Perrin and Rowe user feedback please

GemcapJuly 19, 2014

I am looking for a tri flow gooseneck faucet. While I love the Kohler Karbon look, it is not tri flow, and given the build of my sink, multiple holes for multiple faucets is not possible.

The Blano Pleon 9 sink

Franke which makes triflows has a disconcerting history of discontinuing their triflow lines. I am therefore considering Perrin and Rowe faucets. The Phoenician looks lovely but am a bit concerned whether the inserts will chip over time so the choice is the Metis sink mixer with filtration, lever handles and rinse

I know their quality is generally understood to be top grade however I wonder whether the levers are too close to the faucet for comfortable use ie is there comfortable "finger room".

Any feedback on their faucets would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

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