Quilted stainless steel for backsplash?

GreenHighlighterJuly 9, 2013

Hello - the other post about this really got me to thinking. We were going to use stainless steel tiles for our backsplash, but a solid piece of stainless steel sounds much better.

And then I saw they can quilt in a subway pattern.

Has anyone seen this in real life? How does it look? And does it hold up well? I'm thinking, no grout, easier to install, less expensive... surely, there must be a downside??

This is what I'm thinking about:


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to quilted subway stainless steel backsplash

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That looks like the stuff we had on the backsplash of our toyhauler (diamond pattern). I don't know that I'd want that same look in my home, regardless of how easy it is to wipe down. I'd love to see pics if you decide to go for it, though!

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Tell me more! Why wouldn't you want it in your house? I figured it'd look like stainless steel tiles, no?

We were planning to go with these tiles:

I was hoping we'd found something that looks the same, but no gaps (although those tiles don't require grout)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless steel tiles whose look I'm trying to mimic

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I'm not sure which of threads about SS backsplashes you mentioned in your OP, but I had posted a pic on one of them. It's Martha Stewart's latest studio kitchen, and it looks like she has a subway-tile SS quilted backsplash. I think it looks great. I love the idea of no grout to clean behind a range, because the splatters from cooking really do get into the grout, even if you have sealed the grout, it gets in.

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GreenHighlighter, I guess I said I wouldn't want it in my home because I've seen it in so many toyhauler's while camping that I can't get past the association with that.

Your link didn't show actual pictures of the product, just little line-drawings, so I really shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I am interested to see what it looks like, though!

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GreenHighlighter: I'm also looking at ss sheet and thought this link might interest you:

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Mrs_nyefnyef -- that's the look I'm going for, except for the entire kitchen backsplash.

Boone -- thanks for sharing that. It looks like they don't offer a subway pattern, though :(

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Wow ... not the stainless steel one, but the copper one!

In the right kitchen, it would be totally fabulous.

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I have not seen a quilted pattern, but when I was shopping for backsplashes I fell in love with a woven one in stainless steel. I'm sorry I don't remember the manufacturer, but it might be worth it to you to do a little digging to take a look at it online. I thought it was very sexy, if a backsplash can be described that way. In the end I decided that it would read too dark in my space and opted for something completely different, but man I loved that bs.

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