Painting Kitchen is Epic

ChristyMcKJuly 8, 2014

This is a MUCH bigger job than anticipated. 30 of 40 cabinets are done. We sanded, wood filled, sanded, primed, sanded, painted, sanded, painted, sanded and painted before this weekend.

This weekend we cleaned, sanded, primed, 2 coats BM Advance on interior boxes in navy and primed plus 2 coats Pratt and Lambert Accolade on exterior of frames. 4 days of hard labor with two people (mom and I) for kitchen frames. One day up until 2:30am. Thank goodness for my mother.

Cabinets were done separately. 40 cabinets = 100 pieces of hardware cleaned of dried paint = 16 hours of labor alone. I'm tired. She's tired. We are near the first finish line. The rest of the 10 cabinets and a few parts of the kitchen (mostly walls, not wood) will be done after the remodel to fit the new french blue Lacanche range and the Gagg steam oven. So excited!

Now we are just waiting for the paint to cure (3-5 days for BM Advance) before we can put our kitchen back together. Here's a pic. It is coming together beautifully. Just had to share.

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Here's a big high five. What a great Mom! Please post pics when you get it back together. Intrigued by the navy interiors.

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Oy vey! You are going to be so happy when that is done! Congrats, that is no slouchy work.

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Serious big high five to mom! Here's a better pic of the navy interiors (BM Advance, Color is 'Old Navy'). Maybe it will show the dirt / crumbs, but it's too late now and the exfoliating red paint that was 47 years old had to go. We're still working on the backsplash, thinking blue/cream pattern since once the cabinet faces are on the kitchen is very lemony cream.

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Awesome work ! You two rocked that out...

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Pretty color!

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That sounds like a huge amount of work but you and your mom are nearing the finish line!

We've been considering whether to replace or refinish our existing oak cabinets (including filling in the grain, adding trim, end panels, painting, etc). With other DIY projects and everything else we have going on right now it just sounds exhausting. We're leaning towards replacing to lessen the work and also get better function, but I kind of feel like I'd be missing out on that satisfaction you get from transforming old to new. I'm sure you're feeling it right now - the cabinets and blue interiors look great!

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It looks epic already! Look forward to seeing more photos as you progress - it's going to be so gorgeous!

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Great post and thanks for sharing. Epic is right! Often we talk here about repainting cabs like its a 5-minute project. It'll let ppl know that it is doable, but it is a big undertaking.

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Like some detours, this is worth it! Looks like you've really done it right! You will love it when it's done, you know the quality of the workwomanship and it's great investment. Congrats! And I love the dark cabinet interiors.

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Thanks to you all for such kind and supportive words! I knew it was a big undertaking, but this was just at a level I didn't imagine. Online they make it sound like it's 8 or 10 steps, but really, it's more like 100 (or at least it feels like it). My 70 yr old mom grew up on a farm and loves good hard work and projects like this, so she was right there with me - amazing really.

For those considering this I'd also say that none of this is technically hard. It can just be somewhat physical (getting into the back of those lower cabinets so many times, sanding the underside of the shelves, etc). And if you are not particularly detailed with stuff like this, the end product may suffer, which is why my dear, dear husband was not directly involved. He supported in other ways, e.g. made the meals (take out), did the laundry, took care of the puppy, watched the world cup (ha!) etc. while we did it!

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The thing that slows down most projects for me is managing the rest of "life". With your mom and husband, you have a terrific team going, and together you are making a beautiful home!

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WOW! Awesome work so far! Be sure to post pics when you're done.

I too painted my kitchen cabinets (took them off, sanded, primed, and then painted, 4 coats total). It took me a couple months!!! I used BM's advanced paint too and loved the results. Here's my B&A:

Here is a link that might be useful: more pics

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wow! epic is the perfect word for your efforts. and the results are outstanding! it looks like it was done by a pro. how did you handle the dust from all that sanding? thank you so much for sharing. i had been considering finishing my own cabinet doors but it's clear it's way over my head. the kitchen feels brand new. bravo!

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Way to go!!! You did a rocking job! And kudos to your mom. What a trooper! The navy on the inside is a great touch. Looking forward to the final I'm sure you are too!!!

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juddgirl: 'We're leaning towards replacing to lessen the work' - we considered that and then priced out the cabinets. Plus I actually liked the vintage feel of our kitchen and in the end decided I'd rather have the fancy range we're getting rather than new cabinetry. It's an equation that really depends on the particulars of ones own situation, I think.

bpathome: It's so true that it's life that slows things down. I didn't think I had funding for work in June so took down all the cabinets and finished sanding them when I found out I actually was funded to work! So, my month of June project became a weekend project. Fortunately, I do have an awesome collaborative team.

MrsShayne: What a fantastic transformation! You must be thrilled. Thanks for sharing.

kaylarus: Re: managing the dust, tack cloths (sticky cloths you can buy at hardware / paint stores) became my new best friend. So did our vacuum and sweeper. I tack clothed a lot, especially the cabinet fronts, right before painting to get the little specks of dust off. Worked for the most part.

Will definitely continue to share as we progress!

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