to make it work with the tile (instead of making the tile work with the counter) is going to be lovely - colorful and bright and beautiful.

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I like the tile! Here's a quick sketchup with the bradshaw and tile.

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If you want that tile, IMHO you need a very simple solid counter. Also, the colors do not relate to each other. Look at SAS's kitchen. She has a multicolored backsplash and solid counter.

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That counter does not work with your lovely tiles at all. I'd go with a simple choice, like one of the very quiet Caesarstones. Ellendi mentioned that my kitchen has colorful tiles as well (they are Mexican tiles, but not patterned like yours). I found Caesarstone to have the best range of choices to work with a busy backsplash if you're interested in quartz.

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Thanks, you are all so helpful. The majority of the tile is by the same maker, antique white field handmade field tile. The patterned tile is for behind the cooktop just between the cooktop and range hood, in the rectangle that a lot of folks don't like (but I obviously do), bordered by crown molding tile. With the tile just as an accent above the stove, do you still think it's too much? I love both, but I agree that the counter shouldn't compete with the tile.

What my drawing doesn't show is that my existing kitchen ends at a peninsula right at the right hand side of the cooktop in the drawing. The area from the cooktop on is my existing breakfast room. Here's the catch: that ceiling vaults from a window behind the bar seating on the peninsula up to the peak at the right edge of the cooktop, with the ceiling forming sort of a big right triangle and then abruptly becoming standard 8' height.

I don't really want the range hood chimney going all the way up that wall, but like the chimney style. The plan is for it to go up and out, a little above the top crown on the cabinets, with the white field tile going all the way up to the point where it exits the wall, and then mount my fabulous flea market find (see next pic) above that.

If I haven't completely lost you with description, let me know what you think.

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Here's the arch piece for above the hood. It's a lot of elements in that one spot, which will be visible from the adjoining family room. Am I getting too carried away, or will it be as gorgeous as I imagine?

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Sorry. Bumping this up. My KD is on vacation so I don't have any experts to consult with and I'm obsessing, as usual.

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Love the tile and thanks to OldBat for photo shopping it. Your Cambria is similar to our Buckingham. I started out wanting a fancy backsplash and ended up simple.

In your case- stick with your tile and mellow out the counter top (see the thread - one clown)

In my case, the GW - said one Diva

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Yes, the photoshopping, etc. people do here is amazing. I can barely post pics! So, just to make sure, even with the patterned tile only over the cooktop the counters will be too busy? I may be trying to have my cake and eat it too, but I really don't want that much pattern in the bs. Most of the bs will be plain antique white field tile with the design just over the cooktop.

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I think you're mixing two styles and it's going to be a disaster. Sorry! I'm no design expert but this is what my eye is telling me.

The SS chimney hood and quartz countertop don't work with your Mexican style. They're really contemporary--I have both in my new kitchen and had to think twice about whether to go with the chimney as I knew it pushed me into the contemporary. You have more leeway with quartz, but I'd stick with a solid pattern. No speckles! In the year since I started my remodel, I've followed what the quartz companies are doing, and they are moving away from the speckles. Not to offend anyone who might have speckled quartz, but it looks so dated to me.

You've got a substantial window treatment and then a somewhat "wimpy" hood next to it. The window treatment is going to compete as your focal point unless you get a beefier hood and give it equal billing.

I would look for more responses with a different title so you can get help pulling together a cohesive look. People do those design boards and get good responses to it. Your title may be limiting the responses to only those who want to help pick out a countertop. You've got the potential for a unique and beautiful kitchen!

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may_flowers, don't be sorry! I appreciate your honest opinion. The other hoods I wanted were budget-busters, so I compromised, but don't want to create a design disaster. My actual hood is still a ss chimney style, but not the contemporary looking one in the drawing. It's at least a little "beefier." The cabs, flooring and hood are already purchased. Maybe it's time to start a new thread, but I don't know how to put all the elements together in design board format. Here is the hood.

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Here's another tile option for behind the cooktop. What kind of countertop would you recommend?

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How about Bristol Blue Cambria?

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I agree with a2gemini on the Cambria Bristol Blue with that tile. I have Cambria Canterbury and love it. Bradshaw came out right before my final decision was needed and I was close to changing to that because of how beautiful and flowy it is. With either of these though the countertop will be the star/focal point. My backsplash will be very simple and neutral.

With this tile, I think the tile is going to be the focal point so I would go neutral with the counter. The Bristol Blue picks up the color in the tile perfectly - at least on my computer screen.

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Your tile is gorgeous! I think that Bristol BLue would really look nice with it. I have Canterbury in my kitchen and we are just finishing our backsplash which is a neutral tumbled subway tile with some copper accents. I felt that it needed something simple.
I can't wait to see what you pick to go with your tile. It will be an awesome focal point.

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The Bristol Blue idea is really growing on me. I hadn't thought of going that dark on the countertop. And the thing I love about Mexico is the beach. The bristol blue reminds me of the ocean on the Pacific coast of Mexico, so deep dark blue. Will DH kill me if I make another suggestion? I guess I'll find out.

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I agree with others that your beautiful tile backsplash is the star. You should do something rather plain for the counters: white or cream-- whichever matches best with the tile. Good luck!

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