Balancing color in Kitchen Remodel

sidneystreetwomanJuly 26, 2014

We are remodeling our kitchen and I cannot decide on a countertop for the island - how to balance it color-wise with the rest of the plan. The wall cabinets are shaker style painted an eggshell color, and I was planning on putting London Gray Caesarstone over these as it has a bit of the buff in the coloration. Biscuit color farm sink, medium color wood floor.

There will be a small island in the center, with a 3x5 top going on it. This top is what is in question. The cabinet that is the base of the island is stained brown/black. I didn't plan to put quartz on the island as it will also be our eating surface on 3 sides and stone is so cold to lean on and makes a lot of clatter while using glasses and plates. I planned on having a wood top made, but now I am not sure this color combo will balance. The wood countertop was going to be a "butterscotch" color, maybe maple, to go with our woodwork and an existing butler's pantry (1897 house). Maybe I should use a darker quartz over the eggshell cabinets to balance the dark island??

Any suggestions? Any kitchen design principles I should consider or know other than what my gut is telling me?

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Sophie Wheeler

Do you have a rendering to post? I'm thinking that any cabinet under a 3x5 virtual table will not be large enough to emphasize using a secondary color for it. Unless you do total tone on tone and do it all out of the same wood as a designed furniture piece that just happens to have some storage on one side. How many people do you want to have sitting there? 4 will be tight.

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I agree with Hollysprings about matching the top to the cabinet, but I also think it would be nicer if you matched the whole thing to the antique woodwork. Going too dark, at least without tying back to another major design element, will likely overpower the room, whereas a butterscotch cabinet and top, with the eggshell and blue, sounds like it would be lovely.

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Please post an image of your finishes and/or your space. If you don't know how, read the stickie at the top of the forum. If your not sure of your paint colors, go on the Sherwin Williams site and try to guess. Eggshell and butterscotch mean different things to different people.

Below I'm posting an image of London Gray over white-ish counters. And this leads me to my best advice of all, look for inspiration images to get an idea of the finished look you want. Houzz is a great place to browse. Just plug in one of the known items (medium brown floors, off whit cabinets) in kitchens and look through the images. Stop when you find one you like, then see if you can make it work in your space.

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Thanks for your replies and taking time out of your day to even think about this. Yes, I have used Houzz a great deal. It's the only way I can picture what it might look like. One kitchen photo that has a similar colors/ideas is below. My wall cabinets just are more ecru/off white than these.
Our kitchen table we used forever was 3 feet wide and 5 feet long and we sat 6 around it, or 8 if some of them were little kids, as we had two benches and a chair on each end. I think we will get 4 counter height chairs/stools and see if that is all that will fit.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen color balance

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