Glass, metal, or both?

jillies01July 30, 2013

Do you have glass or metal mixing bowls (or both)? If you have both - do you store them together or in different areas? Anyone keep the glass mixing bowls in an upper cabinet?

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I used to have both glass and metal mixing bowls. I used the really large metal ones for rising bread dough. They weren't stored together, but only because my available space didn't make that possible.

I used to keep the glass bowls in an upper cabinet, but when I remodeled they moved down to a drawer under the peninsula. So much easier to use! The last of the large metal bowls is outside being used as the dog's water dish. I'm not really sure how that happened and occasionally wish it were back in the kitchen.

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I have glass and metal mixing bowls.

Like suzannesl, used to keep them in an upper but did drawers in the remodel and am loving it. So handy!

My everyday 'go-to' prep bowls are in a shallow drawer of a 4-drawer stack for ease of grabbing. Less frequently used bowls and my larger serving bowls are in a deep drawer. Here's a pic (the midsize metal and a small glass bowl must have been in the dishwasher when this was taken but you get the idea):

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I only have glass. I store them in a drawer in the peninsula. In the old kitchen they were stored on a shelf in the "pantry cabinet" that I didn't use for food. I have one of those huge 11 pc. sets of tempered glass plus a basic pyrex 3 pc. set and I have them all stacked together in a deep drawer.

If I could do it all over again, I'd have the 3 pc. pyrex set, a larger number of custard cup/small prep glass bowls (I actually also have 4 pyrex custard cups and a little set of 3 silicone mini-bowls - I never use the silicone ones, they were a gift) and a set of metal bowls. The large glass bowls are really heavy. I can't justify spending money on more bowls then I need, but if the larger glass ones were to ever break, I'd replace with metal.

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I have both, but my everyday go-to bowls are two stainless bowls, small and large. The small one I acquired from a blue heeler I had in the early 80s who stole things from neighbors in the night. I hope the statute of limitations has expired.

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Thank you. I just had my kitchen repainted - so I am going through the "stuff" before I put it back and rethinking everything. Although I prefer my glass, when I cook with my children we use the metal. Pre- painting they were stored in different sections of the kitchen - but I am trying to rethink how everything is stored and figure out the best place! I was thinking of putting the glass bowls in my uppers, since they aren't used as much, and would free up some valuable drawer space - but not sure how hard it will be to use them since they are also all "nested" and are pretty heavy.

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I have glass which I store in an upper cabinet. Because I am too lazy to nest them all together after emptying the dishwasher, I usually have two stacks of bowls. I use them frequently.

I also have both pampered chef batter bowls which are stored on the same shelf.

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 Pc. Glass Bowl Set

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"The small one I acquired from a blue heeler I had in the early 80s who stole things from neighbors in the night. "

Wait... what???

Seriously? Like what kinds of things? Did the dog go into other people's kitchens? Could you give the dog subliminal messages about what to steal? "Oh Sparky, you know what I wish I had? I wish I had an apple peeler. If I had an apple peeler, that would make life so much easier." And did the dog carry your possessions off to other places? This is all so funny and fascinating!

Sorry for the thread drift - but could not let this one pass without comment!

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OK, first of all, I didn't know a blue heeler was a dog, and I was imagining that "blue heeler" was some sort of slang, like "brown noser". When Karin (and google) clarified that for me, I started to laugh at the image Karin put in my head. Linelle, I think we need more details!

I have my metal mixing bowls out on open shelves next to my prep area. The glass ones I inherited from my mom, and they stay in a drawer. I never use them, and when I tried to put them on the open shelves, they were just too heavy to get down. I will say they're prettier than the metal, but I'm very strict on who's allowed to live on the open shelves, and functionality comes first.

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I have one stack of metal and one stack of glass mixing bowls. They used to be on a shelf but now that I have drawers - so much easier.
I tend to use my CIA mid sized bowls the most - they are metal and just the right size for most things.
And since I snagged a Kitchen aid mixer from Craig's list, I use them less often.

And then there are the zillions of ceramic bowls that I have in several places around the kitchen. Some are in my bottom SuperSusan and others are in the top corner cabinet and others are in the dining room and I bet a few more locations as well! I have a couple that I used to hang on the walls but less wall space with the new kitchen...

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