my beloved appliance garage

huangoJuly 18, 2014

I've been wanting to share my beloved appliance garage set-up for a long time.
It works for me/my family SO well.
Hopefully it can help others.

So I have a G-shaped kitchen, with a long wall of windows/base cabinets between my fridge/WO wall and my induction cooktop/hood wall.

My layout after many many iterations/tweaking:

My wall of windows/base cabinets (Sorry for the bad cellphone pix):

Now you don't see it:
(see the 2 figures on the fridge made out of magnets? :)
Fridge, Advantium over wall oven

Now you do:

Love my beloved Vitamix, toaster, and electric can opener - all plugged in/ready to go:

Never having to lift my KitchenAid mixer from a base cabinet up again!
I designed it so that the mixer can even be UP, without hitting the door.
Yup, got this appliance tool (to swing the door up) from Ikea also.
Yes, I stand on a little step stool when using the mixer (I'm 4'11"). DH doesn't have to.

I never use both levels at the same time like this:

A closer look CLOSED:

Yes, that's how I keep my counters cleared.
I even have a pullout for my knife block.

Any questions?
Thanks for looking.


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Nice set-up huango!!!!

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Looks great! Keeps everything nice and tidy. Love your wall of windows!

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Great ideas. The windows & the sconces, love them.

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Beautiful kitchen. How wise of you to eliminate upper cabs and be able to work in front of those windows. The appliance garage is a great idea to help you keep the clean look you want in front of that view. Thank you for sharing this. Don't think I've ever seen a "double deck" appliance garage before.

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Great setup- Is the kitchenaid pullout reduced depth so that the tall blender can be stored in front of it? How is that possible with the Ikea pullouts?

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Thank you!

I like that: Double Decker AG :)

- when the Vitamix is not in use, the clean/dried carafe/stick/lid lay down next to the toaster.
- the electric can opener lays down also, in front of the toaster.

That whole wall is pulled-out/deeper (about 5"), to allow room for when I replace the current 32" wide counter-depth all-fridge with a standard-depth French-door fridge, so that the future fridge won't be sticking out.

Hope this helps give others ideas...

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Absolutely brilliant1 I am not an appliance garage kind of gal, but mostly because I have only ever known the bulky corner ones I feel are practically useless. Ghis one is so welll thought out and highly practical with all that counter space and without uppers for storage. Love it1

I am SO clipping this one. Pinning too1

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very clever, thanks for the ideas and additional info!

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Very clever and lovely kitchen!

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Love it. I will use it as inspiration. Thanks a lot.

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Have you considered sending these pictures to KitchenAid? I'd say it was a fantastic example of how to make it work. They're great appliances, obviously, but one of the continued questions is what to do with it when you're not using it. They have yet to achieve the level of sculpture.

your kitchen is beautiful!

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My only question is where can I fit one in my kitchen? Great use of space; I was going to settle for just hiding my toys in a single drawer; two opens up different options. Love those windows and the long, clear countertops.

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I am glad that this helps give people ideas.

A big reason why I worked hard on this AG design was that DH had a bad habit of using the toaster while it sat under an upper cabinet. So all that heat would basically cook the bottom of that upper cabinet. I had OFTEN asked him to just slide the toaster out 5+ inches, toast his bread, and then slide it back (after it cools), but bad habits...

So with my design: he CAN'T use the toaster unless he pulls the drawer out :)

Also, I'm trying to eat healthier so I got my lovely Vitamix.
BUT many people stop using their Vitamix/get out of the routine because they put their Vitamix away, since they may not want it on display on the counter every minute/day.
So I thought if I made it easy for me to access my Vitamix, then I'd be more incline to use it.

Oh, that's a thought.
I'll see if they'd be interested...

Many people have these items on their countertop:
- dish drying rack
- coffee maker
- toaster
- mixer
- blender
- knife block
- oil/spices
- spatula/utensil canister
- fruit bowl

Also helping to keep my countertop cleared are:

1. I have 2 Dishwashers. LOVE THEM!
I use 1 daily, and the other one is my drying rack.
When we have parties, etc, I get to run them both!

2. DH uses this espresso maker, so when it's not in use, it goes into one of HIS upper cabinets (I can't reach them).

3. I have a 6" pull out next to my cooktop base that houses my knife block and big spices.
To the left a foot away is my 12" pull-out for my oils/vinegar, etc.
Under my cooktop is most of my spatulas/tongs, etc.

4. I have a 10.5 feet hutch in my familyroom, and my fruit bowl goes there - near where the kids snack.
I should post a pic of my hutch: it houses the recycling/trash, paper shredder, mail filer, and hidden storage...

5. My 2nd microwave and also the toaster oven are in the walk-in pantry: at a lower height for kids to access them.

I do keep my compost container and paper towel on the counter.
Despite all this, I still often have trouble keeping it cleared.


Like this kitchen as example for what's often found on a countertop.
No, not everything has to be put away.
I just have enough OTHER STUFF clutter that I don't need the usual items around when I have a place for them.

Another idea I ran across to hold Paper towel:

Here is a link that might be useful: WMF espresso maker

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Really creative use of space Amanda. Impressive! I love your kitchen and all the natural light that the bank of windows emits.

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huango, what a great appliance garage. Love your comment above about DH and the toaster. Man they can just be so absent minded sometimes can't they? It's lovely to invent a solution to the issue, rather than nag.

I have some things like that (not the appliance garage but other things) that I designed my kitchen for that really helped in the marital harmony department. It's so much nicer to go through the day not being a shrew (or keeping the annoyance bottled in). :-)

Great garage, thanks for sharing!

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How do I put an overlay over my pictures so that others do you use them for their own?
What's that term? copyright?
Recall someone had their kitchen pictures nabbed by some kitchen company claiming that they did that kitchen?

sorry: I'll look on one of the technical threads.


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It looks nice and neat when all put away :)

For me, I would not want to use my appliances up that high, especially the KA. Also, I like having workspace on both sides.

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Watermark is what you are trying to find, huango. You are looking for a way to watermark your photos.

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I would love to see your hutch, Amanda. Would you mind posting a photo? Tia. Westsider

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Very clever! I'm saving your AG to my idea file.

In most photo editing programs, you can apply a watermark. Or you can simply put Huango (or whatever words youw ant) over the photo using outline-style letters via the "add text" feature.

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Clever! clever! Thanks for sharing.

I'm done my kitchen, but I am going to clip these for inspiration for my DD.

This is such good organizing that I'm excited to see it, even if I'm not able to use it!

BTW, I'm one who doesn't make good use of my Vitamix because it's stored in a nearby pantry....

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Sorry: I didn't get any notices that there were updates to this thread.

WESTSIDER40: I will try to find a picture of my hutch in a few weeks. We're drowning in snow right now (and process of adopting a shar pei).


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