Help! Sink Installation Mess!

addycal75July 12, 2013

Has anyone installed a 36" kohler whitehaven into a 42" base cabinet? I didn't realize (stupidly) the support structure necessary to install these sinks and how that is going to take up lots of space under the cabinet...not to mention that the 36" sink is supposed to be in a 36" cabinet...Not sure why the kitchen designer put in a 42" but I went along with it and it has been a problem ever since. I think we were trying to avoid fillers.

The kitchen install is tomorrow so if anyone has experience with this, I would love to hear how you fixed it, supported it, pics of install. Thanks!

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Holly- Kay

Addy I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues. I have the white haven and it fits great on my 36 sink base. I love it. It is a beautiful sink. I suggested the wh because I liked the rear drain. My kd always used a different kohler apron front. They are now going to use the white haven as their gold standard. I'd said it was an easier and better install than the model he previously used. Hopefully your installer will find it an easy install. Best wishes.


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I have not done this. If your concerned about cabinet space mount angled bracing to plywood and then mount to cabinet sides- if cabinet is not robust enough run the plywood to the bottom. Installer will should have ideas. Doesn't look like a big problem.

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Thank you all, once again, for your help and "support" (pun intended). I love that picture/graphic. Thank you! I think that it will work out. I ordered the cabinets separate from the contractor and it is one of those situations where he is probably not pleased with my choice because it made his job harder. But I figure, if the guy can build a house to hold a roof, he can build a structure to support a sink.

Unfortunately, the fun continues as today I see that one of the cabinets that they installed yesterday appears to be defective (paint color/finish problem on face). As today is Sunday, I get to sit with that problem until Monday before i know what the possible solutions might be. It seems that when you solve one problem, another pops up! These are all fortunate problems to have but still nerve wracking!
THanks for helping solve this one!

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My 36 White Haven was just installed in a 45 inch cabinet. (Yeah I have water again!) the support doesn't take up any of my space as its all supported at the top as in Jakuvalls diagram. I tried to photograph the supports but it's awkward. They look like the diagram.

Sorry your having issues, I feel your pain! My kitchen is starting to come together and I am in love with my new sink! It's pretty and I can hardly wait to clean up in it. Now that's a good sink!

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Thank you for your picture. I can't wait until I can say I have water again!!! How exciting. My contractor is unsure still about the fix. I think a compromise between the two solutions (square vs. angeled support) will be the answer. I love your faucet and everything!

Thanks again!

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