Pix of my finished kitchen

chocolatetruffleJuly 11, 2010

Thanks to everyone here. The info I got from reading this forum was a tremendous help in redoing my kitchen. We did not move walls or buy new appliances, which kept everything very affordable. We did it for about $20K. Here are the specs:

Cabinets: Gepetto with soft-close in maple, "autumn" finish

Knobs on uppers: glass amber knobs from Amerock

Pulls on lowers: ORB "Napa Valley" pulls from Overstock

Countertops: Caesarstone chocolate truffle

Faucet: Delta Linden, pull-out, in ORB

Floor: a stone-look laminate from Mowhawk

Sink: ??? Came free with my countertop. 10" deep, 31" long

Appliances: the ones we already had. Didn't replace these.

Paint color: SW "Ambitious Amber"

Before: oven/fridge wall

After: oven/fridge wall

Before: sink/window wall

After: sink/window wall

Towel elephant (in honor of the Towel Pig)

Before: future peninsula wall

After: looking down length of peninsula

Facing the peninsula

Lower cab pulls:

View from living room entryway:

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Looks amazing! Mind if I ask how much the cabinets set you back?

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That looks great...and you are making me crack up...A TOWEL ELEPHANT!!! Nice job and the color is so cheerful. :-)

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Very nice, love the elephant! The cabinets are beautiful. Great kitchen, congratulations and enjoy!

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Crabcakes, cabinets were $11,500. That includes a super susan, a narrow pullout, and a trash/recycle pullout.

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Your cabinets are really beautiful!

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oh, it's so nice - you must be thrilled! I love the 'peninsula' area - great shelves for your pretty stuff! is a pantry next to it? and all of those drawers below - what great storage you have.

you drawer pulls are to DIE for! my goodness - I've never seen any so beautiful! makes me wish I could get something with detail on it...I'm limited to no detail and cheap pulls! (no detail because of cleaning them - or rather not cleaning them!)

and love your towel elephant - I have an elephant already - 2 really, a big one and a smaller one. towel and dishcloth? lol!

it's not like your old kitchen was totaled but your new one has to be soooo much nicer to work in.

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Talk about bang for your buck! Good job. I have a stone look laminate too and love how it is soft on your feet -and body.

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Gonna put this on the Modest and Quirky thread--a great working space with nicely done decisions. You remained faithful to your white appliances!

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Great job! Enjoy!

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What a great transformation on a budget! Love the cabinets (and elephant).

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Very nicely done! Love the wine cubbies and the shelving to show off your beautiful pottery/ceramic pieces. The lower cabinet pulls are stunning. Cabinets, granite, and floor work well together. Quite a change and all for $20,000-that's great.

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Well done!

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Thanks all for your good wishes and kind remarks. I could not have done it without the great info all contributed to this forum.

Desertsteph: Yes, thereÂs a floor-to-ceiling storage cab, about 15" w X 24" deep. Previously we had zero pantry space in the kitchen and were always running to the basement for stuff. Now I have the most-used extra items there, like paper towels, etc.
The drawer pulls were a lucky find on overstock. I thought I wanted something plain and sleek until I saw these. And they were only about $3 apiece! It remains to be seen whether I will be able to keep them clean, with a household of 6. And the elephant . . . well, I just had to have him when I saw him at Home Goods yesterday. I was tired of waiting for The Pig to come along.

GinaW: I got laminate because of the cost and less noise, but now I am also appreciating how much easier it is on feet and legs if youÂre doing a lot of cooking.

Florantha: I canÂt claim any abiding love and loyalty for my white appliances. ItÂs just that they are working just fine and new ones werenÂt in the budget. Funny about "modest and quirky." I remember when $20,000 was big money.

Chris45: wine cubbies were a last-minute sub for a tray slot, and IÂm so glad I did it. IÂm the only one in the house who drinks wine, but what the hey. One of my kids suggested we can always turn them into mail cubbies for each member of the household if we donÂt want to put wine there. Peninsula shelving was another way to maximize use of space (whole kitchen is only 10 x 10) and I use every piece on there regularly.

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Hi chocolatetruf...

Your kitchen is so sunny and cozy. It makes me want to come over and have a cup of coffee with you! I love it!


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Beautiful job -- great color choices, the cabinets are lovely. Love Mr. Elephant -- realized that he or another friend may be the answer to my "what to do with the dishcloth" dilemma". Enjoy!

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Great redo! Beautiful cabs, hardware, & countertop--please give us details! And cute elephant! I don't drink coffee, but would love to come over and toast you with a glass of wine--congratulations!!

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I think your cabinets are wonderful, love the look!

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