What would YOU do with this living room and entry

avp1234November 23, 2012


I'm stuck. So far I've painted the brass around the fireplace black, took down the awful gold lacey drapes and valances, installed plantation shutters and put in a TV and stand. I took all the clutter out of my bookcases and started over.(still not done with that) Replaced a pic over the mantle with a mirror and bought the candles to sit on it. I'm tired of the red chair and matching pillows on the couch, but kinda stuck with the chair. I'm thinking new pillows maybe? No idea what else to do with the fireplace...what do you think? My entryway is pretty much blank and I haven't a clue there either. I know I need rugs etc. ALL help and opinions much appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: photos

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I think overall it looks really nice!!!! I don't think you need new rugs - kind of have a timeless appeal to them. I think the chair is tired looking, but perhaps you could recover it if budget allows? A talented reupholster can work wonders reshaping things as well. If budget allowed, I would replace the coffee table with something larger & perhaps cleaner lines - maybe glass. I think your bookcase & fireplace look good as is. I would paint the inside of the front door to match your trim. I would replace the blinds with roman shades or simple panels if budget permitted. I agree some new pillows could update things in a hurry as well.

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You have a great space to work with. Have you ever tried using the sofa table that is near the two front windows, behind the sofa? I think you'd have to pull the sofa up a bit, but I'm thinking that may be a better place for that piece of furniture. Then you could use panels at the windows to finish them off. If you add panels at the windows, I would try relocating the mirror that is currently between them to the space to the right of the front door. Have you ever had the picture that is on the wall near the entrance to the DR over the FP? Since you already have one mirror in the space, I think I might prefer a picture over the FP instead. I really like the candle holders you have on the FP. And I do like that you have the TV on a stand instead of over the FP!!!

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If it were my space I would paint the back of the bookshelves a bright (or deep) color. coordinating pillows and a throw on the couch in a fun pattern and a few select items on the mantle to tie it all together. A new rug may help tremendously. I can't tell if you want to keep the same style or switch it up. The particular rug you have now keeps you tied to a specific scheme, but that may be what you want.

Overall I feel the space simply needs some color.

The mirror over the fireplace is fantastic, and I would love to have that fireplace in my house! It's gorgeous!

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I second what jen9 said...glass coffee table and paint the interior side of your front door to match your trim...or black! Lovely room btw

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Thank you for the replies and nice comments. Makes me feel better about what I've done so far! I wish I had kept a before pic. It was way to formal and the room had too much going on with no direction. I'm trying to get away from that, so I guess I'm trying to switch things up. All good ideas and I'm not tied to keeping most of what I have, so suggestions are welcome.

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I'm a novice at this by any means, but here's my take. Beautiful home... I love the space. If it were mine, and working within the means with a few added touches, I'd first:

1. Install simple drapery rods in a cherry color. The wood you use in your home .. the dining room, etc, seems to be this color, so I'd use that.. but keep it simple with a nice classic finial.
2. Install beautiful-simple-drapes to add height and texture to the room. Something like Restoration Hardware's Brushed cotton twill drapes... and to the floor, and a neutral color. This is just for height and texture, no frou-frou.
3. Move the sofa forward onto the rug, just enough to move the console behind the sofa.. and get rid of all of the throw pillows and blankets on the sofa.
4. As you've moved the console from between the windows, re-purpose the lamps to another room, and purchase a tall, soft sage or linen lampshade standing lamp, move the 'red chair' closer to between the windows with the basket next to it and the lamp beside it.
5. Ditch the leopard print and all of the pillow from the room, with the exception of the solid green that appears to be hanging out on a chair beside the sofa that I can't really see.. place this pillow on the cream chair next to the sofa.
6. While I like your candle holders on the mantle, I don't like them fore the mantle. Also, I think the mirror, while pretty, is too heavy above the fireplace.. I would like to see the picture that is framed in the silver above there ~ and try an off-center neutral accessory there as well. If you are looking to purchase something else for the mantle, I think a mirror is great, but I'd love to see a mirror that has more going on... something frameless, larger (taller but not square) and more organic feeling in it's shape.
7. If you can, paint the backs of the bookshelves with a soft sage to accent them, and make the contents pop.
8. Move the mirror that was between the windows to the left of the door. And yes, I agree, paint the door to match the trim.
9. Replace the coffee table with a more open-design glass-insert with wood (cherry?) surround table... something a bit more contemporary but still traditional.. and square, not round or oval.

That's just my take. Not sure how it would look, but just some thoughts for you.

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Beautiful room. You've done a good job! Here's how I would tweak it.

If you don't put the sofa table behind the sofa, then scoot the coffee table closer to the sofa. There looks to be a big gap between table and sofa and the table can't really be used.

I agree about adding another color. Looking at your room, I immediately thought of a few yellow accessories. Yellow (dark yellow) would go great with the red and dark wood in the room.

A glass coffee table will bring back the formality of the room which you got rid of. I'd stay with wood.

I'm totally against painting the walls of the bookshelves. It's easier to add color to the shelves rather than painting because you could grow tired of the new color.

The mantel. Two mirrors in one room is too much. I'm lousy at decorating mantels, but I'd find something other than a picture unless the picture is unique and captivating. If not, then taller objects would be nice.

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More ideas to try:
Remove the pillows and throw except green pillow
Change position of the white chair and red chair
Open leaves of the coffee table to enlarge and put some items on it such as a tray with books and a candle.
Try the sofa table behind the sofa
Add throw in a nice textured solid color such as green or butter linen
Try a picture over the mantle.

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I have nothing to say about decorating b/c I have a hard enough time figuring out how to do it in my own house, but I just wanted to say that we have that same rug in our LR. It took us ages and ages to find a rug that matched our colors (ivory, sage, and wine) and was the right size, and it's so funny to see it in someone else's house! The colors have been great over the years, esp when our pets have been sick (why oh why is the sick always yellow? and why can't they do it on the wood floor?). We have had the rug for 11 or 12 years now and I hope we have it for 11 or 12 years more.

Oh, and I think your room looks great!

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Your house is lovely. The only thing I'd change in the family room is the table in front of the windows. Perhaps it would work behind the sofa.

You need something over the entry table, a picture or a mirror. Perhaps the gold mirror could move there and you could get a picture for between the windows.

A rug in the entryway would warm up that space. Overall, it looks great.

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Lots of good ideas have been suggested. I'll echo a few that have been mentioned.

Moving the console table and expanding your coffee table.
Placing art/mirror on the walls by your entry door.
Go back to art over the fireplace. The mirror isn't reflecting anything pretty.
Switch the chairs and try the end table on the other side of the couch and out of that unusual corner.

Do you collect anything? Do you tend to buy accessories in a certain color-I see a few things in the red family? Look around and see if you can put a color collection together to use in the bookcases and grouped on the coffee table.
It's also still pretty formal-your fireplace does set the tone! See about bringing in some natural elements to loosen it up a bit.

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The entry ways feel a little claustrophobic from the chairs. I see the white one has a companion in the dining room. I'd try them together on the edge of the carpet perpendicular to the sofa--whichever side gives a better balance to the room. Then add a small pillow for color and texture. If you decide to keep the red chair (it adds color and probably comfortable seating for TV watching), I'd take the white chair/s out of the room.

I'd move the red chest between the windows because I think the height would look nice between the tall, narrow windows. I'd probably want a mirror or picture that went better with its primitive style, maybe something in a black frame. It's your one piece that adds a more casual feel to the room. I'd replace the Queen Anne tables with something updated and more casual, since you want to go less formal.

I'd remove the pillows that match the chair (and a former sofa?)and find some cream-with-a-touch-of-red pillows and throw. A touch of olive green and black would look nice too. Maybe black knobs on the bookcase cabinets.

I'd also think about adding casing to the windows. There's beautiful, beefy molding between the DR and LR, and the windows look a little naked in comparison.

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A few thoughts for now, some in response to those of other posters:

You need a color scheme, and I'd have it show in your window treatments - curtains being the first big thing to get for the room. Far below in my comments, I suggested (agreeing w/ some other posters), a dark color for curtains - my suggestions was a green from the rug, but darker. The suggestion re: curtains depends entirely on whether you're keeping the big pieces of furniture though; if you are not wedded to them, then the 1st thing to do is decide on the look you want for the room.

I'm with oakleyoak on the bookshelves: I would not paint the backs, at least not until you've tried a whole host of other changes. It IS easier to add color to the shelves with books and things. Plus another thing: because you don't have much color in the permanent things in the room, painted bookshelves would look out of place. IMO. At least wait until you've done your window treatments.

I agree on painting the front door BUT in that case, what about the wood bits on the stairs - the post and the handrail? You might want to do those as well.

I also like the idea of the pale framed tall mirror over the entrance table. Once the door is painted (in a dark color?), the pale tones of the table and mirror would like very nice.

The white chair w/ the leopard throw: can you move it out of the room altogether? It looks like it serves little purpose and it looks like it's in the way - a bit of visual clutter there. Alternatively, if you move that table by the windows, what about placing the chair there?

Speaking of visual clutter, I think you have too many small objects in the room, such as on the bookshelves. I realize you're not finished with them, but: Do have more books in the house? Because I think you want to fill some of the shelves with them, e.g., both bottom shelves, I'd have 100% or a high % with books. The pale-colored items, e.g., your wedding photo and the thing in the bell jar next to it seem to almost disappear against the white bookshelf back (I know, I KNOW, I said don't paint the shelves yet! Instead, try moving out some of the light-colored things first.) Also, at first I was going to suggest placing the 2 red cloissone jars between the books on that shelf to their left and adding some dark books from another shelf to their right. But I also like the idea of those 2 jars and the blue one on the shelf above it as an arrangement out in the room, perhaps on that square table under the picture (with the framed picture and book moved, and a darker lamp shade). Or, on the table in front of the window, between the lamps. The little basket, top shelf left, doesn't go with anything.

Re: lamps, I'd also replace the shades on the tall lamps by the window with richly colored ones. Also, they're too small.

If I were you, I'd try grouping all (or many) of your family photos together somewhere, for example, on one of the tables in the room.

I realize you've just bought the mirror and candles, but I'm sorry to say that I don't think they work over your fireplace. Sorry! :) Maybe when you're done with the bookcases, you'll find that the mirror does in fact work. The candle things, I don't think the style works, nor do I think you need them (or anything) with a mirror (or picture) the size of the one you have.

Can you move the red chair into another room? Is it used there for needed seating?

A third color: if I were you I'd think about a deep color, taken from the rug, and I'd have it in your curtains. Given the color of your floor, I'd choose the green.

The pillows: I'd remove them entirely or find some in some richer, less "off" colors.

I'm not in love with that coffee table, but IMO what would work even less well would be yet another color and/or material in the space (assuming you keep all the furniture you're showing), e.g., if you remove the red chair and pillows, I think you'll have more choices on the table.

I know you've said you're trying to move away from the too-formal look, but bear in mind your house's trim and moldings, the stairs, the fireplace/bookcases, etc. + the dining room furniture. You said you're not tied to keeping most of the LR things, is that so? If in fact you're considering a total redo, it seems to me most everything we've suggested is moot!

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Someone suggested changing out the red print chair near the front door with another one~I have to agree. Although I like the idea of a chair in that space it seems too big~~see my idea for a foyer space below.

As to painting the backs of the wall shelves, I tend to like the traditional element of leaving them as is.

I don't see the room as 'too' formal. It looks to be a comfy space for relaxing.

I would love to see the foyer 'space'(foy-yay to some, LOL)made to be more of it's own space. Is the long sofa table w/mirror above too long to use as a separation between foyer/LR? In other words, the side end up against the wall jutting out toward the LR. If not that specific table, do you have another that might work? I would hang the mirror on the same wall, making it a place to 'check your make-up' before walking out the door. Leave one of the lamps on the table(on wall side)as a sort of night light, or lamp you can leave on during the evening hours, even though you may not be in the room~us a low wattage bulb, maybe 15W-25W.

I had *ALL* the same Queen Anne cherry furniture years ago! I slowly got 'rid' of it, and have more a more eclectic style with woods don't necessarily match. Thant in itself make for a less formal look/feel.

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a)Paint the front door and the stair railing in white.

b)Paint the small chest on the right-hand side of the front door in the same white -- and hang the tall mirror (now over the console table) over that newly painted chest. It matches the family photos and will create a nice setting with the painted front door and stairway.

c)The rug works well with the red chair and the red cushions. Simply add a good-sized plain creamy white throw to the sofa -- and stash the two fringed cushionsfor now.
Play with the exact angle of the red chair -- and the sofa. Could the sofa move up an inch or two -- and sit with its front feet on the area rug?

d)The console table is just fine -- and the tall lamps are very pretty! In order to give a bit more room (maybe an inch or two) to the red chair -- just shift the console table to the right VERY slightly! And you MAY have to shift the TV slightly to the right too! Do open the coffee table to add a nice rounder shape to the sitting area. Add a long basket under the coffee table to hold extra magazines.

e)You have done a wonderful job with the bookcases and the mantel -- do not paint the back wall of the bookcases!

f)Find a set of artworks to hang in a vertical row above the console table. OR -- for now -- take some family photos -- have them re-done -- and frame in the same creamy mats and frames as the other family photos. Hang them in a vertical row.

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I'm very excited about all the suggestions. So much so, I started moving some things around to see what you thought. It's amazing how a different eye can make all the difference. I am attaching a pic of the outside of our front door so you can see it's all stained wood. I am showing the mirror on both sides of the door to see what you think. I moved the sofa table behind the sofa also and took pics of the chairs switched around. It's a mess, just wanted to see what you guys think. I like the idea of seperating the entrance from the rest of the room, but thats hard to do. I know I said I could change about anything, but I did have the plantation blinds installed and it was kinda pricey so I can't change those. One other thing is the coffee table. They were my mothers and if I did away with them it would probably hurt her feelings, so... I guess I'm trying to use them. I agree I do need another color and I like the ideas of both yellow, black and olive green. Originally I had a ton of red, that's why I have the red chair and I have took most of that out. I'm thinking of window treatment on the sides of the windows. Any more thoughts on what kind and where to look? All of the suggestions are a tremendous help and I really want to get this room completely done before starting on another. I also uploaded a few pics of the rest of the room, ceilings etc. so you could see the scale and space i'm working with. Thanks SO much and please let me know what you think of the attached pics.

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Here is the link to the pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: pics

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What fun!

Like the mirror at the foot of the stairs. Think the white chair is better than the green/gold with your sofa. Vent near entry looks better unblocked by chair. Red chair looks crowded near corner of sofa. Might try red chest in the little niche where you had the end table and put coordinating art/mirror over it. I still like the chest between the windows though--the chairs look squished there. Like the idea of red/olive green/yellow/black but might want a different paint color. I have the same colors and my LR is painted BM Georgian Green, which reads medium olive in my light.

Is it possible to get a whole room shot from the stairs?

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Oh I like the red chair where it is now. I understand about your Mom's coffee table, it's lovely and looks fine. Try opening up the sides and see if it changes the look of the room. Is there enough space to walk where you placed the long table, if so, it looks really nice and can be merchandised so beautifully. Drapes would make a huge difference. Even without any help you had done a wonderful job so all these little bits of help just embellish it. At this point you can't go wrong.

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Beautiful home. I have the same coffee table, I think. Did you get it from Nassau's?

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I REALLY like the sofa table behind the sofa! If it works for you, I'd think about adding a runner on the floor from the door to about where the table ends. Now that I see the beautiful secretary desk you also have, I'm wondering if it might work on the wall with the picture (near the entrance to the DR). It may be too wide, tho. If it is too wide, I would leave just the picture on the wall there with nothing underneath it.
I suspect the secretary desk may be too wide, also, for the space between the windows, but if it isn't, I think that might be another alternative. But then again, if you add drapery panels, I'm not sure the secretary desk would work there.
Even tho I suggested moving the gold mirror to the wall space to the right of the door, I do like it at the base of the stairs.

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Very nice changes -- I do love the console table behind the sofa -- and the two creamy chairs at the front of the space - by the window!Place a small table between them with one of the tall buffet lamps on the table.

LOVE the red chair on the other side of the sofa!

LOVE the mirror over the small chest by the front door.

And yes -- do open the coffee table. Find a long dark basket that will fit under the coffee table AND another one to fit under the console table. Maybe lined ones? VERY handy for stashing extras! :)

Well done! :)

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Thank you so much for your nice comments and all the help. Everyone has given me lots of good ideas. Chardie, the tables were a gift from my mom, so I'm not sure where she bought them. The drawers say they are by Lexington. I do think the coffee table looks better open. I'm looking online now at pillows and curtains! Thanks again for all the advice.

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I'm surprised at how much I like the red chair in its new spot! I was just so sure it couldn't work in the room at all, but what I like is the fact that both chair and rug have patterns, each different and in different colors. Instead of finding the effect too busy, I think it really livens up your LR.

I also like the table in its new spot behind the sofa. However, my question is: is there enough room between it and the secretary/cabinet for people to walk easily? It's hard to tell from your picture. How will you feel walking down the hall once you've placed items on the table? Will you still feel that you have room to walk, or will you be concerned that purses, packages, etc. might knock against whatever's on the table?

The two chairs between the windows: Personally, I'd prefer one chair, not two, with the single chair centered and squarely facing into the room. However, it's your house. :) What about moving them apart more and adding a table, like teacats suggested? Or you might feel differently once you've got window treatments - that the two chairs will seem crowded by them.

The window treatments themselves - I still like the idea of a color darker and richer than other colors in the room. To my eyes, that would go along with the dark secretary on one wall, the view of the dark DR furniture and so on - a border effect. Now that you're considering the red chair next to the sofa, I'm not sure about my suggestion of a dark green - maybe a dark green with red in it? Or dark green with red and one or more other colors? Since you want to move away from overly formal, what about plainly style curtains, without trim, tiebacks, and so on? I know little at this point about window treatments, so that's about as far as my suggestions can go I'm afraid. :)

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I don't mind the red chair where it is. However, I think you need to get rid of the green chair or the red chair.

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GMP3 -- Thanks for posting the photos here -- very kind of you and really handy!! :)

Wonder if the end table would fit between the two chairs at the window? (with one of the tall lamps) I do like the two colors of the chairs!! Very fresh! :)

Try to find a small round table that will fit between the red chair and that end of the sofa ... and add the other tall lamp -- a very cozy and charming spot! :)

Yes -- the red chair does pick up the red of the books on the bookshelves and the pottery -- very nice! :)

I do still vote for painting the front door, top of the stair railing AND the small chest in white -- unifying the whole area. :)

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I've been working on the room this morning and wanted to see what you thought. I know I've took alot of your time and the advice I have received has been a tremendous help! *Dumb* question, but did you all like the red chair between the windows or on the other side of the room? I posted pics of it in both places and I guess I've confused myself! I like the table behind the couch, as I think it looks better than having the couch floating out in the middle and it kinda seperates the entry. Just my thinking. What color/type of runner or rug would you put when coming in the front door? I don't know if a solid would look better with the area rug I have or if I should try to find a design that would blend with it. I posted after pics of what I've done and if you guys would tell me what you think and if I need to tweek anything else. I haven't took anything out yet, as I wanted to see what you thought first. Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: House after pics

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Looks really good with the red chair between the windows and the other chair near the fireplace. Not sure about the other chair at the end of the couch.....does it look crowded? Or is there enough space to walk through into your dining room?

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I like the table open, I still think you need one less chair ;-). Overall it is a huge improvement, what a beautiful home you have. Such a relaxing and inviting room!

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While this is better, it still feels very crowded to me. You basically have only two walls to work with, and one has the sofa. I think the red chair is just too big for the room. Without it, you'd at least have flexibility with a color scheme. I would leave the window side free of seating, just some beautiful drapes and the nice wood floors. Something tall and narrow can go between the windows, like a chest of drawers. I'd try the red chest in the niche on the other side of the room.

Are you able to watch the TV with it in front of the windows? If you just moved it there and it works now, you might find it a problem in the summer. Have you seen photos where the TV is put on a bookcase shelf? That would free up that corner for a chair. The small chair looks best on an angle facing the sofa, but not when it's blocking entryways.

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Since the TV is small, what about putting it on the shelves to the left (as you're facing it) of the fireplace? Components can go in the cabinet below.

Then you can put both white chairs over by the windows with a table in between. And the red chair can go on the other side of the room by the dining room. Those windows are lovely and it seems sad to block them with a TV.

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I, too, would try the TV on the shelf to the left of the FP. However, I could also live with the red chair under the windows. With the table behind the sofa (like it!) and the coffee table in front of it, you really do not need the table at the left end of the sofa. It could go with the red chair. I also like the white chair next to the right side of the FP and the green chair at the right end of the sofa. I don't think you need to leave a walk space between the sofa/green chair and would try the end table between the sofa/gree chair.

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Very very nice! :)

A vote for the red chair at the front of the room OR at the back -- although both places do have merit! The white lamp looks great at the end of the sofa -- and it works well for the red chair too! :)

The white chair does look very nice floating in front of the shelves!

You may have to find a tiny table to put beside the white chair so that the guest will have a spot to put down a drink.

You even have an inch of two to pull the sofa back slightly (maybe an inch BUT leave the front legs on the area rug!) to increase the walking space between the end table and the red chair. Try it by walking through the space yourself -- and see if that is possible ....OR simply move the sofa a mere inch to the right to do the same trick ...

Walking through the lovely new room is always important to test the new placement. Also -- do sit in all of the chairs to do the same thing. Test to see where a drinks table might be needed ....

The coffee table looks wonderful now that it is open! :)

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If the two small chairs aren't used for seating, they add clutter and block entryways. Even worse if someone is sitting in them! You really don't need them as accessories.

You do want another comfortable chair or everyone will be fighting over the sofa. I'd buy a small upholstered chair and put it on the carpet edge instead of squeezing it into the niche. I wouldn't treat the niche as a chair space.

Try taking out the end table as javachik suggested and scoot the sofa down a little to free up space on the other end of the sofa. You could put the end table on the other side of the sofa once you remove the chair from the niche. It will also give the sofa table and secretary a little breathing room.

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Whoops, didn't see that there was one green and one white chair. In that case, I like the red chair where it is but with a table next to it. With the coffee table and the sofa table (which I also really like), the table at the end is not needed.

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I like all the seating in the room, it makes the room very conversational appropriate. You could seat quite a few people and I always love that look in a room. At this point you can really see a huge difference. It would be great if you could have a lamp on the table behind the couch but that would require a floor socket. If you could do it, then you could eliminate the end table between the couch and the red chair, create more space and still have good lighting behind you, in that case I'd find a very small dark metal round table to replace the end table, just large enough to hold a drink. Watching your room morph has been fun. Drapes will make a huge difference. For me, I'd go with a deeper shade of a tone to give some emphasis to the area. You're doing great!!

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They're great little chairs that can be brought into the room for guests, but I wouldn't want to have to walk around that white one that blocks the DR entry.

Do you have a family room too? It's hard to make this function as a TV room with enough comfortable seating and as a more formal living room with conversation areas.

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I love the direction you've gone. That mirror looks wonderful over your chest and the sofa table is so much better behind the sofa. I did like both lamps on the sofa table before, though, and think they are too tall for the end tables. Could you try them both on the sofa table? I'm assuming you have a plug somewhere because of the placement of the lamp on the end of the sofa.

I think the red chair is too large for placement near the windows, but I loved the white chair covering the vent. I can't tell if the red chair can go on that wall with some kind of table, end table in front of the vent? If the end table is too deep to fit in front of the vent, maybe try a smaller table there next to the red chair (might require the red chair being pulled out a bit more toward the couch). Just for a visual of scale (I'm not suggesting moving it there) try the entry chest in front of the vent, with the red chair next to it. If the end table works in front of the vent, then I think one of the lamps could be on it - they might not seem too tall next to the red chair as the back is higher on it.

Then I'd put either the white or green chair between the windows with a very small table next to it. Then, is there room for the remaining chair to sit next to the breakfront, without blocking the walkway? It could easily be moved in for conversation when needed.

If you can, I'd also pull your rug back just a bit so it's not right up to the hearth. Just so you can see some floor (6") or so between the rug and hearth.

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So much great advice! I'm not good at this at ALL, so this post has been so much help. I'm going to go back and read all this again and try some of the ideas until I get it right. I've been working on this room for months and I'm really ready to get it done and move on to another room. I think drapes and an entry rug will make a difference. Someone mentioned using wood rods and I think that may work. You all have given me a wealth of information. THANKS, again!

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I agree with yayagal about the appropriateness and coziness of the seating, as long as there is room to comfortably navigate; it looks like it is probably fine. In the final analysis, what is important is what you enjoy and what fits into your lifestyle. BTW love your gooseneck armchair!

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Thank you Peegee. One more question and I'll quit being such a pest. I've seen on here where you can do "mock ups", think that's what its called. How would i do that? I have trouble picking curtains anyway, and I thought that would be a good idea to help me see what curtains, rugs etc would look like. It seems like every magazine I look in has blinds only, thats why i had new ones installed, but I think the room needs them. Maybe if I had different moulding blinds would work, but I don't. I will also ask one more quesion about a rug. I've looked online, and I'm stumped there. As much help as i've received, I thought I would ask for help on that. if I can just get the basic staples done and can accessorize and get my shelve finished and be done. Once again, thank you.

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You have a great room to work with and it's not easy making all these decisions with challenging layouts. Love seeing your progress with re-arranging.

It's like fitting in puzzle pieces. It can be fun to explore options and possibilities so I hope these suggestions help you in some way.

A couple of thoughts for you to consider for your room.

Would the large secretary hutch fit in the little alcove where you have the green chair and end table? Or between the two windows? I can't tell the width of the spaces. Do you have a pic of the stair way wall to post so we can see that area too?

OR would the secretary fit on the entry wall where the light switches. You would have to leave a few inches to reach them but perhaps it would work there too.

The console table could go on the stair way wall and the lamps on it. Once again, electrical outlet would be a factor.

The small table and mirror by the front door entry might fit right into the alcove too.

Is there an electrical outlet to put lamps on the console table? IMHO pairs should be closer together and not split in a room. Or simply move one lamp out of the room and find another to bring in.

I would try placing the white chair and the green at each end of the sofa facing the coffee table. Place the end tables at each end of the sofa.

One more question for you. Is this a primary TV room? If the TV works in another room, that red chair would be delightful placed in the corner of the two windows.

Find some coordinating fabrics to bring in your current color scheme. Sites like calicocorners have the collections gathered and coordinated already.

Do either the green or white chairs have a matching companion some where else in the house? Switch them out to get a matching set and use those in the room. If not, use a fabric that works with both colors to unify the room.

The framed print in the alcove space (right side) might work over the FP to bring color up to that area. The mirror isn't doing anything for that space. What is it reflecting?

Another option for the red chair. Pull the chair over to the sofa and face the coffee table. It looks a little lonely over there by itself.

You have a large room so remember to scale and size the accessories so they don't get "lost" in the room. I struggle remembering that one sometimes.

I hope you come back and post updates with your progress. Good luck on your decorating. You are doing well with your plan of getting your layout first. Then it's easier to accessorize and change out the smaller items for a new look when needed.

Most of all remember to have FUN!

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