Standard Depth Fridge? Is 29" enough?

dad4diyJuly 17, 2013

We are agonizing over the fridge decision for our remodel. The former pantry area will be used for the fridge.

We were planning all along to get a counter depth fridge, but after demo, we realized we have a little extra depth. As the picture shows, we have about 28.5" now and will have 29.25" after the cabinet framing is added.

Many standard depth fridges have a case depth around 29". However, they recommend 1-2" for air clearance behind them. I can recess water and electric in the stud bay in the wall, but are we pushing the limit here? Thanks for any input!

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We are building a recess for our fridge too. Look at the specs for your particular fridge and it will state the requirements for recessing. Our Fridgidaire only requires 1/2" on the sides and 1" on the top, although we're giving it a bit more than that in case future fridges need it.

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Oh, and definitely push the water and electric into the studs. If you have the width, you could take out the studs by adding a header and jack studs to give you more depth. That takes up 3" of width for the jack studs though, so it's a trade-off.

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