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SquintyJuly 15, 2012

I'm doing some work in a newly purchased house including redoing the the kitchen. Cliqstudios seems like a great choice for cabinets but I'm having a hard time finding non-company sponsored reviews. No surprise that cliqstudios has lots of wonderful customer comments on their website but I don't really consider these objective. Can someone please give me a firsthand review?

My alternative is to get Medallion cabinets through a local dealer that my GC has worked with extensively.

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They sell 6 Square cabinets which are produced in China and assembled I think in MN. There is a guy on this site, daveinorlado who sells them and he's not afraid to give you an honest opinion.

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Thanks. I see the obvious similarity in the descriptions between cliqstudios and 6 square. How does 6 square compare to the Medallion silver line? I would get full extension with the medallion as an upgrade.

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I am in the process of completing my kitchen remodel. I got my cabinets in April from Cliq Studios. I worked with Stacey. She was great. She did follow up a few months to find out how things were going.

Now, the big question. Would I go with them again?

Um....only if I did not find a better deal locally. Cliq Studio has an outstanding price. They kill you on the extras though like crown moulding though. The solid wood doors are great.
My biggest issue was that I had a lot of damage on delivery so they had to send replacement parts. They were very helpful and speedy on replacements. There were issues with finish details and while the boxes are packed well things like end panels and door fronts were not. I also had problems with boxes not being square. I am a novice carpenter and I had started to build my own cabinets but 3 kids put in a dent in that project. So I know about things being square. Out of square created some issues on the install and sometimes I could not get the faces to be totally flush.
I also had an issue with the lack of quality control during the build phase of the cabinets. It did not look like they wanted to use much glue in the joints. That is a big no-no when working with such thin plywood. Glue is the only guardian against failure of a joint because there isn't much wood for a staple or nail to hold onto with 1/2 plywood. You need both, staples to initially hold and glue to make the joint strong.

I will be writing a more detail review later but I would give the cabinets the following ratings (out of 10):

Value: 7
Quality: 6
Cust Svc: 7
Finish: 6
Fit: 6
Delivery: 4
Look: 8.5
Overall: 7
Likelihood to use them again: 6

if you can find a local cabinet supplier then I recommend that if possible. You can inspect things better. Also if you don't mind RTI, then I would say if you could find similar materials that you can RTI, that would solve some of the issues I ran into.

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"RTI".....sorry. I meant "RTA"....ready to assemble.

The parts by themselves are really good...its the quality control that I had the most issues with.

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That's incredibly helpful info. Ive been trying to decide between Cliq and Barker cabinets. Barker are RTA and cost a bit more, but they use denser American plywood, it's thicker, and the glides and hinges are all Blum. If you could post pictures too, that would be great! Thanks.

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its just cheapo Chinese 4 square cabinets pretending to be USA made; how can they be honest when they start lying from the beginning. look up 6 square cabinets and you'll see. all bs.

how are they cheaper: lower quality products, shipped in boxes, and no long term warranty support.

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