Glass cabinets- frosted? any other options for concealment?

mays802July 16, 2014

Hello and thank you for your help - one of our main cabinets will be glass in our remodel. It is a cabinet that needs to be functional, holding our dishes, etc. not just decorative pieces. Has anyone used a decorative glass that conceals possible messes inside the cabinet?

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There are tons of glass options out there. Check out the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet glass options

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I use these folks, the online gallery show 30 samples each with the same wine bottle and glass behind so you can judge how obscure the glass is.
Total of over a 140 standard options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Architectural Glass Effects

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You could also think of applying a mirror to the inside of the glass ... or using a mirrored window car application ... or various of the tinted shades to hide things behind the glass.

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You can also backpaint glass, or use starch to glue on paper or fabric (easy to remove for redecorating--you could change with the seasons).

If you don't mind a little show through but don't want to see the actual shapes, any heavy texture will work. I got glass called "masterpoint" or "pointalist" or "pointal"m which is just little dot bumps all over it. It has the feeling of depth of clear glass but is close to opaque unless something is right up next to it.

Look at the online galleries where they show the same still life, half covered by the different glass types. Spectrum and Bendheim are two of the oldest, but there are many nowadays. Most of the selections are similar, but each company has a few one offs.

Once you have a few options you like, you can either look for them at a local glass shop, or order samples. Do check the dimensions for delivery, if you want to order online. There's a limit to the length. If you go local, make sure to print out the ones you like. The names are like granite, and differ from brand to brand.

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jakuvall, that link was very, very cool! I used to think nothing was cooler than seeded glass. I might have to take that back.

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Wow, great suggestions and links! I'm glad I checked this thread since I need to make a decision about glass inserts, too. Thanks for starting the topic, mays802.

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Thanks everyone. I must have forgotten to "check here" for email responses and I am just seeing your helpful links now.

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