911, calling all refrigerator knowledge!

bicyclegirl1July 5, 2013

This is the best website & I feel so blessed to have come across it. I had excellent help in my decision on a range. Going w/ AR & know it's the best option for me.

I can only make one decision at a time, to keep the stress level down(!), so now it's onto the fridge. I have a kitchen the size of a postage stamp! So, I'm wanting to stay around 30" - not the norm. I may have to go up to 35", but every inch of appliance takes away from my cabinetry & counter space. Preferably counter depth, bottom freezer, stainless steel, & an ice maker. My budget is around $2200 max. Fisher & Paykal has a great looking one for around $2100. It's a new model, so can't find any reviews on it. Apparently F&P used to be good but have been bought by Haier & not so sure they're good anymore. Reviews vary, of course! Let's not make this easy!!! If anyone has a newer one, I'd like your opinion. Anyway, I'd love to hear all about great refrigerators you guys have or know about. Preferably newer than later models of anything. It appears companies have been changing hands quite a bit over the past few years, so that could change quality.

I know you're out there w/ great advice & can't wait to hear what you guys have for me!

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Two 32.25" Samsung bottom- freezer refrigerators with ice-makers.

These are Samsung's two biggest sellers in Asia.

You get the benefits of MASS production. Low price and low number of defects.

Samsung RB195ACPN Single Door $1159

Samsung RF197ACRS French Door $1369

Those are Stainless prices.

The FD comes in real stainless.

The single door only comes in stainless platinum. It is kind of a silver paint laminate. It does not really show fingerprints and smudges. Easier to clean but if put right next SS appliance the difference is apparent.

The one negative is the quantity of ice. Don't expect American fridge quantity of ice in either these Samsungs or F & P,

Getting Samsung is not as cool as getting a niche brand almost no one else has ie American Range and Fisher & Paykel. But in this instance I think it can same save you money and frustration getting a niche brand refrigerator fixed

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I'll ck those 2 out. Would probably go w/ FD because I'm not fond of the stainless platinum. Really don't want FD either, but may not have a choice. I thought I read some pretty bad reviews on Samsung, tho. I'll google it again to see. I've read so many reviews on so many appliances, I can't keep them straight anymore!

Are you familiar w/ F&P? I love the look of their newer fridge: RF170WDRUX1. Very clean looking & just plain beautiful. But again, so worried about how they work. Mixed reviews. I wish so bad someone that has one would post their thoughts/opinions on them.

Thanks again!

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If you look hard enough you will find bitter angry " I will never buy a product from THAT company again" reviews on any appliance.

Wolf ranges are considered highest quality and best customer service by virtually every high end appliance salesman. Right now on page 1 of Appliance Forum angry Wolf range owner who has a chipped interior oven enamel and is not not happy with resolution Wolf is offering.

Miele is highest rated dishwasher by JD Power three of the last four years( 1 year they lost because after their price jump it was considered a poor value) and considered the best among veteran GW posters. A few weeks ago there was a Miele DW owner that was making angry post in every Miele DW thread he could find.

JD Powers ranks Samsung tops FD fridge the last five years. And that particular model is the one with lowest number of problems.

I love my Capital Culinarian range. A few Culinarian owners swear they can't make rice on their Culinarian because the burner will not go low enough. I make a cup of rice about once a week.

Remember unhappy customers are far more likely to post than happy customers.

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I think that's what makes me so confused...all of the negative reviews along w/ great reviews. It makes it so difficult.

I haven't had a chance to ck out the Samsungs yet, but will. I really want a single door vs FD so will try to find one before I give in to the FD. I hope I get more posts on here about other fridge's. I got such great feedback on ranges, so hoping to get more on refrigerators. What do you have & are you happy w/ it?

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Holly- Kay

I have a jenn air counter depth French door with inside ice and water. I love it! I actually had it ordered before I found GW. Then I was worried about my choice. I just think that all brands have their share of faulty units. IMO, it is the customer service when a repair is needed that can break a reputation.

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I hope I get more posts on here about other fridge's. I got such great feedback on ranges, so hoping to get more on refrigerators

There are a very large number of 30" ranges from $350 to $35,000

There are only three refrigerators that meet all your criteria.
The technical skills required to meet all federal energy star and environmental regulations limits the number of companies making refrigerators vs ranges.

30" or close to it, real SS. counter depth, bottom freezer, single door.

Liebherr real expensive

F & P

Blomberg BRFB1800SSIM. Bloomberg has appliances made for them by small European manufactures. Sometimes Western Europe and sometimes Eastern Europe. This fridge has great specs but is a great unkown. Trying to service outside NYC,LA,SF or Miami is going to be PITA.

Personally, I have a 24" Liebherr All-Refrigerator and a 24" Gaggenau(more expensive) All-Freezer

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Bicyclegirl - you've emphasized in several threads how small your kitchen is. Are you aware of the door swing clearance needed for a single-door fridge? Please check measurements of single-door fridges and get back to us whether your kitchen can handle that. Or will you only be able to open the single door part way in your kitchen? Or will no one be able to enter your kitchen if the single door is open?

One of the leading reasons people like french door fridges is that they don't need so much clearance to be wide open. You have not explained why you don't want a french door fridge.

My friend has a Samsung french door fridge. No water/ice in the door, which is crucial because (a) it allows more space inside the fridge, and (b) because the water/ice in the door is by far the most repair-prone part of a fridge. No other part comes close for number of fridge repairs. My friend's Samsung interior is really large, surprisingly so. It's counter-depth, but frankly it sticks out a bit more than what I think of as counter-depth, just a bit, so again, it pays to check measurements.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Samsung FD that Deeageaux mentioned

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I am not a design or appliance guru, but I do have a postage stamp sized kitchen. I agree with Shannon and Deeageaux about the FD fridge. The FD offers full width storage inside, but reduces the space needed for door swing when open. You can get one with an icemaker in the freezer, but the water and icemaker in the door are very prone to malfunction! I have a Kenmore that I am very happy with, but it is the largest one they made at the time and is not counter depth.

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I also have a very small kitchen - I do not have counter depth fridge but purchased a couple of mos ago a Kenmore bottom freezer (not French door though) that is a 30" wide and such an improvement of the predecessor. I think you will have more options if you can manage a standard depth.

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I surrender!!

deeageaux, once more you're correct! There are very few w/ my criteria & I think that's why I'm so frustrated. I was hoping someone on here knew of one I hadn't heard of yet! I had never heard of American Range before getting on here, so could there have been a secret I wasn't in on w/ fridges?!? No...darn! I have spent my entire Saturday looking at refrigerators. I can't wait to get this all finalized!

shannonplus2, thank you for bringing me into reality! I do have room for a single door to swing open but, after going thru any & every frig today, I think I'm going to have to suck it up & get a FD! I just think the single door is a cleaner look, but I need to be real about my space. Not sure about counter depth & width. I'm either going to have to go wider than 30" if I want CD, or go standard depth & get close to 30" wide. Not much I can do about this dilemma!

I'm making a decision by tomorrow when my brain isn't so fried from seeing so many refrigerators.

Thanks again you wise appliance gurus!

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bicyclegirl -- when you make your final pass on the fridges look carefully at the door specs. I wouldn't assume clearance on any refrigerator, even a FD.

F.ex. I installed a 30" Liebherr bottom freezer fridge against a wall and made it to look built in very successfully because it was a zero clearance door.

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