Oak and Stainless?

momcat2000July 17, 2010

I see many kitchens with oak cabinets and stainless steel appliences. Although seperately, I think both are classics,

but somehow when put together, the warmness of the oak and the coolness of the stainless seems a little off to me.

I can't see tearing out a perfectly good oak kitchen to match your new stainless appliances, but I could see bisque or almond (if appliences still come in those colors) having more of a warmer tone. Stainless has such a clean look and looks great in white kitchens.

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Personally, I'm waiting for "pro" appliances to be done in white enamel. I sure hope that white becomes a finish for induction ranges soon.

I have been put off by stainless and oak in the past, but I'm warming up to the idea, Currently I'm pairing light oak with white and grayish ivory and faux marble (Formica Antique Mascarello). Am trying to figure out what kind of handles/pulls to put into my kitchen and I keep coming back to pewter looks. I'm also putting more gray and silver into the kitchen and very little brown or black or (sigh) golden yellows. There are a lot of textiles I've seen lately that have the oak tones and gray tones together, instead of the higher contrast color palettes. Have decided against real red and am trying out a browner, more colonial red. I'm also toying with rough clear glass and with matte etched glass.

Your posting reminds me that we really should work up a "how to work with oak" palette options set. Oak needs to be understood and its benefits maximized. The 1970s-1980s palette of pale countertop/golden oak cupboard/shiny brass fixtures/white laminate trims/single accent color (often greyed blues or rosy pinks) was once very fresh I'm sure, but there are a lot of people out there that are seeking to find a new way to enjoy their oak cupboards.

Let us know what you come up with. And show us in photos. We're learning here.

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Restoration Hardware is starting to feature oak vanities in grey or slightly cerused finishes, which I think would look awesome with stainless or black appliances.

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I think it definitely has to do with the stain/finish color on the oak. I've seen beautiful med-dark oak kitchens with stainless. Personally, for me, white or bisque really cheapens oak and makes it look dated, which it doesn't need...

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We have oak cabinets stained provincial-medium/dark color. My appliances are stainless. I like how they look together but that's just my opinion. This picture isn't very good as it was taken to show the floor but it gives an idea of oak with stainless.

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How about Cohetele's gorgeous kitchen? Not a lot of stainless, but I think the fridge looks great and it wouldn't detract at all for me if, for instance, she had a stainless range or rangetop.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread that includes Cotehele's kitchen pics

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Your cabinets really look great with stainless Chris45ny. And Cohetele's beautiful classic kitchen looks great too.

Agree that since golden oak usually starts with the problem of looking dated then mixing with white or bisque appliances will add to that perception. At least nice stainless appliances help the kitchen look updated.

Restoration Hardware's new weathered oak really appealed to me as an option for my existing oak cabinets. I found a piece at the outlet and looked it over. It would be hard to duplicate in place because it appears to have been sandblasted and possibly soaked in water to raise the grain a bit. I've also found that gray translucent stain won't work because the existing finish is hard to completely remove so we're going to paint them.

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I'd love to see how others have handled their finishes with their dark oak cabinets and SS appliances.

I am waiting on my Quarter Sawn White Oak cabinets to come in, in a dark "Kaffe" finish. SS appliances and I'm having a tough time picking hardware. Nothing seems quite right against the wood which works with the SS. I don't want to go too dark, so no black but nickel, for instance, feels a bit too cool against it and SS is way too shiny.

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We have oak and stainless together in our 3-year-old house. I like it, but I'm an oak fan. There are photos on my other thread, "This is a cry for help..." because I'm having problems with my backsplash, but you can see the oak/stainless together easily there. It's on about page 3 of this forum now.

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