SW Clary Sage or Svelte Sage?

straitloverNovember 21, 2008

I am bouncing back and forth between these 2 colors for my kitchen (10 years old and needs a little updating). my camera's broken, so I can't post any pics of the room. I have orangey oak cabinets (like them and do not plan on painting or replacing) and my table is the same color. I am replacing my current lamintate countertops w/ new ones in Milano Amber. Here's a sample:


Don't know what the flooring will end up being, probably more vinyl (something stone looking most likely). Room faces ENE, gets morning sun. Appliances: fridge and new DW are white, stove is white/black, new OTR microwave is black. Washer and dryer (white) are in a closet w/ bifold doors in the kitchen. New light fixtures and cabinet hardware are antique brass. Light over the table is very similar to this one (one I have was clearance; I also have a semi flushmount matching fixture on the other side of the room between the stove and island):


Suggestions? Any reasons to pick one color over the other??? Thanks for any help!

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here is my kitchen painted in Svelte Sage. I have oak cabinets so it should give you a good idea how it would look in your kitchen.

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My hairdresser has Svelte Sage and it's a really nice color. I know what she has because I asked her, I liked it that much,

I think it looks completely different on the sample strip. It looks more green and less brown on the walls.

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I used svelte sage in my bedroom

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Thanks for the pictures. They looked so nice, I went and had a quart colormatched in the Svelte Sage at Lowes (I already had a sample of the Clary Sage from SW). I painted up a board in the SS (alreay ahd one done in the CS), and I think I am going w/ the Svelte Sage afterall.

I am hiring out this painting because I am busy and the painter (a friend from church and a professional painter) needs the work right now, and he prefers the Valspar. I can use it for the kitchen, but Lowes cannot for the life of them match SW Nomadic Desert (that's $40 down the drain because I brought the paint home because it looked right in the store), so I guess he will have to use SW paint for that in the living room. It took me weeks to pick a color, and I am not going through that again - LOL!

Anyway, thanks again for helping me make a decision!!!

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I have had Svelte in my bedroom for years. In there, it looks like a sage green with no real undertones, very soothing and neutral. I've been looking for a grayed-out ocean-y color for my living room forever. I started out with bluer tones, but found them too cold. I wound up all the way back to Svelte Sage. Somehow in my living room, it looks more like a sea green. Reminds me of the green foam where the waves break on the ocean. It is a color that changes alot.

It seems to have enough brown to ground it and make it work with other colors, but still has enough blue in it to give it some vibrancy and that beach-y feel. I can't wait to add some coral and shells and bamboo shades to the room. I think Svelte Sage is the perfect backdrop.

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I have painted a bathrooom and bedroom with Svelte Sage but in my new house I used Grassland, one color lighter on the SW Svelte Sage color card. I thought Grassland looked less gray at night.

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I love the Grassland, too. Roger on the Sell This House show used it once in all the rooms, and it looked great.

I did end up going w/ the Svelte Sage in the kitchen, and my painter was able to get the Nomadic Desert mixed at Lowes properly, so that definietly saved me some money. They both look great!

Now I just need to replace the flooring in those 2 rooms. Something happened to my icemaker line over the holidays while I was out of town, so half of my LR carpet is currently gone. It also got under they vinyl a little at the 2 doorways (LR and hallway) and warped the kitchen floor plywood underlayment a little, so the vinyl will be replaced. I was planning on replacing them anyway, so I see this as a blessing in disguise! However, I may change my mind depending on how much my homeowners insurace goes up come May renewal time - eek!

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