Pros and cons of Single Door vs. French Door Frig?

mrs-mjtJuly 11, 2008

I think I'll like French Door with bottom freezer but thought I'd ask since I've never had one before. Anyone regret switching to a French Door? Thanks!

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I have one and will never go back to a single door. The only drawback is that one side (the one with the attaching flange) takes a bit more umph to close, otherwise it can stay open just a crack.

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I have one and will never go back to a side by side. I spent more time moving things around in the side by side trying to get everything to fit. Not so with the french door. Even when I'm cooking for a crowd I have plenty of room. Love it!

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I have the FD now, my old refrigerator is a 1-door, top freezer model. One negative I've found w/the FD is that gallon storage isn't as good as it is in a 1-door. There seems to be quite a bit of less room overall in the doors (probably b/c of the lost space b/w the bins b/w doors.)

However, a single door refrigerator would not fit, so we have a FD. It's certainly better than a SxS!

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We had a 3 door then a side by side, then a top freezer, now a bottom freezer. We never liked the side by side because the sides are so narrow its a pain to find stuff. We really like the Bottom Freezer the best. 90% of what you want is at Eye level and easy to find, lots of room to spread out so stuff is not crammed together.

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We love ours, too. I would never do a full side by side, they're just too narrow. But we have one now with full freezer on bottom, and french door fridge on top, and it's great!

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French Door!!!!! I had two side/by side in two other homes and hated them. You can hardly get anything in them. Love Love Love the FD.

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FD's are all the rage these days but my mother bought 1960! It was a Kenmore and she kept it until she died in 2000, even though it had become horribly inefficient by contemporary energy-saving standards. No one was making them but she just loved the convenience of the door style and refused to get a new one. Now they've been re-discovered. What was old is new again...

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I had had sid by sides for years, and recently went to a FD bottom freezer.

The frig is more convenient. But I preferred the freezer in the SxS. I find the bottom freezer very difficult to organize. Things just end up piled on top of one another, and its hard to get things arranged to the bins will close. I also went to counter depth this time, and my 36" CD FD holds less than my 33" SxS did. I made it up with a freezer in the basement, but my basement is *very* inconvenient to get to.

IMO there are no perfect solutions unless you have a lot of space and $$$. If I had both, I would probably have a 36" all frig and a 24" or 36" all freezer.

If the question is just between FD bottom freezer and single door bottom freezer, then I would go with a single door if you have the room for it to open well. The FD reduces the required clearances, but makes door storage less efficient and provides more things to go wrong.

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I tend to freeze meals and buy frozen foods in bulk, so I had my concerns about buying a French Door fridge. It can be hard to stack items since there's a lack of shelving and drawers. But we plan on buying a separate freezer to keep in the basement or garage later on. I do, however, really like how much space I have in the fridge now and how much easier it is to fit things inside. Some people don't keep anything but a gallon of icecream in their freezer, so I think it kind of depends on how you plan to use your fridge.

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My LG French Door Refrigerator is perfect for my needs. The doors do not open to be too wide so now I do not have to move my kitchen table chair out of the way. I love how I can see everything at a glance and how that I only need to open one door when I want milk for my coffee that I keep on my right door. I love the bottom freezer that allows me to see everything at a glance and nothing falls out on the floor when I am trying to get to the back of the freezer. I am very happy with my decision and I could never go back to a top freezer again. I love how I do not have to bend down to see what is in my fruit and vegetable drawers. I never had a side by side refrigerator so I can't comment about that.

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I went with a French Door bottom freezer because I have a smallish kitchen and it doesnt need that much clearance to get full access to the fridge.


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I have the LG french door. (I also have a large deep freezer for large quanties of home frozen vegetables so freezer storage is not a problem for me). I think the single door freezer on the bottom might be better because I find that I usually have to open both French Doors to get stuff in and out anyway.

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I have owned both the French door and single door bottom freezer refrigerators and prefer single door bottom freezer by far. I found French door to be very temperamental with door closing. Frequently, the doors do not close properly and you have to nudge them, which is not too convenient. Unless there are space limitations, I would definitely go with the single door freezer bottom. You might want to check out the appliance forum for more info.

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Thanks! I ordered a French door!

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