classic white kitchen or white with espresso island?

csummerJuly 31, 2013

I have been going back and forth for literally months about whether I want to do espresso cabinets on our island or keep all the cabinets white. It is now very, very close to decision time and I am still not sure. Would anyone be willing to share pics of their white kitchen with a darker island?

I am using white painted shaker cabinets, Silestone lagoon countertops and white subway tile backsplash (probably in a herringbone pattern). My kitchen will open into casual dining area and keeping room. My floors will be a darker (but not totally dark) wide plank hardwood floor. I suppose I am worried that the kitchen will be too washed out or cold if I go with all white?!? Help and/or advice please!!

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I think the contrast would be really nice. What you are describing is nearly to a t what I was initially going for design wise. We ended up doing away with the white cabinet ideas for us but I think they are wonderful paired with a darker island.

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I went with the darker stained island. I chose it because I have 4 young children, and I know the island will get beat up. My old kitchen was all white, and the cabinets were pretty easy to keep clean, but the white island was constantly getting scuffed and spilled on, so I was constantly wiping it down or scrubbing the sides. I
m hoping that the dark stain will alleviate some of that. Plus, I love the way it grounds the island. I also made the island drawers full overlay, and I went with a lighter counter top there, as opposed to the soapstone on my perimeters.
My kitchen is a few weeks from being complete, but here is an in-progress pic:

My kitchen will also open to our dining room, where we have a dark wood table.

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I love the espresso island with the white cabinetry. This is exactly what I want to do for my renovation. What cabinet line did you use? I'd love to see more pictures when your kitchen is completed.

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I like home4all6 was worried about the island getting beat up with all the traffic and we have an eating area that the end where I could just see feet scuffing the back side of the cabinet. When I started on this remodel mission I thought no way will I go with two different colors. I quickly changed my mind. I too am looking forward to home4all6's reveal pictures.

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I waged this same debate...and my KD and ID told me I just needed to decide if I wanted all the cabinetry to be the same, or the countertops to be the same...but they discouraged me from doing both (2 cabinet finishes and 2 c-tops.) Since I knew I wanted marble, but I also knew I didn't want it on my decision was kind of made for me. Since you are doing one c-top...I think an espresso island would be really nice!

Here is a pic of floors sound like yours, and I have a herringbone pattern over the range in my b-splash.

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Wow, thank you to all! Home4all6 your kitchen is going to be gorgeous. And nini804, yours is everything about it! I think I am going to do the darker island. I have two small children and I am also concerned about them scuffing it and kicking it while they are sitting...hopefully having the same countertops will make it look cohesive.

nini804 - where did you find the lighting above your island??

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Hey, Csummer. I got those lights from a local showroom called Lightstyles. I just looked at my quote sheet, but it doesn't list the manufacturer by name, just style #. It could be Murray Feiss, or Quiozel (sp?)

Your kitchen is going to be great! Yes, my 2 children try their best to mess the island up...but so far the foot dirt has been minimal. The bigger issue is all that nice detail work...all those little edges LOVE to accumulate dust! Fabulous. I keep a dry swiffer permanently attached to my hand!

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