Granite - if it's not on the internet, does it exist?

AriadneOJuly 11, 2013

Hello all,

I'm putting granite in my kitchen in preparation for selling my townhome. We have natural oak cabinets and flooring and white accessories. Because the space is relatively small, we wanted a light colored countertop and were thinking of using something like Bianco Romano. Simple enough, right?

Well, what gets interesting is that my friend recommended a fabricator who just re-did her kitchen and seemed very professional and not too expensive. I talked to him about my color selections and he mentioned Bianco Romano is rather expensive (true) and strongly suggested a color that was called Dallas White. I went to the warehouse to look at the granite and noticed the label also said Branco Dallas. It looked decent enough and was 30% less expensive, so I'm considering it.

The problem is, I tend to check all my granites online, to see photos, find out if it is popular, etc. But using Google, I can't really seem to find Dallas White granite, nor does the name Branco Dallas return anything. I searched the forums here and on Houzz as well - nothing. The fabricator claims this is because the granite is so common and popular and standard that no one bothers to post it online, but that seems like an unbelievable explanation to me. The only two sites that did mention Dallas White say its from Brazil, but then also have links to Chinese companies underneath, which of course makes me worry the granite's less "safe."

So has anyone heard of or used Dallas White? Or have you used a granite that just doesn't seem to exist on the internet?

Do they mine granite in Brazil and ship it to China for processing before sending it back here? Should that possibility worry me?

My instinct says to use someone else, but my husband says I'm overthinking this, which is why I wanted additional opinions.

All advice so appreciated! Thanks!

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Just wanted to add, I'd just get Bianco Romano (my favorite option), but I haven't been able to locate it in the area after calling numerous granite yards. And my husband and I just can't agree on any other color right now.

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If you're selling the house, why do you care if the granite is "safe" and what does safe even mean? I hope you're not worrying about radon - that's been pretty much debunked. By the way, there is no standard granite naming - it could have yet another name. If you like the color and the price, you're probably overthinking this.

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By the way, it's blanco dallas, not branco dallas which is why your search is failing.

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I'm getting results for blanco dallas, even branco dallas.

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branco = white in Portuguese
blanco = white in Spanish

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I'm happier when I can research stuff to death. I'm not saying your dh is wrong, but you are in good company :)

As for safety, I'm not sure it matters where the stone is from. It creeped me out to see how much goop was dripped on the sides of some slabs, and I have chosen a dense, dark stone in part because I figure there is less of that stuff to worry about - it is not absorbent. Good luck!

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Many stone outlets and fabricators make up their own names for common granites to prevent comparison shopping. We run into this all the time. It can be very frustrating.

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I get many search returns for "branco dallas". Below is just one of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite

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I got hits on branco, blanco and bianco Dallas and they seemed very similar in appearance. If you have concerns about your fabricator's recommendation, go see the actual slab(s) he's proposing to make sure you like it. Don't forget to bring home a sample so you can look at it in the right light next to your cabinets and/or douse it with all manner of substances to see how it reacts.

Good luck!

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