White hex floor/subway shower grout color?

sparklebreadNovember 14, 2012

For our master bath I have selected white hex for the floor and white subways for the shower. Can anyone give me feedback on grout color? The cabinets are white. The walls will be painted a mid tone gray and the tub has nickel lion paws. I am leaning toward a light gray grout like laticrete silver shadow on the bathroom floor and into the shower floor, but not sure about the shower walls?

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Use the same grout color for floor and walls. It's a tiny detail, but different grout colors when the all the tile is white makes it look like a mistake on the part of the tile installers.

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I used warm gray - on my hex floors and subway walls.. love it!

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This may be an obvious question, but I am going to ask here before I ask a tile salesperson - what is a "warm gray"? There are so many shades of gray grout and I appear to be color challenged or uneducated in this matter, probably both!

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I used a light gray on ours and I've found it darkening from dirt in the main traffic area. If I could do it over again, I might do a slightly darker grout.

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Tinker do you have a picture to share? I'd love to see it. Thanks

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The color "warm Gray" is from a brand they sell at Lowes, a major brand which I forget the name, but I think it starts with a M.

I really like the warm gray, it is soft.. and I have seen it with a little darker gray, and that loks great too. I have sometimes wished that I went the next shade up, but either way - it works! From 2012-10-20 From 2012-10-20 From 2012-10-20 From Sideboard Makeover

P.S. My floor is dirty!! Still recovering from hip surgery 3 weeks ago - can't clean! lol

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MAPEI is the name of the grout, color was warm gray!

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I don't remember the name of the color, but I chose a grout that we nicknamed "dirty wash water gray." I figured that's what it would end up looking like in the long run, so that's what I started with.

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We did gray grout with white hex on the bathroom floor and white grout on the subway tile above the tub in our last house. The two different grout colors didn't look strange at all, but those two areas were broken up by the tub and we used a shower curtain that remained closed. If I had a bathroom where the shower would be visible through glass doors or the wall tile went to the floor, I'd go with gray grout everywhere.

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Thank you everyone! In that room I am going to do a light gray grout through out. I think it will hightlight the tiles. The vanity is white and I think gray grout will give the room some depth.

Tinker, if you are up to it, you should show off your bathrooms, they are gorgeous!

I do have a question. In the master I am doing a white marble floor w gray grout. But am thinking white grout for the shower subways as well as shower floor. It is a fancier space and I want the shower to take a backseat to the marble and other fixtures. Does that make sense?

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