WWYD with this small den?

iheartgiantschnauzerJuly 13, 2013

Hi everyone. I am unable to post an actual picture of the room until we close. But this room has me stumped. Just 2 of us, but we do entertain weekly. Do I just put two sofas across from each other? That seems rather formal for this family room/den when the house has two other formal living rooms.

Ideally, this is a room to snuggle up to watch a movie, read a book by the fireplace and of course Sunday night football or Mach madness tv viewing. I anticipate it beng used a lot by the guys as it is right off the kitchen from the kegerator and serving snack bar... I really want a more relaxed feel but still a room that could hold at least 6 people during Sunday football games... Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!

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Ack!! Wrong forum. How do I delete this? Sorry.

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What about a sectional with one piece along the 13' wall and the other piece facing the fireplace. A square upholstered ottoman (for comfort or extra seating) would fit nicely. Put a sofa table behind the section facing the FP- that will give you a place to drop your keys coming in from the garage. There's plenty of room on the 10' wall for 2 nice sized chairs w/ a table between, and a table beside the sofa by the FP.
My room is similar in size and shape and I have an 8' sq slipcovered sectional that's great b/c we eat in there and the SCs are easy to launder. When do you move in?

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Thanks for answering . I reposted this on the correct forum. So I'm not sure if it's okay to follow up here, but I appreciate your feedback. 10 days to go!! And I really like your suggestions. I worried about it being too much furniture, but I think it could be cozy and very inviting as you described! I'll definitely be drawing this up and discussing with the hubs. Thanks for taking the time to answer me.

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Barbarav- Great idea! I had something similar, but yours is much more detailed :)

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