Where's the gravy boats?

dilly_nyJuly 7, 2013

Has anyone else noticed that many brands of dishes do not sell gravy boats, cream and sugars sets, etc. that match the set of dishes?

Its not so much of a problem if your dishes are white because white serving pieces are readily available, but I'm having trouble finding some pieces to coordinate with browns, teal / greens and tans. My everyday dishes are pfalzgraff sanibel. This photo shows a pfalzgraff serving piece on bottom as well as the cup with a matching sugar and creamer set my Mom came across in her travels (oops! creamer not in photo, sorry. But its a great coordiante for the sanibel dishes).

Now, I really need a gravy boat.... and some salt and pepper shakers, and an elongated dish to serve asparagus and pickles. Any ideas where they have a selection of non white serving pieces?

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Actually, just remembered that I got the cups at Pier 1. The cups with the Pfalzgraff set are brown inside and I just can't drink tea from a cup so dark, so I bought the near perfect match cups as shown in above photo at Pier 1. But they didn't have a gravy boat!

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I don't think it matters; think it's fine to mix and match here. Key with a gravy boat is that you remember to heat it up before you put the gravy in - and then remember to pour it out! I am always striving for the perfect gravy and still remember the time my visiting mother started to pour the wonderful gravy I'd carefully reduced to perfection, into the gravy boat, which was already full of hot water to warm it....

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What about a stainless gravy boat? I got one 44 years ago as a wedding gift and still use it today. It can be used with any of my dishes.

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Shoot, the economy is so bad there aren't any gravy trains any more and now you tell me there aren't any gravy boats, either!

What's next, I ask you? No more Wavy-Gravy?


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Hahahahahah! That's funny Liriodendron!
I have a stainless gravy boat as well. Actually, it is a mini gravy thermos. Bought is 20 years ago in Germany. I love that thing!

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If you like vintage, check out Russel Wright and Harkerware, although I'm not sure any colors will work, they do both have gravy boats.

Etsy is also another place to look.

Of course, seeing these is person might be a problem.

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It may be a sign of the times. I personally don't own a gravy boat and only make it about once a year. People making less home cooked meals?

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Fiestaware still makes sauceboats and just about any other serving piece you can imagine in a variety of colors. I ordered mine directly from homer laughlin and saved a bunch of money with an email promotion they were doing. I have a brown that looks like it would match yours or they have many other colors. They don't always have all of the colors that they produce on their site all of the time but if you check back you can find it. Also Macy's and Kohl's carries them but you may not find the color you are looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiestaware sauceboat

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Thanks for these suggestions. I will look them up.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today and they didn't have a stainless gravy boat. I guess even that is hard to come by.

Liriodendron, yes, the gravy train has left the station and derailed. Lol!

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At the gravy dock???


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LOL, Nancy!

With my everyday dishes, I just use a bowl and a gravy ladle, but it's a deep round bowl, like a cereal bowl, not a shallow rimmed soup. Does Pier 1 have bowls that would work?

oldbat2be - I've been entertaining for 30 years (I'm heading for oldbatdom myself), and it never occurred to me to warm the gravy boat . Duh! Thank you so much for that tip! Although I'm sure I will forget to pour out the water at least once.

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Thanksgiving is the best time to buy one. They are in the catalogs but they do take advantage of price at that time.

I see them in dish lots at auctions. A few years back I was able to buy a "set" of dishes at auction overseas -- it turned out to be a fish set gathered together over several generations and while it had odd pieces it had lots of $$$$ serving platters I was able to get for $10 each on average along with 2 footed gravy boats.

Weird old-bat me, I put sauces, vinaigrette, cranberry sauce, ketchup as well as relish and chutneys in gravy boats and rest the spoon in the spout (where it's not supposed to be but so what). I like lots of old-fashioned Bearnaise sauce with my salmon.

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Le Creuset makes stoneware gravy boats in multiple colors. I saw some on Amazon and 6pm.com.


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I have a couple of glass gravy boats that also are "neutral" like stainless steel - and easy to warm in the MW.

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I use a small ceramic/porcelain teapot or pitcher in lieu of a gravy boat...it's what my mom always used....much easier to handle and pour, no messy ladle and gravy drippings on tablecloth, and gravy stays warmer .

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I just did a search for stainless gravy boat and found quite a few. Esty, ebay, etc. Pretty reasonable prices too. Maybe check that out if you are interested. Mine has the attached plate under it and I love it as it catches any drips.

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Ginny20 - you're welcome! Entirely due to the way I was raised, I feel the meal MUST be hot when served. (Really, is there anything worse than sitting down to a cold full plate at Thanksgiving?). I also like to keep the gravy on a heating element to keep warm.

Rococogurl - too funny. I too remember the 'spoon not being in the spout' - and far more importantly, never ever pouring from the gravy boat :) I've never thought to use the gravy boats for anything other than gravy - what a good idea!

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Check Amazon (or whatever your favorite site is) and search for thermal gravy boats. Some are prettier than others - I have a plain vanilla one that matches various dinner sets I have. I love having one with the top, as it keeps the gravy warm and not clumpy - assuming the gravy you made isn't clumpy!

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