Curava countertops?

katlynn719July 12, 2014

I was wondering if anyone has experience with Curava countertops? We will be replacing countertops in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms and are considering all options. I liked the look of Curava (the color Savaii in particular) and I'd like opinions from real people. The Curava website gives them high praise, of course, but this surface is new to me. Is it as durable and easy to maintain as they claim?Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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Boy I love this forum. I have learned sooo much from gw-ers. Katlyn, I've always referred to these tops as simply recycled glass, but thought they were much more expensive than what curava advertises. They're beautiful, esp. the savage color you've chosen. Anxious to hear from someone who has them installed. Thanks.

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I've been eyeing this product too...but know nothing about it.

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Someone posted in an IKEA kitchen thread that they were going with the Curava counters. I posted back asking for price, etc but got no reply. Maybe that member will show up again with photos someday...

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My kitchen has Curava Savaii! I love the counter! We have had it for one year and it is as good as new with absolutely zero maintenance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Curava Savaii Kitchen

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Majra -- I missed this reveal. It looks great! Do you remember PPSF for the Curava?

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Majra, Thanks so much for replying. Your countertops and backsplash are exactly what I had in mind and they look great! I'm glad to hear that you've been happy with your purchase. I've narrowed down my selection to Curava or quartz, but haven't found much info on the Curava.

I have oak cabinets and white appliances and think the heavy wood grain in the cabinets would be too busy to use with granite. I want a classic white, clean, quiet, look in my kitchen, which you've captured perfectly.

Judging by the comments so far, other people are also interested in Curava counters...but they are also looking for more feedback. If anyone stumbles across more info, perhaps they'll post a link? I'd appreciate it.

ChrisInSD, I was in Lowes yesterday when I spotted this product and picked up a brochure, but failed to write down the price. I remember thinking it was comparable in price to granite, but will check it again and post the price when I know for sure.


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Thanks Kathy. They don't seem to sell it at the Lowes in my area...

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Sophie Wheeler

There was an abrasive type A dude on here who bought his from Lowes and had a horrendous experience with hem. Can't remember his user ID though. Hard to tell if his issue was from incorrect expectations, poor workmanship or just his general inability to be satisfied with anything.

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On the curava site you can put in your zip code and the nearest distributor comes up. Unfortunately, for me the closest is 2 hours away:(
Katlynnlily, why not post some pics of your space and your choices and get some feedback. You're lucky to have the curava available locally. I like that majra says it's no maintenance, plus it looks great in her space.

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Thanks for the compliments. I'm sorry I don't remember the pricing exactly, but I know that it wasn't outrageous. I thought we were going to get quartz, but the samples looked very blank on my long peninsula. The recycled glass flecks are larger than what you see in quartz products, but the counter still reads basically solid w flecks from afar. I still find it fascinating to look at, and it's a great conversation piece too.

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That locator claims the two places it's available at in my area are a tile store I've just spent $3,000 with and at Lowes. I've never seen it on display at either location, despite visiting these stores constantly in the final weeks of my remodel.

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Chris: I think you were referring to me before. Yes, I did post in the IKEA forum. Just to show you how long the process can take, we still haven't started on the actual renovation yet, although we did sign a contract. So I don't have any photos yet. The construction won't be starting until Nov. 1.

We did choose the Curava countertops though, in the Arctic style. We are pairing that with the IKEA Abstrakt Gray cabinets (the high gloss ones). We really liked the look of the light countertop and the blue speckles against the gray. I don't know an exact price per sq foot, since the contractor just gave me a total cost for everything including installation. I don't know how many sq feet they measured for. The total cost all in was $3200. We aren't really fans of granite so it was between the Curava and a retro-looking laminate with a chrome edge added. I don't know if Curava would end up being cheaper or more expensive than Granite, but it's what we wanted so I didn't bother to price out another option.

By the way, we did go to Lowes to see it and they did have one of the Curava types on display. We did get to see a sample slab of the Arctic style, so we at least knew what it looked like for real.

If we survive the construction without killing ourselves or each other, I'll try to post some photos around mid December when it should all be done.

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Look forward to seeing!

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So they just installed the countertops yesterday, the Arctic style. It looks amazing. There's actually a lot more grayish glass than blue, but the overall effect is that cold, bluish-white feeling. I'm tremendously happy with how it came out. It sparkles a bit when the light hits it.

I don't know if it's because of the lighter shade of resin in the Arctic, but you certainly notice the specks of glass in it, from even a distance.

I'll try to post some photos in a few days, once it's a bit less crazy and dusty.

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Here are some photos of the Curava. I tried to get some close ups as well, so you can see the detail. Still, it looks a lot better in person.

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Another photo.

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Last One.

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Wow, gorgeous! I love your colors - please post more pictures of your kitchen when you're ready!

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Sweet! I hope you enjoy your countertops as much as I do mine.

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(double post)

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@mwkbear I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!! I'm so glad I saw this on here, I am looking for Curava in my area (it says its at the Lowes close by, we'll see) but was afraid the Arctic wouldn't look right with my color scheme. Well, my kitchen is red and gray like yours. It looks awesome!

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@Michaela: Yes, it really works well with the gray Ikea cabinets. It's sort of a grayish/blue color and there is some gray glass chips in there as well as the blue. Good luck with your kitchen!

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