what wine fridge do you like and anyone have the viking garbage d

homeimprovementmomJuly 14, 2013

what integrated, under counter wine fride do you use and like..? We would like to integrate it but its not absolutely necessary. We would like a 24-28 bottle duel temp. wine fridg.

I have also read that while viking ranges are going through a bit of a slum, what about the garbage disposal unti?

I know the best garbage disposals are to have stainless parts, and have a motor of 1 (?) . We think we want a batch feed as my husband thinks it offer more safety when you have to stick your hand down there to retrieve a ost spoon or what not. We have never had a garbage disposal. Any help with these queries is much appreciated.

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Vinotemp for the wine fridge.

There are only two brands of garbage disposals, WasteKing and Insinkerator. I believe the Viking is a rebadged WasteKing. Save your money and buy the original brand name one from wherever you find the best price. I'm partial to the Insinkerator 1 HP model with the dual reversing grind system myself. I don't find any differences in safety with either type unless you have a prankster in the home who would actually switch stuff on while you have your hand in the innards. There isn't any way to do that "accidentally" at all.

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I have a Uline Wine Captain. It has dual zones (actually, you set the temperature for the middle and the top and the bottom are a few degrees warmer and cooler, respectively). Mine is supposed to hold 48 bottles, but it probably holds less. I never counted, but most of these units have exaggerated capacity figures. Ours has an integrated handle (it does not stick out)--I needed the clearance. I think the only other one with an integrated handle is the Miele, but that is more than twice the price.

I second GreenDesigns on the ISE 1hp. I have a continuous feed. I hated the previous batch feed. Popcorn kernels and other hard things would get stuck in the top or bits of brillo would get stuck to the magnet in the top. Generally, it was a PITA. I like the new one very much.

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Our wine fridge is a Marvel, holds about 45 bottles, under counter but not dual zone. (We keep whites in the fridge, reds on a rack in the basement.) It lived in my laundry room for a few years before moving to the almost-finished kitchen last week! We previously had an Avanti which was terrible. We've been very happy with the Marvel.

We have Kitchen Aid disposals. They are rebadged Insinkerators but we got a great price on the KA version. Only one installed so far but it is efficient and quiet. GreenDesigns and nycbluedevil are right, don't overpay to get the Viking name on a GD.

Hope this helps.

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There is a lot of GD info over in appliances. While there are really only waste king and insinkerator sold under assorted names, there is also a Viking model that is unique to them based on the design they had from way back. I don't recall all the back story, but it has cast parts and undercutters and is supposed to be the best. That one Viking model is not a rebadge of something you can buy elsewhere. I think it was maybe $500 or so when I was looking.

If I were picking for my forever kitchen, I'd pick that Viking model. Next choice would be the insinkerator Excel, which also has undercutters and is a little less at around $300-330.

This current house is a starter home in a modest area. A regular GD is more appropriate. Any of the 3/4 or 1 hp models would be good picks. There was some small reason I picked WK that escapes me at the moment, maybe warranty? The WK are supposedly louder, but my 3/4 hp is so much quieter than what it replaced I don't really notice/care. Once I decided on 3/4 or 1 hp from WK I picked based on size, I have a deep sink now.

Do not get a Badger model, or less than 1/2 hp.

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We went with an Edgestar wine frig. They seemed to have some decent reviews. We got one that is dual zone and has French doors. We have it at the end of our island.

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