Please tell me where do you hang a t-towel for hand drying?

ontariomomJuly 1, 2014

HI everyone,

Where do you hang your in use t-towel -- the one that you would use to dry your hands after washing? If a slightly damp t-towel is hung on a handle pull, I would worry it would damage the cabinet finish. It a t-towel is hung on towel bar on the inside of a sink cabinet door, I don't think it would dry properly. If we hang it on the oven handle it will not be convenient to either the clean-up sink, nor the prep sink. How did you solve this problem?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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My dishwasher is right next to the sink-as I think many are. The handle is curved and I tie a knot in one end of the towel then pull it thru the handle from underneath. Rather than just hang it and it may slip off, this holds it and is in a fairly handy location for drying hands. I also have a towel holder (it is old) that attaches to the back of the under sink cabinet. It has 3 telescoping chrome arms that pull out and then push in. I hang the dish drying tea towel and a padded draining mat from two of those arms. I don't know if you can still get such a thing, but it is so handy and works well after many years.

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I have a magnetic clip that I put on the side of the frig which is just a few steps away from the sink. Towel clips and hangs there, out of sight of the main kitchen.

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My kitchen is so close...that it goes on the oven door..

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I had all kinds of intentions to put a towel holder inside the sink cab and keep it out of sight -- but I really don't find that practical -- so it hangs on the dishwasher handle.

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Mine hangs from the stove, but mine, like terri's, is an "efficient" kitchen.

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I usually have a towel on the dishwasher handle and also on the oven door. My kitchen is also "efficient", but since I rarely use paper towels, I like having towels in easy reach. In a previous home, we had a towel bar in the cabinet under the sink and I did not like it, towels never seemed to dry.

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Hi all,

Good to hear all your solutions. We have yet to choose the dishwasher, so looking for one with a handle sounds like an important goal to solve this towel dilemma. I will try the knot technique. We will also need to find a spot for a towel near our prep sink as well as clean-up so keep your ideas coming.


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I can't have a handle on my DW because it's in a corner and an adjacent drawer couldn't open. That would have been the perfect spot. I hang my dish towel on the oven handle. It means a slight turn and step, but oh well. When I'm working, I just toss it on the counter so it's convenient. I invariably then have to hunt for it. :) Before the remodel (same footprint) I hung the towel on a hook next on the faux panel under the sink. The wood got funky due to the moisture. Unacceptable.

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Linelle... I thought I was the only one that "lost" my kitchen

Yesterday I found it on a chair by the front mind you my kitchen is right behind the front door.....but still...I have no idea why it walked over there.

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I hang towels on my oven handle, the drawer next to the sink, the drawer next to the oven, the drawer on the other side of the oven...refrigerator would probably have one too but it doesn't have a handle...they are all over the place!!! When I'm in the kitchen working I usually have one slung over my shoulder, which drives DH crazy, hence all the other ones hanging around everywhere!!! I am careful not to put a damp one anywhere except the stove or the fridge though. My DH chose the hardware for our kitchen specifically so he could have a towel hanging wherever he reached for one!!!

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We have towel bars on the inside of our sink cab doors. One door/towel bar holds a microfiber cloth for wiping down counters, the other, a dishtowel. They generally dry out nicely between uses. If we handwash a lot of stuff on a particular day/evening, and the towel is is pretty wet, I replace it with a fresh one for the next day, and bring the wet towel down to the laundry room. If the towel is only lightly used, we'll hang it on the towel bar, where it dries, and can be used again the next day.

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One of the things I disliked in my previous home's kitchen was not having someplace to put towels away. They invariably hung over various handles, or more usually, were tossed on the counter. This time around, I dedicated a space next to the sink for a telescoping towel rack behind a cabinet door. So, while we're in the kitchen, the towel is usually just on the counter, but when we're not "in use", they're put away.

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I have a towel bar at the end of my peninsula that I use for microfiber cloths. (I'm going to go remove it RIGHT NOW so it doesn't disappear when they remove the cabinets!) I have hooks on the side of my fridge where I keep a hand/tea towel and a use-to-dry-my-dishes flour sack towel. I use the oven door to hang the towel that I use to lay out dishes to dry.

My plan after the reno is to have a hook or two at the end of my island under the seating overhang for the hand towel and dry-my-dishes towel. (They don't get terribly wet). I THINK it'll be convenient enough to the sink, though not right behind it. I'm thinking I won't have the sopping wet counter towel post reno because I got that nifty roll-up rack for over the sink and I'm going to try to trust my DW to more things. Microfiber, I'm thinking under the sink since it'll be so much roomier than my little cabinet now.

I only realized a short time ago that my frustration with DH for using 'the wrong towel' for the wrong purpose was totally irrational and on me as I never communicated my thoughts to him and if I did, he'd just chuckle at me.

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It's funny how something so simple and necessary as dish and hand towels in a kitchen don't have some specially designed way to deal with them.

OntarioMom - re tying a knot in mine, I just tie two corners on a short end together once which makes a lump large enough not to slip thru the handle of the DW. This allows plenty of the small towel to hang down for use.

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This is a great question and I'd love to see pictures of any of these above counter towel rods/rings/hangers. My dog has a tendency to chew up towels so I don't dare hang it within reach (below countertop level). I was thinking about putting a bathroom towel ring on the wall next to the sink or somehow hanging a towel underneath some upper cabinetry, but I haven't solved this yet. Right now my towels get tossed onto the countertop.

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This is one of my kitchen regrets - getting a DW that didn't have a handle to hang my dish towel! I have an over-the-door handle on my sink cab but with my farm sink, that requires bending down quite a ways (I'm 5'9").

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I have a narrow, open lower cabinet next to my sink that houses a telescoping towel rack. I works pretty well and because it is open, the air circulates.

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I think DH finally knows what is for what and where, : )
I did change my mind a few times when we moved into the new kitchen...
I did change just one drawer that holds the silverware a year later that threw us both off for a bit.
Tough to get it right the first time. Two chefs were visiting and suggest the move...the silverware was right where one preps, so others helping out could not access that drawer easily...though loved all other placement and how 'efficient' the kitchen works.

Damp towels will ruin your cabinets over time. I put nice single hooks on two of my lower sink cabinets at my vacation home and put grommets in the corners of the hand drying towels...a few yrs later, and just summer use, i have some damage. A rustic seaside saltbox so doesn't mater so much.

We use the lower wall oven handle and a bit color coded...hand drying are a charcoal grey cotton, and long enough so they don't slip out and fall on the floor when used.
(like the first ones i purchased)
For drying a few hand washed dishes, a lighter color and texture. Next to the hand towel.

We don't use paper towels so we cycle through pretty quickly and the dark hand towels go in the dark wash and lighter goes in with the light loads.
Same with counter cleaning cloths...(the pack of 60 from Costco near the 'man' tools.)
Nice big square white cotton. Fresh ones are in the cabinet under the wall ovens, and always one on the counter near the prep area. After a few months of use and wash and a bit stained, they go to the cabinet far end near the pantry...mop/broom and such. Used for floors/spills/windows...the dirty jobs. Just bought another pack after 5 yrs and will take out just 5 or 6 to go into the rotation...badly stained, though clean, go out to the garage
for car washing...
DH used to chuckle about it but now sees how it all makes sense...after catching him cleaning up a floor spill with a counter cloth. He now knows quickly where to find a stack of grime cleaning cloths if need when our pup cut his tail and blood was flying all over.

I did try a few different spots at first. Even a hidden hook under the cabinet to the right of the sink but didn't like it hanging at eye level...tried under the sink but not handy and would stay damp...

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sleevendog, I'm going to do color coded towels, too. I get irritated when I see DH or DS2 using the dish towel to wipe their hands or the hand towel to dry clean dishes. Even though they are kept in different spots on the counter, they still get them confused.

ReBe231, how wide is the opening for your narrow cabinet? Would you please post a pic of it? TIA!

I want to do something like this

Traditional Kitchen by Wellesley Kitchen & Bath Designers Divine Kitchens LLC

But I only have 4.5" between DW and fridge so I don't think I have enough room for a telescoping towel bar. It will likely end up as a 3" filler pull-out cab to store coffee supplies (right below espresso maker).

So instead, I'll likely do something like this at the end of my island

Farmhouse Kitchen by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Van Wicklen Design

It will be directly across from the cook top and perpendicular to the sink and DW so this will likely work just fine. I bring out new towels each evening so I won't have damp or even wet towels hanging there for any length of time.

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Perhaps I am missing something?

If a towel is used to simply 'dry' one's hands, I assume the hands are clean. Why then, can the towel not be used to also dry a clean dish/pan/utensil?

If a towel is used to 'wipe off' hands that are damp/messy/sticky/oily from touching and working with food, then that towel would need a trip to the laundry immediately following food prep... and it doesn't need hanging.

Make sense?

In any event, we hang the towel on the DW for wiping purposes, and hang one inside the sink cabinet to use as a mat while hand drying items.

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I didn't have much space to work with so the opening is only 5 3/4" wide. In a perfect world, I would have preferred it to be a little wider but it is actually fine. We put a piece of the Sea Pearl in the bottom to make it more 'finished'. I was determined to find space for it!

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Thanks ReBe! (I just emailed asking for a picture). I'll ask here since others are interested too.

I see you put some counter material at the bottom. What about the sides of the cabinets?

I have a 3" filler spot next to the sink and I still haven't figured out what to do with it.

Also, since I've just got a space, what happens in the toe kick area?

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Cal_quail, I think we are just missing each other! The interior sides are flush with the opening to save space. The toe kick area is the same as with the other cabinets and covered with trim, I think.

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The last thing I want to see is a towel hanging from my oven door, which is where my sister put it when she came to visit last week-end. I do not want anything hanging from handles - handles are meant to be handles and not towel racks! Get a towel rack for the towels. We have one in the under-the-sink cabinet, and they dry just fine there. Since the laundry room is adjacent to (or part of) the kitchen, I keep a small stack of towels on top of the dryer. I removed every towel as soon as my sister hung one on the oven door. I use my oven more than I use the towels.

I have limited storage, but one of the ugliest sights for me is a dish towel hanging on a handle. We have fairly low humidity here, and so things dry fairly quickly anyway. I do not use towels as much as my sister does.


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I have on the island end panel as shown in photo above. My kitchen is 'efficient', so it's only a half a turn to access. It's on a larger cabinet pull. I wish I had at least tried the 3M sticky hooks to see if they were worthwhile, but they had already drilled the cab pull holes. Turning in the other direction, I hang a microfiber cloth on oven handle. Efficient kitchen.

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My mom always had one buttoned to her apron! Now if it weren't too hot to wear aprons.....

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I have mine hanging on the backsplash next to the sink. I didn't want to drill a hole through the backsplash tile, so I used a chrome Command hook (it matches the faucet, if anybody ever looks). It works great. The prep sink is next to a pantry cabinet, so I stuck another chrome hook on the side of the cabinet to use for that towel. I am not too worried about how my towels look -- it's a kitchen, it is going to have towels -- but they actually look fine there. The only problem is that the kids can't reach the one on the backsplash very easily.

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You guys are full of great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing your solutions.


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kitykat, here's a scenario of why I keep two two towels handy. Hubby, who's whipping up an omelet, wipes his hands on a towel after cracking open two eggs. Realizing there aren't any clean spatulas, he quickly washes one and then reaches for the same towel that he just wiped his egg-y fingers on to dry the clean spatula. Bleah.

Rebe, thanks for posting that photo and providing the dimensions. Narrow as it is, I wish I had as much space as you do. I'm in the same boat as cal_quail; I only have space for a 3" spacer cab.

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One reason I'm looking forward to getting new appliances is so I can hang a towel on the dishwasher handle! My current dw doesn't have a handle so I just place towels folded on the counter. They get traded out for clean ones frequently.

One question for those of you who do hang towels on the dishwasher handle (or range oven handle) - do you have to keep taking the towel off and putting it back on every time you open the door so it doesn't drag on the floor? It often feels like I'm constantly putting glasses and dishes in the dw throughout the day.

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There is no place in the kitchen to hang towels except the oven door. I fold a hand towel in half length wise, then once across and keep it laying on the counter. I have a very thin kitchen towel I fold length wise and hang on the oven door for drying things I wash by hand. My dish rag is hung on the crossbar on the sink. When I moved into this home I removed the towel rings in the bathroom because of drippy hand reaching for a towel on the wall. Folded hand towel in there also. Before I go to bed at night I gather those towels and the dish rag and hang them on a shower rod in the master bathroom and put them in the laundry basket the next morning.

My home is the way I want it, low maintenance and efficient.

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This is one if things I was most looking forward to in the remodel:convenient places for hand/dish towels. When the work was done, I splurged and got 3 new towels. Dw handle (I have dd so there's no drag on the floor issue) to the left of the sink in secondary prep area, mw/speed oven handle to the right of the sink in my primary prep, and the range/oven handle just around the L in my small kitchen. In between ovens, I have a couple of old pot holders and 2 trivets tucked into drawers, all at convenient point of use locations.

I also have a small bucket for cleaning supplies and cleaning microfiber towels under the sink. And I have a stack of rags under the sink for wet-muddy kid, wet-muddy dog, emergency wet-muddy floor clean up. Yes, we reach into that rag stack often! Even when it's beautiful out, my kids make mud.

I resisted buying new towels after all of the associated kitchen expense. But, DH encouraged me to splurge and get something I liked. That $15 was one of the best expenditures!

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As soon as I enter the kitchen, on goes an apron. All of my aprons have a Velcro square on the left side of the waistline and a corresponding square in the center of a guest-sized towel.

If the towel is damp, I just peel it off and hang it on the back porch or in a bathroom.

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I tried the dish towel on the stove handle and had constant water drips on the stainless. Then we got a kitten who pulled the towel down so he could sit on it. (Yes, tile floors are cold in winter.) So I left it on the counter, but that was a pain. Took me two years to realize that I don't dry dishes, I dry hands, and my hands don't need a big towel. I bought a couple packs of terry dish cloths that are about 10" square. They do the job, dry quickly, and take up less drawer space. I drape it over the faucet when damp and get a new one or two out everyday. I moved my big dish towels in the linen closet in case I ever feel like drying a lot of dishes, but I doubt that will ever happen.

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I hang mine on the door handle to my under the counter microwave. Since the microwave is in the back side of the island, its hidden from guests yet handy for me.

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What fascinating ideas - love GW precisely for this kind of question & answer world. Mine is also hung from the oven handle (and I never thought it looked out of place) but then its just a few steps away from my sink.

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juddgirl, mine is on the oven handle. Until you just asked the question about it hitting the floor when opening the oven door, it never occurred to me. I usually don't open the door all the way, except when I need two hands for whatever's going inside. So, I guess sometimes the towel kisses the floor. Oh well. No deaths have been reported.

may_flowers, hush! Don't let my cats hear you. They pull bath towels off their rods and burrow underneath. I'd rather they don't start with the dish towel.

We're all funny in our kitchens. Personally, I want something to grab when my hands are wet and not have to open something first in order to reach it. The sight of a decent looking dish towel on an appliance handle just means we might have a working kitchen here.

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My hand towel hanging on the DW handle does kiss the floor when I fully open the door. But I like to hope my floors are reasonably clean and it isn't the dish drying towel. As mentioned by linelle, no deaths have been reported here either!

My dish drying towel and drying mat hanging on the telescoping rods under the sink are easy to get at when needed and they dry well in that cupboard but we do not live in a humid climate.

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I have my hanging from the dishwasher handle right now and it's not working because the towel touches the floor when the dishwasher door is open. Under the sink won't work because the humidity is too high here. I'm not too thrilled with the options at this point!

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I am in a fairly humid climate, so I'm not sure hanging towels in a closed cupboard would work well here. Also don't really want to have to open the door to get to them. My hand towel usually hangs on the oven door handle. However - I don't like the dragging on the floor thing, either. I don't bake often, but if i'm opening the oven, I'll toss the towel on the counter first. I don't dry many dishes, so get out a clean dish towel for that, when I do, and then hang it on oven door to dry before putting in laundry.

Had to think about Kitykat's question for a minute. I mean, that's just how my mom always said it should be! LOL After considering it - I think I insist on separate because there are times when the hand towel is thrown on the counter among other things, someone may rinse but not soap hands or use the towel to just wipe off something moist (like the example above with the raw eggs). Just one more point of separation. My mom probably would have also said that she washed dishes (with rubber gloves) in alot hotter water than you wash your hands in. (Though you do have to touch them to dry them.)

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Intrigued with may_flowers idea of dish cloths. Will think on that one. Thanks.

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I've never had separate dish and hand towels in my (not so short) life and I'm not dead yet :-)

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I'm with sjhockeyfan!

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I use two simply because my hand towel gets so wet it doesn't dry quickly like the thin one does. Every time I wash my hands I wipe down the counter around the sink and on the bar if I eat there. It is more than just a hand towel. It don't think it is clean enough to use on my Aladdin drinking glasses. I don't put them in the DW. There is no right or wrong about stuff like this, we just do it the way it is right for us. I personally would not like those huge trash containers I saw in another thread. I don't want to pull out that thing every time I have a paper towel to put in it.

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ReBe231 - Love it! Thanx for posting a pic and providing your specs. Great finishing touch to have the counter surface installed as the cabinet bottom! I definitely have room to incorporate a similar solution. Thanx!

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Thanks for the input re the towel touching the floor when hanging on the dw handle. I have dark slate floors and am not as confident they're usually clean except just after I give them a good scrubbing myself - seems like I can wipe up dirt right after the house cleaners mop the floor :-( They look the same, whether clean or dirty.

I think an oven handle would work great though. I open the dw door much more often than the oven, unless I'm in baking mode. My wall oven doesn't have a door but I'll be replacing that with a range that has a nice beefy handle!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have a towel-bar style handle on my oven which we use for the hand towel. For the dishtowels, I have the built in rack under the dish drainer. The mechanism was designed to be mounted from above so the rods would've been on top of each other, but I talked to the carpenter and he mounted it on the side for me so the rods were parallel and the towels would dry better.

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I screwed a small hook into the cabinet surrounding the fridge which up is next to the sink area. I hang the towel there.

I agree with others who think that hanging on an oven or dishwasher handle leads to the towel hitting the floor, which is icky to me.

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In our previous kitchen, we installed the Gourmet Rail system by Lavi into our granite on a 9 foot island and in front of the clean-up sink. It is available in several finishes and with the decorative end caps and finials, it was both decorative and functional. The rods are 5/8" round, and the perfect size for hanging towels. Loved it, and plan to do it in the new kitchen.

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All these posts, with all these great ideas of where to hang the towel, and not a single mention of Towel Pig?? Wha???

I may need smelling salts. ;)

The original Towel Pig can be seen down thread. Fair warning, he is hard to resist and there is no real substitute. :D

Here is a link that might be useful: The Search for Towel Pig

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I hang a bright red towel on my stainless steel GE Café Gas Range to add color to my kitchen and to match my bright red tea pot.

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I was just thinking the same thing! My towel pig in my new kitchen:

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Ott2, that is adorable! Also it adds color to your kitchen.

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This is a real interesting thread!!!

I keep my tea-towel and hand towel both on the stove handles. I always remove them when frying something greasy, and if I'm opening the oven door all the way.

No dishwasher, so the tea-towel (dish drying towel) get changed out regularly.

I showed this thread to hubby because of the cleaning cloths post. I buy the bar-mops for cleaning up spills, cat-yak etc. He was quite enamored with the "package if 60 cloths at Costco!" that Sleevendog posted. LOL

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My DW has no handle and my stove is too far away to use--plus I don't want my grandson to maybe grab it and pull...

We bought two of the towel bars you can hang over the top of cabinet door and close it--
one for cabinet under the electric cooktop and one for under the sink--
The first two I bought at BBB lasted about a year or so and then one of the bars broke--
I didn't want to have mismatched features so bought two at BBB again which have different style--
the round bar SS I got initially weren't in stock--
new ones are more rectangular--but like the rounded one better--
Looking for example/link I see where they may have rounded ones back in stock
also have hooks which are probably less of design statement
I like fact they are in the open to dry and easy to get to--vs inside a cabinet--
We are in FL and lots of humidity...

Here is a link that might be useful: over cabinet door rod

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I bought an iron towel bar for the end of the island to hang a hand towel. The dish towel ends up hanging form the DW handle. I hate seeing towels hanging form handles also, but that is just me.

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I have 2 places I use. One is on the side of the upper cabinet next to the sink:

I prefer to use that one, and I make sure that I change it often and that I use primarily the bottom part not touching the cabinet.

DH prefers to drip across the aisle to the one we have on the end of the island (it's really not that far). It's actually a drawer pull:

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Wow so many options! Thanks for sharing.

Wilson853, Your idea is intriguing. However, I am not sure I understand your idea fully. Do you happen to have a picture that shows where on the granite you installed the rail system?

For those that have towel bars install on cabinet sides, have you had any issues with damaging the cabinet ends as reported by one poster?


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No problem at all with moisture on the cabinets. I guess the bar is out far enough so the towel doesn't touch the cabinet.

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Ott2, you found a fabulous towel pig! He is so cute! And he is doing a fine job of holding your towel. :)

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So interesting... all the varying thoughts!

I notice, however, a potential difference of opinion between what may be different 'age ranges'? Perhaps younger GW's are more sensitive to issues they consider being unclean/yucky/germy?

Being in my 70's, I raised kids before disposable diapers, before antimicrobial wet wipes, before special shopping cart liners, before..... My children crawled and played on bare and carpeted floors, often picking up and tasting whatever might have dropped! They played in the yard... in the grass/dirt/even mud. I did not have 3 or 5 different cutting boards to prevent food cross-contamination. I used a sponge to handwash things and to clean the counters... as well as a sticky little hand or mouth in a pinch. An all-purpose towel dried stuff.

In no way do I disparage more current thinking regarding kitchen towel use and storage. Rather, I view these discussions from a long lifetime of personal experience.

And as others comment... no one has died, or suffered food poisoning.

    Bookmark   July 5, 2014 at 4:55PM
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kitykat, exactly! ...I'm in my 60's, and you hit the nail on the head ;)

    Bookmark   July 5, 2014 at 8:04PM
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kitykat and ctycdm, I'm with you guys, both age-wise and approach to germs. In a different thread somewhere on GW, someone said if you need to sneeze you should go into the bathroom. If that were the case, I would never leave the bathroom.

    Bookmark   July 5, 2014 at 8:21PM
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I have a dish towel and a hand towel on the handle of my stove. My dishwasher doesn't have a handle. I would have liked one, but I liked the $500 sale price on the Bosch with no handle better than having a handle. LOL

I imagine my towels have touched the floor once or twice when opening the stove, but to repeat the mantra, no one has died yet! And as my Gramma used to say, You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.

The dish towel is used for draining dishes on if I have an overflow from the drainer thingy, and the hand towel is for hands. I change the hand towel almost every day. When actively prepping/cooking, it's often on the counter nearby, though the stove is only one or two steps away.

I do like that poor deceased towel pig from the other thread. And Hugo the towel dog with his tongue sticking out.

    Bookmark   July 5, 2014 at 10:53PM
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Here's a photo of the gourmet rail on our old island. Hope that helps.

    Bookmark   July 6, 2014 at 8:27AM
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Thanks wilson853 for the photo. That is a clever solution!


    Bookmark   July 6, 2014 at 10:32AM
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I was curious about the gourmet rail too. It wasn't apparent from the other link. Thanks.

(Also trying to get the spam to sink).

    Bookmark   July 6, 2014 at 11:38AM
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Saw this yesterday in a kitchen store. It comes with a magnetic sheet, I believe for putting behind an appliance panel that is not magnetic.

    Bookmark   July 13, 2014 at 11:10AM
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Does anyone have problems with stainless steel appliances rusting? I wanted nice handles on my stove, refrigerator and dishwasher to hang dish towels, bit am concerned about rusting.

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The point of stainless is that it doesn't rust.

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I have installed two towel bars on the end of the island, which is directly behind the kitchen sink. The aisle is only 36" so it's a quick turn and pivot. The top one is for drying hands because it is more convenient, and the bottom one is for drying dishes - although sometimes DH forgets! We use paper towels only for cleaning up raw eggs or meat.

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 10:41AM
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cal_quail, stainless steel does not rust as easily as other metals, but it can rust. I see rust on my stainless DW and sink :) The ovens, fridge, and rangetop are fine, though.

edit: It's surface rust only. I am able to scrub it out of the sink but the (thankfully tiny) bit on the DW stays because I don't want to scratch the finish.

This post was edited by tracie.erin on Wed, Aug 6, 14 at 11:19

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doesn't rust spread? I'd want to remove it even if it might scratch the surface.

Here is a link that might be useful: See article re stainless rusting and how to remove it

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 11:39AM
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I installed a cute lightweight decorative hook to the side of a cabinet. Unfortunately I wanted a place for my dustpand/hand broom, so that's what I used the hook for. Towel is in the usual place, the oven door, but I always buy nice, color co-ordinated to kitchen towels since they become almost a part of the decorating.

Same style, but different design.

Here is a link that might be useful: hook

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 2:22PM
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Not sure it's an age divide. I'm in my 50s and I keep two towels handy, 1 for dishes, 1 for hands. I don't like antimicrobial soaps or surfaces but I prefer to avoid cross-contamination.

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 4:23PM
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Lisa, all soap is anti-bacterial. I'm several years beyond my 50s and do not use two different towels, and hey, I'm still alive :-)

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 7:22PM
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sjhockeyfan, I'm talking about soaps and products labeled as antimicrobial/antibacterial because of added chemicals like triclosan. Good ol' soap kills 99% of bacteria without it and doesn't give rise to antibiotic resistant germs.

I keep two towels because I live with 2 men (hubby and DS2) and they will wipe their rinsed but unwashed hands, say after cracking eggs or handling raw meat (yeah, they do that!), on the clean dish towel and then dry a just-washed dish with that same towel. I ask them, "What's the point of washing the dish in the first place if you're going to dry it with a dirty towel?" They just give me a blank look. So I keep two towels around and will continue to do so because it's unlikely they will change their habits.

And yeah, so far none of us has died or suffered food poisoning (that I know of, anyway) but perhaps it's because I am vigilant about the hand towel/dish towel set-up. Because, trust me, if it was up to them, they would keep using the same dish rag day after day after day after day. They also use the wood cutting board and put it away dirty. I recently had to clean it down with hot soap, water and bleach because it was growing mold! They have so many wonderful qualities so I overlook this bad habit of theirs, just as they overlook my bad habits.

This is a different strokes for different folks thing. I don't think it's an age thing. My neighbor, 18 years my junior, is very laid back about germs with her 3 young children.

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 7:52PM
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Thinking about pricklypearcactus' need to keep the towels up higher. I don't think that I would like either a towel ring or a hook on the side of the cabinet. I wonder if something like the Ikea Fintorp rail, with its choice of hooks and baskets, or just the rail itself attached to the bottom of the cab next to the sink would work. (The actual Fintorp rail is too long to put on the side of an upper cab, though)

Kitykat, there is some speculation in the medical world as to whether the late 20th century obsession with germs has led to the rapid uptick in problems caused by over-active immune systems.

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I am a product of the 50's. Ma always had a towel for hands and a towel for dishes. So darn do I!

Our family nickname for her was "Suzy Spotless" and I am so NOT that way, I figure if I maintain the 2 towel system, it's one less reason for her to be spinning in her grave.

Because some days when I'm cutting know I CAN hear that spinning loud and clear!

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I keep one towel for drying dishes, one on the DW handle for drying hands. Like many of you, my DH has no idea why. When I see him use the dish towel for wiping the counter or his hands, I just shrug. And remove it for washing when he's not looking. I don't think men think about things like this. We've had no death or sickness here, in spite of incorrect use of the towels. I'm a 50's baby too, and recall the "eat a peck of dirt before you die" phrase. I'm lucky that I can use the under cab towel bar. I'm now thinking of using an on sale drawer pull on the wall next to the sink. Thanks for the idea!

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 9:50PM
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I should have been clearer.........I respect the towel "rules" but my DH not so much either. Same here - I just roll with it by now.

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 10:46PM
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I have it at the end of the peninsula where it overhangs on the side. It is nice to have it right next to the food prep area and a few steps from the sink. I couldn't bring myself to have holes put into the cabinet side so I had it attached to the wood under the granite.

I also like how it keeps it far enough away from the cabinet that it won't stain the cabinet which I had happen with my previous cabinets.

    Bookmark   August 9, 2014 at 11:02PM
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Oh - I have been asking the same questions for years and not found a good solution. When we redid out kitchen last year we decided to go for laminate (Formica) cabinets that we had custom made for us because we wanted the durability and ability to stand up to dampness. I planned to use large bar-type pulls on the drawers and cabinets and could hang towels wherever I wanted without fear of damaging the cabinets. Unfortunately, the cabinets didn't meet with out approval (a real problem with sight-unseen custom cabinetry) so I'm now using the DW handle (located next to the prep sink). This is fine for wiping clean hands and an wet apple or tomato after washing, but not good for drying dishes over at the clean-up sink - that DW doesn't have a handle. So I leave a towel draped over the dish rack next to the sink. I am mentally designing a towel holder that would sit on the counter or in the dish rack, similar to the ones you can get for hand towels in a bathroom. I don't want it to take up too much space on the counter and I don't want to drip on the counter so this is a challenge. We're redoing our kitchen, again, and will probably end up with wood cabinets. I am thinking about getting some sort of shield for the apron in front of the sink and the sink cabinet door to protect it from water from spills and a towel hanging there. (Now there's an idea for an enterprising inventor!) I might even choose a completely different door for that location, maybe thermafoil or such, and incorporate it into the "design." It's probably going to be my last kitchen and as for my body, I'm too old to worry about appearances. I'm more concerned about function than form!

    Bookmark   August 23, 2014 at 9:37AM
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dgormish - Thanks for the idea. I put a command hook on the cabinet under my overhang, behind my sink, just to see what I thought. It's too low and weird and awkward to be useful because it has to be below the outlet that's there. Maybe I can suspend a hook from the plywood supporting the granite? It would hang in front of the outlet (which I can not imagine I'll use very often so I think that's fine).

    Bookmark   August 23, 2014 at 12:24PM
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ellessebee, I have thought along the same lines. In front of the sink seems like the most convenient location, but I don't want to risk water ruining the wood. I posted a thread recently about the idea of putting a slab of the counter material mounted to the front of the sink apron, with a low profile towel bar or cabinet pull mounted to that to hand the towels on. It would give it a faux farmhouse sink look, but still allow me the undermount double stainless steel sink that I want for practical and budget reasons. The counter material should handle water contact much better than the wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: towels hung on front of faux apron sink

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The FINTORP rails from IKEA can be cut down to any length. I have an 11" long one on the side of a wall cabinet next to my sink. It's a handy little rail for a hand drying towel and a bottle of countertop spray. Towels for drying dishes hang from a different FINTORP rail mounted on a wall. The FINTORP hooks seems to keep the towels far enough away from the cabinet and wall that moisture is not really a problem. Plus I use fairly thin towels (flour sack type)

    Bookmark   September 12, 2014 at 1:14PM
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