Paint color for family room?

indygoNovember 30, 2012

My dining room and attached family room were both decatur buff, a beautiful color that I finally tired of. It was also a bit dark for the dining room. I repainted that room manchester tan and found some sage velvet drapes on sale.

I was thinking of going ahead with the tan for that room as well, and have the panels that match the rug. The room has a large window to the east and one to the west and I'm wondering if the manchester tan will feel too cold? My choices right now are to continue the manchester tan, go with something a little warmer but in the same range like standish white or wyndham cream or shaker beige or?
I'll include a photo of the decatur buff and manchester side-by-side so you can see the values are off. Thanks!!

Thanks again! Sorry the photos are only phone photos! (It makes me very nervous to post! It's like jumping off a high dive! Here goes!!)

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I love the decatur buff in the family room. I think the darker color in there really lets the wood work and beatiful ceiling shine and it would all fade together if you went with too light a color in there. I understand just being ready for a change though. You did say or so please don,t stangle me for throwing this at you ;). Keep the family room as is and repaint cut that color in half with white then paint the dinning room with it, then follow threw too the kitchen with a pop of color on those white cabnets maybe a medium tone sage?It would give you eye something too rest on when looking clear threw the house from the family room or dinning room. Or if your really set about getting away from the buff how about another color thats along the same range as the buff?

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I love your rooms! Ok, I would paint the family room a blue or green in the same family as the blue curtains in your dining room or blue/green in the rug in your family room. The family room would have a bit more contrast that way, but would smoothly blend with the dining room.

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I was thinking that as well but didn,t post it because I cann,t get a good read on that carpet in the livingroom. On my monitor it looks almost torqouis. I buff plays well with the color on the floor and the manchester doesn,t seem too.

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Thank you madeyna and geogirl! It's funny how the rooms look different once you see them on the computer. I'll think about doing a lighter version of the buff in the dining room or doing the family room in a light olive. The carpet and drapes do look bluish on the screen, but they're actually more green. The buff really was way too dark in the dining room, and it's been a nice change to have the room lighter. But then I realized I'd painted myself into a corner! I think you're right that the manchester tan will be too light if I used it throughout.

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I know I am not going to help here but I LOVE the Decatur Buff in the FR. It works so well with your woods and leathers .. and it really sets off the fireplace. I love cool colors but I fear a light sage just won't stand up in the same way.

I would be inclined to go with a lighter warm color in the dining room.

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Thank you funkyart!! It looks like I'm going to be repainting the dining room for about the 900th time and leaving the family room as is for now. Oh well! I wish I could picture all of this in my head before I started painting.

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laura mcleod

You have such pretty rooms! If it were me, I would go really light in the family room - the darker color seems choppy to me with the white doors,white mantle etc.., breaking up the color so it seems like lots of small wall spaces. I think a warm white would open up the room and it make it feel more cohesive - the doors would recede also. I LOVE your fireplace - that is heaven. :)

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Thank you laurainlincoln! The room is really comfortable but oddly designed. No symmetry in this house! I do love white rooms and have thought about something like the cream of the fireplace. I've also thought about a green. We brought all the Christmas clutter/decorations out of the attic yesterday and so I'm now going to have to wait until January to obsess over this. I'll let you know what I end up doing! Thank you all!

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