Cherished pets.....gonna make you cry!

PekeJuly 31, 2013

The old/new thread of "does your dog match your kitchen" is almost full. I noticed how many of us have lost our cherished pets.

About a month after I lost my 18 year old Pekingese, I flew to San Francisco for a conference. I saw a store that sold figurines. I couldn't believe it when I saw a Pekingese angel ornament for my Christmas tree. I didn't even look at the price tag. I brought it home to Oklahoma and saved it until Christmas to surprise my family. Needless to say it has been on our tree every year for 13 years.

Last year my SIL lost her cocker spaniel so I found a cocker spaniel angel ornament online and gave it to her for Christmas. I made her cry. I told her I would before she opened it.

So for all of you pet lovers, I just thought I would mention this to you. I know we think of our pets often, but seeing the ornament every year brings back memories of the dog toys or treats we chose with care and wrapped as presents, the wrapped present that had a little corner chewed off, or the train around the Christmas tree that all three of my Pekingese chased.

In case you want one or Pekingese angel ornament. (choose your own breed.) I bet they have them for cats too.


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I found ours last summer shortly before we had to put our furbaby down. I ordered them before Christmas for myself and my sons and wrote his name and dates on the gold disc. I intend to do the same with his sister when her time comes. Precious!

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Holly- Kay

Oh Peke, what a lovely post. Pets certainly make for a happy home. It is so difficult to lose our babies. This just seems to be the absolute perfect memorial to them. I still use all of my pet ornaments and have to smile when I put them on our tree remembering our wonderful fur babies.

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Peke, that's beautiful!

A dear friend of mine gave me an ornament (not an angel) when we lost our beloved Cardigan Welsh Corgi two years ago. It took her a long time to find one to match my dog's coloring. It sits on the windowsill in my living room, where we see it every day!

About a week after he died, my 17-yr-old son said "Mom, there's a great big Corgi-sized hole in this house".

I was on the phone the next day with the breeder from whom we got Topper. She had a 1-1/2-yr-old boy that she had been showing, but he didn't care for it, so she retired him and was looking for a permanent home. She had him on a plane to us within a week, and he's the sweetest dog ever. Of course we still miss Topper, but Yancy does help fill the hole.

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Our babies.... that is what they are. No one else in the world greets us at the door shaking with excitement because we are home. ð peke

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