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denali2007November 30, 2012

Does anyone know where this show takes place. I know their show Property Bros is in Canada. To me it looks like someplace in TX maybe Austin. Every house they show looks like my son's house in Austin.

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I just went and looked on the HGTV site, and the Brothers are casting for another show in LA right now. It is just a home improvement show, no mention of selling for buying.

But I have seen the show you are talking about and the people have Southern accents....of course they could be transplants.

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They are showing shows now that were taped in Austin. It's their second season of Austin shows, I believe. This one and then an older one still under the "Property Brothers" title.

Did anyone see the one last night? They showed a fried rat that was entombed in the wall. Yuck.

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I thought it was Austin. Even though I haven't been in My son's new home in Austin those houses they look at that are for sale look just like his. I did detect the accent. My son is a transplant too. Looks like some of the houses are in the Lake Travis area. Last year House Hunters did a house in his neighborhood.

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Yes, I did see the one last night with the fried rat. That was gross.

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The network that makes the show is in Canada and sells the program to HGTV. They typically film half their seasons in Canada (formerly Toronto, now filming in Vancouver) and the other half somewhere in the U.S. (formerly Austin, now signing up people for the "greater L.A. area" which will begin filming in the fall).

And yep, that fried rat was **gag**.

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