Week 9: ...and we're gettin'er done!

CEFreemanJuly 12, 2014

It's been a long week.

I have to find a new tenant and I had an condo showing today. My little place in Silver Spring is really nice and I have 6 applications. The problem for me is that I like them all. I have to figure out how to tell 5 of them no. Where will they live!?

Worked tonight. Lost $100. Yup. Gone. Guess not only did I not need that money, but someone else needed it more. Now I just wait to see what good things are going to balance out this setback.

What did you do today?
How are your gardens faring in this horrendous heat?
Tomorrow I plan to work on my MBR cabinets, which I had to take down and move left 1/2". Yup. One Half An Inch.

Not much else going on here.
How 'bout you!?

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Well, I figured it's time to chime in. I've been remodeling the second upstairs bedroom and the stairwell since March. Over the 4th holiday, I did a marathon and finished installing the drywall and got it inspected on Monday, so this week was a transition period into finishing the drywall.

This morning I had some leftover work from this week. After finishing that, I completed taping the drywall in the bedroom and the upper parts of the stairwell so I can take down my scaffolding supports. I will do the finish coats next week as time allows. The wife then sent me to the store for some groceries. When I got home, I finished wiring all the ethernet drops from the upstairs bedrooms in the basement wiring closet. Typical day for me. Tomorrow is Sunday, rest day.

It's hot here, too. Hit 90 today, which is hot for Western Washington. I've never seen drywall mud dry so fast!

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I'm back from the craphole. I passed both my "exams" so that was great. The wifi there sucked big time. I read most of last weeks thread and everyone has made so much progress! Schicksal your ceiling is really moving along and Beauty your railing looks terrific! Those are the two things I remember most. And CEF's poor Morgan. I hope s/he's feeling better soon. Good luck with your decision on the tenant! Cal_Quail, the cabinets look great!

We visited Montreal Friday night which was awesome. We must have walked closed to 7 kilometres. My van was not in the driveway when I returned home today and my head nearly exploded because when I talked to the guy at the mechanics on Tuesday he said the mechanic was working on it and he'd bring it to my house and I could settle the bill Monday morning. Good news though! After I rode my bike to grab a few groceries, when I returned there it was! It seems the A/C might be working now too!

I plan to buy some self leveling concrete tomorrow but it's calling for rain, so I don't want to put all the stuff in the sunroom outside. We'll see. Depends on how rainy it seems like it'll be.

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I'm finally sort of somewhat relaxed. I think I really finally believe this is going to happen.

Yesterday I did nothing house related. Got my hair done, went to lunch, and bought way too many clothes at REI. At least half will go back, but if something fit and I half way liked it, I brought it home. It was a good distraction from the kitchen and I had NO shorts I could wear in public, so it was definitely necessary.

Did a fair amount of cleaning and half cleared the DR table (which sounds like less of an accomplishment than it is) before the contractor came. Got the cabinets checked in. Found out demo can start as early as Wednesday, so I know what I'll be doing the next couple days...

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Well, the lost money sucks..but it seems to me..you'll be rewarded soon..

Telling even strangers no, is still disappointing people..And I don't like to do it either. (I am doing that kind of thing right now, took the weekend off from it though. I'll email and call my replies Monday am.)

Rmt, must not be to far from me..we very rarely see 90's here...it was 82 around 2:30. We watched the fog roll up over the water..then I heard the fog horns go off in the shipping lanes around 8:30 pm.
Still a most fabulous evening in the middle of the Sound.

MGM, life back to normal now? Glad the van is back and with working AC..

CalQ, shopping...I shop like that too..buy more than I'm going to keep..When I shop alone, I rarely try it on at the store..so a lot will go back..lol

Well I bought yet MORE paint..another quart of my "dining/man room" walls color and finished off the pantry door wall and a few wall ends that are "facing" that space. (Think bowling alley.) lol..it'll be real slick when we eventually put down hardwood.
I also bought a gallon for my hallway..no way, I'll need even half of it to do that space...so I may throw it up on the walls in the kitchen too...Clark and Kensington Chai Latte.

Worked on my coffee table..got the tops pieces all cleaned up. I think the legs are okay too..just the skirt/support frame to add more stripper to. I like the color the top is now..but the legs are quite a bit lighter..so I'm going to see if I can find a new stain for it. The colors I have already won't work for how I'm wanting it.

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I have done nothing outside except for hop on the mower and cut the grass before rain moved in this weekend. Tis now the very witching time of summer. It's too hot and humid for me.

I'm crazy tired... I forgot to switch off the compressor two nights out of the last three and it tends to kick in around 3:30. When I come in on the weekend I'm here at 5, so this morning there isn't enough coffee in the world to filter out my way too blunt side.

Anyway there are only six more full rows left until the ceiling is complete. That's a step in the right direction. After I finish putting it in I need to caulk all the seams and then paint it with a bit more gloss. I already caulked along one wall a couple of days ago and Ecobee says that the dehumidifier has started cycling off on occasion now (it ran the entire month of June). Guess I found a big air leak... I'm wondering what having the entire ceiling completely in will do. For prespective, the dew point here is typically 76-78 in the summer so humidity control in general is a challenge. Anyway here's where things are now.

That's basically it... If I can get the last complete rows in this afternoon I'll be happy. Time is short because there's a party this afternoon. Here's where I sound like the worst person ever, but I'm hoping it's a no kids party because well... I just deleted that part.

Oh wait, those black and silver things in the background? Help showed up yesterday. On the install side of things, there are a couple more lessons learned. First is, the Miele trim kits can be a bit of a bear to install. I ended up having to pull the combi-steam oven forward about 1/8 inch to make the oven + two pieces of the trim kit sit flat with each other. So far I've made it through the prep for first use cycle with both ovens but watching the steam flying around in there is fun because I've never seen anything like that before. It's also the first time I've been around a 30" oven that wasn't the bottom part of a range so for me it's huge.

All of a sudden having a backsplash is becoming a higher priority.

I was afraid the touchscreen would seem small and low-resolution but it's bigger than my Nexus 5, crisp and clear.

There's steam flying around in here!

The first use requires a lot of water because the pipes are dry.

They did a good job with the screen. I briefly owned an LG wall oven with one and it was a little cranky at times. The buzzer and alarms are loud enough to hear from other parts of the house (a complaint with the LG because it was too quiet).

I also put in the cooktop on Friday afternoon. This one I have broken in and it works great. Another reason though why I need to start thinking about a backsplash soon.

It's kind of fun watching the little dots light up. The heat is nice and even.

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Schicksal, it's looking fantastic! Congrats on the appliances. They're beautiful. I've got 30" ovens and love them. I can fit so much stuff in them! What are you using for the countertops?

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Painted the rear bedroom floor for dust control ... will be moving into it while the rest of the plaster repairs are done in the front of the house.


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Wow, Schicksal! It's looking really fantastic! What are you planning for the backsplash, or have you yet? I remember you were concerned the fridge is too short. I think it's fine until you get your other one, can you put a wicker basket or two up there to kind of finish the look while you're waiting for that one to die?

CEF, I forgot to say, I'm sorry about the money. I hope good karma comes back tenfold, because you need it!

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lazygardens - plaster work is the worst. I had no idea how much dust it made until I took out a wall made from the stuff! I also had no idea there was horse hair in there.

MGMum / Christina222 - Countertops are quartz. They were supposed to go in on Friday, but the fabricator forgot to notch out for the columns. The installer asked more than once if I planned on putting in trim at the base of the column and I kept answering "no.... only caulk." They got the message and decided to take the pieces back and cut them precicely instead of trying to freehand them. The side with the cooktop has no columns so they were able to install it as planned.

edit: d'oh, that was fast. I was thinking of backpainted glass but outlets and wall smoothness got in the way of that one. It'll need to be tile of some sort. I don't like the multicolor glass mosaic that everyone is putting in now but perhaps rectangular stacked glass in a light (tempered glass) color would work. That would keep us in modern instead of moving towards contemporary.

The fridge is easily a decade from going out. It's been used for roughly 12 months. For now I was thinking about a surround of sorts... don't know what color though (brown?). If I can get it looking nice I can deal with it for a long time because it's a very good fridge. It's nearly counter depth.

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mtdoug, that is a huge amount of work it sounds like you've been doing! Pics?

I wanted to ask why you're wiring for Ethernet? I find the only Ethernet connection I use is the one bringing the wireless whatever to the wireless router.

shicksal, so beautiful. So sleek, gleaming and ohohohoh just wonderful. I tend to sit and stare at stuff, either waiting for inspiration or my battery to recharge, I'm not sure. But if you're a sitter and starer, you've got a lot to revel in!

Welcome back, MGMom! "Crap Hole" just makes me laugh every time. I was in Ontario once over the Canadian 4th of July weekend. Never saw so much red and white in my entire life. The emperor and empress of Japan where visiting and they wore their flag: red and white! I had an absolutely wonderful time. We went over the bridge to Montreal to buy beer. LOL. That's about all I saw.

I just spent 2 hours spraying PI again. I actually ventured into its lair: the edge of the woods on my property. It laughed at me, leaned towards me, dared me to snip its woody vine-stems. I warded it off with my spray wand screaming, "Die (Ok, I'll admit it) MFers, DIE!" Then I ran away and pretended like nothing happened, just in case someone was hiding in the bushes with a cell phone video taker.

Today it's already drenchingly hot, so I'm going to work inside on my MBR cabinets. Morgan can't take the heat and wants to be with me, so that's a good enough excuse not to do anything outside.

I work tonight. Wish me generous people. :)

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Wow..it's coming together quick! Well quick for us..lol
The ceiling looks amazing...you've put in a lot of hours on that baby over this past week.
Now, I understand the "kid" part..Mind you I work in an Elementary Office, and I adore 99% of my 500 plus kids..but the "new" neighbors we moved next door to...argh....three little girls that are always, shreiking, crying and other sort of carrying on's... Little girls send me over the edge..lol...(BTW, I have 3 sons and there is a reason for that.)

Well today I don't feel any worse at the mid 40's mark, then I did at the almost mid 40's mark.. I was awakened way to early by the mouthy crow the inhabits this "hood". My husband snoozing right through it..I was a few seconds from grabbing an air soft..
So I came into my bright yellow sun room and am looking out over the fog blow by.
I need to put the coffee on..

My plans today are to visit HD and probably paint the hallway.

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Lol..I can just see it!

I have accomplished a lot this am myself...recycling to the garage...compost bucket out and buried under grass clippings..
Dishwasher going...almost a mug of coffee gone..

Oooh and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chillin...

The sun is starting to burn through the heavy coastal layer of fuzzy fog.

I have been up since 6:45, now 9:02...not a male in sight...lol...lazy bums!

Oh and Shicksal, will you come design my space? I really, really like yours!

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Hi Everyone!

CEF - sorry about your $$ loss; I hope the universe sees fit to re-balance the loss. This thread idea was totally inspired; it's a happenin' thread each week and for myself it really, really helps me get motivated to get stuff done. I also like being amongst others doing projects and feeling like we're all sort of surfing along together on our "waves."

Schicksal - gorgeous! If I hadn't been following your YEAR of how HARD you are putting in your own blood, sweat, and tears into this project, I'm sure I'd feel envy, seeing this space and those toys, but as it is I feel great (and tired) for you. Anyone who works this hard deserves the best for their efforts! Have you considered getting a blank panel/plank matching your drawer fronts to fill the space above the fridge, and then some side trim? That's what I'd do if I thought there were a 10 year outlook before the built-in appliance comes. I think if I did gas I'd perhaps choose bluestar, but I'm never going back to gas again - the CLEANING made me nuts! Heavy, slippery grates, all those surfaces in the pans/contours, the detail of the burners and knobs - I just can't go there ever again. I think next time I'm going induction. I love my smooth top I have right now and for me the ONLY drawback is that it stays hot, which is no big deal with no toddlers in the house. Believe me, it gets hot enough to fuse aluminum, heats water faster than my gas "super" burner did, and WIPES CLEAN on a totally flat surface!!!

I love the concept of a steam oven, but, man, I HATE electronic components as they jack up the price and ALWAYS seem to die prematurely in appliances. And I'm also leery of that wonderful steam just a-corrodin' away the liner if it's got any rust-able components. Or a water line leak/malfunction. Do you have to feed this beast RO water or distilled water? It just seems over time you'll bake on minerals over the life of the appliance. Where does the humidity vent? The older I get, the simpler I want - less to go wrong, less to maintain.

Lazygardens - sending encouragement! Projects always get MUCH worse before they get better, especially the chaos and mess! It will be worth it, stay the course.

MGMum - welcome back! I've been up to Canada a few times in recent years and really enjoy going up there. They know food much better than Americans, for sure.

Hi Christina!

Terri - can't wait to see your colors!

rmtdoug - hey, can I pick your brains about tips on drywall fixes? I have several I need to do and I don't want to start until I have a clue because they involve patches on a smooth ceiling that will show any crap - my job is going to have to be professional up there or it will look awful!


Now, onto what I'm a-gettin' ready to do. Just a short diversionary project, to add back a bit of Bubba to my back porch. Just got clearance from the other half to do it this morning, naturally AFTER I spent two hours cleaning down my chop saw and drill press from aluminum dust! Naturally... stay tuned for pictures.

And next after that is floor reconditioning. Supplies on hand (VOC respirator, boiled linseed oil, heavy duty wax stripper cleaner, application pads, dura seal quick coat):

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Terri - Happy Birthday!

Not much happening around here. Working job#2 (teaching online/webinars) in patches today, leaving pockets to do other stuff (like post here ;) ). I mostly stare at my cabinets and try to put stuff into the parts I can get to. It's kind of like playing house.

Lined up the other contractor/handyman (the one I should have probably planned to do my kitchen, but didn't) to do some things tomorrow. He'll fix/rebuild the side gate, anchor my tall, ikea shoe cabinet to the wall so it doesn't topple over, then I can finally put my shoes away, and hopefully a few other things. I have a long list, we'll see what he's got time for and what I can coherently ask him to do.

I got some shallow plastic bins which I need for some other storage after the kitchen's done, that I'll use to empty (hopefully the rest of) the cabinets into, and I picked up the wrong lids. :( Went back to the nearest Target, they don't have the right ones. Will head to the other Target in town. It's bigger, but it had the wrong lids next to them in the first place, so I'm not confident that'll work out either.

beauty, the floor project sounds a bit intimidating

terri, Mmm, chocolate chip cookies. I saw something yesterday on cc cookies made with alder smoked flour. They smoked the bag of flour! Sounds interesting. I'll probably put DH up to the challenge at some point.

I predict generous people or other good karma for CEFreeman tonight.

schicksal, as always...WOW all over the place.

lazygardens...hope you get a peaceful place to exist while all else happens

MGMum...I'm glad you had Montreal to look forward to and it sounds like it was the highlight of the trip. And A/C, Woo!

The GC and wife kept thanking us over and over during the three hour cabinet inspection yesterday for: A) having them in the house, and B) having great AC cranked down to 72 degrees. They agreed that this week they needed to have someone out to service theirs because clearly, this was how one's house should feel with the AC on.

I posted a few more cabinet pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: More cabinet pics in my living room

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Oh, and I think you guys have inspired me to take on a project. I may have mentioned that I was considering it, but now I believe I can do it.

Here's my sewing machine cabinet. I have never liked the style. It's not my style. But I've decided to stop fighting it because it's the right size and it has/does what I need. And I've had it since 9th grade, so there's that.

I decided that I should refinish it...somehow. I was thinking maybe girly, glossy white. Again, so not me. But it goes with my sudden urge to have that room painted lilac.

Also, I have been unhappy with the furniture/use of that room. I kept looking at chairs/futons/sleepers, but nothing jumped out at me. I disliked how, even if I got one of those, it'd be just an empty room with items all against the wall. The ottoman from the living room got moved in there to make room for the cabinets, and I'm LOVING it in there. I'm thinking of ordering the same ottoman in different fabric for in there. The ottoman isn't that old, but I didn't get it scotchgarded and the dogs have made it look not-so-new. So I'm also considering ordering an identical replacement for the living room (and treating it this time) and then just starting to look for fabric to recover the old one. I love having a nice place to sit and put on shoes, lay out clothes, etc. I realized that where it is now, I can't use the full length mirror. I used to have that in the opposite corner, and I think that's the change I'll make. Swap the corners of the shoe cabinet/mirror and sewing table.

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Omg..I need that sewing table..it's got the same leg style as my writing desk and "new" coffee table..I moved my sewing table in to the corner by my desk in the sitting room.
Now I have to go on a "new" sewing table finding mission..

And I of course love the lilac!

Thanks for the birthday wishes..I picked up stain "Black Cherry" and found some 12x12 canvas' at JoAnn's for my "scrapbook paper art"..and the pack came with 3 extra canvas' than I needed for more art.

Okay Beauty, what are you up to?

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So... here's what this Bad Self did today. Kicked up the "Bubba" factor a bit on my back porch. I used extra parts left over so it was all free. I'm going to buy another post base ring to finish it off and cover the bolts. I also need to do a repair to one of my umbrella ribs, but that's a 5 minute job one of these days.

(A bit of back story, here: When we built the house we planned for a screened in porch or Florida room, but delayed it for "later." We ended up with way more space in the house than we need, and didn't really need MORE space, plus I definitely don't want to increase my insanely high taxes ANY MORE. So when we finally got around to thinking of building that back enclosure, we studied the needs which would have been an engineered, supported structure due to the brick facade - we can't just bolt a piece of roof to the brick, it has to be cantilevered across the brick and into the house studs to meet code, and also we live in a gusty wind climate that at times sports hurricane grade winds so any roof has to be SOLIDLY built and attached - and decided to put in a large solar system, instead, which in this state is guaranteed NOT to stimulate a tax re-assessment, plus there were great tax rebates, etc. at the time. So, now we just went with railing, but needed some shade to enjoy it.)

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The new umbrella holder, bolted into the concrete able to withstand THOUSANDS of pounds of force with those concrete bolts, now. ; )

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Doesn't look too bad from a distance. Will look even better when I fix my umbrella rib and clean off that umbrella that's been in storage for years. Kinda dirty at the moment. I'm thinkin' about a little more Bubba with some mounted cup holders on the post.

Whenever the wind kicks up around here, we have to empty the deck or it will blow around and hit stuff and break stuff, so we want to keep it simple and easy to empty. A couple lightweight chairs, an end table or two, and some mounted cup holders either side of our shade, and we're good to enjoy our view, libations and meal!

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Terri! We're birthday buddies! :D Glad you had a great day! I went with my friend (I was on my course and in Montreal with her too) to the Teutonia Club to watch the World Cup. I think I went deaf when the Germans won! LOL

CEF, that's hilarious! You always think of Americans of being patriotic but my goodness, we Canadians can be obnoxious about it too! My son played in a US vs Canada hockey tournament last year and I think the area we were in didn't think we were quiet. polite and reserved! We were maniacs, waving our flags, singing Oh Canada, etc.! Things may have been different had Canada lost the tournament. LOL

Beauty, good job on the umbrella stand! Be careful of the linseed oil, I hear it can spontaneously combust. I don't envy your your floor job.

rmtdoug, sounds like you've done a ton!

lazygardens, I hope you get some dust free time. What's the ETA on the plaster work being finished?

Cal_Quail, that sewing table would look very nice in a glossy white. Or a pale turquoise. Maybe not with the lilac though. LOL

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Well yellow of course or lime green (oh wait that's my room)...turquoise is all the rage with purple's of all ranges..

Well happy birthday to you too...I've only met one other person that has the same Bday as me.. Now 2. :)

Didn't get any painting or staining done today..
But I'm baking off those cookies now.

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CEF, pic at the bottom. Everyone has seen pictures of drywall so I threw in a pic of the insulation that I took in mid-June. It shows the 5.25 inches of unfaced polyiso foam in the walls. The attic ceiling has 8 to 9 inches of foam. This is the main reason this house remodel is taking so long. Every piece was hand cut and fitted and the walls furred out to 5.5" and then sealed with canned foam and fussed over for months. It is a daunting job, but it will pay off in quiet, comfort, and extremely low heating bills. I bought enough foam for the entire house dirt cheap, so I can afford to take my time with it.

As for wiring ethernet, I have the walls open, so why not. I put it in conduit so it can always be swapped out for fiber or whatever the next technology will be. Wifi is nice for one person streaming Netflix, but I've been without cable TV for 15 years and we stream everything, local content plus some TV (have antenna for locals), so wifi would be inadequate. Plus, wired is so stable. Never a hiccup. I do have wifi, but use it maybe once a week for light internet use, etc.

Beautybutdebtfree, drywall is one of my least skilled skills. It takes me three times longer than a pro to get even an acceptable result, let alone an exceptional result. The best I could advise is do it in layers. Build up your finish in thin layers, feathering each one out further than the previous. You will probably need two layers at minimum. More than three layers risks showing as a hump.

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Wow, another week has gone by and everyone has been busy.
Schicksal-your kitchen is looking awesome! What will you do for fun once it is finished?
CEF-i hope the gods shine upon you with a prosperous week. You are always generous with advise and encouragement. Thanks to you I've got a little project planned with some citrastrip.
BBDF- what a great view to enjoy, i would totally love to sit there under that umbrella with an adult beverage.
Cal quail-good luck with your upcoming reno. Keep a good sense of humor and remember that when its over it will be so worth it.
Terri and MGMum belated happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed your day.
Everyone I forgot to mention-thank you-thank you-thank you for keeping me motivated to keep plugging along.We started our kitchen at the beginning of last summer. I hired my out of work brother who I thought was quite capable of doing the work. (He had decades of experience and I knew his work was very good. He also had done jobs for other family members and I never heard any complaints about him.) My son and I would help with whatever was needed. As the weeks wore on I realized my brother was drinking way too much and he really didn't care about the work he was doing or if he was damaging my new cabinets and floors. The last straw came when he harrassed the guy that came out to template my counters. I finally had to just tell him not to come back. After the granite was put in DH, DS , and I got the appliances and faucet put back in but none of the trim was done. The house sat that way all winter and I was embarrassed that it didn't get finished. DH really wasn't motivated to do it even though he's quite capable. So after seeing all the truly talented people here I told myself I was just going to get it all done.
That is my long sob story and the reason I had tears in my eyes when I got my kitchen window trim nailed on today. I have looked at that un trimmed window every time I have done dishes for the last year. Btw the trim came out almost perfect.Nice mitered corners that I glued one at a time and clamped to the table to hold in place (didn't have any wide enough clamps) but it worked out just fine. All thats left now in the kitchen is the backsplash, undercabinet lights and crown mould.
Oh and I have made amends with my brother. Sorry this was rambling.

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terri_pacnw - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks, but the fun isn't over for the ceiling. Once the last of it is installed I need to finish caulking all the joints and give it a coat of higher gloss paint. I may be able to do some of that today though, because of the countertop people. I'm heading home from work when they call.

For what it's worth I subscribe to Atomic Ranch and posted questions on Houzz and kept an open mind instead of looking for affirmation. Comments were blunt, but also correct. I also made a 3D model of the place with Sketchup to validate design ideas and come up with an overall plan for the place to make sure the different rooms play nicely with each other.

CEFreeman - The strange thing is I did more staring when doing the heavy structural stuff. It could have been from being a little tired though. Poison ivy though... bad times. I've had decent luck hitting it about 3x, 3 days apart in the morning. It even works for Virginia Creeper that way.

beautybutdebtfree - I would love to get matching panels for the space around the fridge, but the company that made the cabinets no longer exists. There are options for the fridge... for now it's a low priority. Induction would have been cool, but that would have forced me to change out the main panel earlier than planned (she cannae take any more, Captain!). I would have also had to buy all new pots and pans. Gas was a huge upgrade from anything I've had before though.

Call me crazy but thinking back on appliance and mechanical failures I've never had one related to electronics. The steam oven factors in water hardness and is able to descale, though ours is very soft anyway. It uses regular water. Components are stainless and there is a small container of water that it uses + another for condensate. Steam appears to vent from the front/top, though less than I see dishwashers venting. I added a dehumidifier to the HVAC systems anyway so buildup is not a concern. The umbrella looks cool though, and I'm curious how the floor work comes out. Is it stripping an existing oil or varnish finish?

cal_quail - it's funny how we hang on to a few things that we've had a long time. Was it new or bought as an antique? If you're able to recover things you're a whole lot more talented than I am!

rmtdoug - wise decision on the ethernet. I chose to do the same, but in a more limited run between the media closet and the blu ray player for Hulu/Netflix streaming. Wireless is nice but nothing beats the bandwidth of a hard line.

countryatheart - When the kitchen+Family Rm+Living Rm+Entry project wraps up I will start planning for the next one. That's the master bedroom/bathroom/closets/half bath area. I am doing the same work to replace the joists. They aren't rotten in this area - they're undersized and overspanned beyond the SYP tables. It will be a complete redesign and I hope to start work in late Fall/Winter.

It's very cool that your project is almost done and that things are able to be patched up! Don't forget the pictures... :D

As for me I did nearly nothing between work and the party. Just some caulking for the ceiling. It doesn't show up on pictures and is barely noticeable from the floor, but it seals it up nice and tight. The rest of the countertops are supposed to go in today so I'm just waiting for my phone to ring so I can go run home... I'll probably do even more caulking because I can't set up my miter saw in front of the house due to people walking in and out. Fun stuff.

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Countryatheart, your trim was even more of an accomplishment in the face of such sad, depressing realizations. It can bring you to a grinding halt, just because the point is tarnished.

I'm one who understands you just don't want to believe what you find is going on. Keep the peace, try to "help" or work it out. I'm so sorry and hope your brother is moving in a better direction. You cannot fix apathy. My DH had similar substance abuse issues I came to understand, plus he just didn't give a flying, er, darn about anything nor anyone here.

rmtdoug, that's quite an attic! I am afraid of my attic. The snake skins don't bother me, but their R-value is low. That's another day. I agree that wire just doesn't have the glitches, etc., that wireless does. I still have to archaically reboot my system occasionally, because I can't get an internet connection, even with the wireless showing active. More than 20' from the router? no signal. Grrr.

BBDF, aka BAD BBDF, nice, nice porch. Where do you live that wind is such an issue? Are you on a mountain top? In a low spot leading out to the ocean? On the plains...? Lots of nice green there, I must say. I'm sure you actually told us, but it's escaping me at the moment. :)

Teri, you cooked the dough? I hope mistreating cookie dough like that turned out to be IN.Cred.I.Ble. But, with the stuff you cook, I'm sure..

Yesterday I got some more marks in the MBR walls mudded. Geeze. And I thought painting was an easier step! I also got the bottom row of cabinets in, level and plumb. The nice thing is that I've had their configuration forever now, but because of toe kick heaters, recessed outlets I wanted, and a few other things, I've never been able to secure them to the wall. Now! YEAH!

Then I sat and had a ham sandwich, some iced tea and let the air and fan blow on me. I dislike extreme temperatures so much. Makes me whine.

Have a great day out there.

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Oooh Cookie dough was eaten...lol..but the menfolk are not as keen on it..they like their's baked.

Country, well that is quite the accomplishment..I walk around quoting The Little Red Hen at my house all the time..."so The Little Red Hen had no help, and Said, I'll do it myself, and that is what she did."

Okay, it's time to get up and at it. Lots to do..we are having a "housewarming/23rd Wedding Anniversary" party Saturday..I still have so much to do for the "reveal".

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Countertops are in now. I'm told it's the first waterfall edge in the city.

This post was edited by schicksal on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 7:58

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Oooh...oohhh.ooohhh..that is beautiful...
Now the sink...and you have a functioning kitchen...

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Almost... Can't connect it until tomorrow because it needs to sit a day. Soon the bathtub will be free from dishes.

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How does one remove Black Cherry stain from under and around their finger nails..I apparently punctured the glov with my finger claws..lol..

Omg..I just love this stain color!
I have the legs, and all table top pieces stained with 2 coats.

The skirt is in one last rub down of Citristrip.

I painted the hall wall and the big kitchen wall Creamy Latte. (Thought it was called Chail Latte.) it is a touch lighter than the Sunset Beige beside it.

I am relaxing on the deck for a bit..then I'll come up with some dinner and work on that table skirt.

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Good lord that counter is gorgeous schicksal!

My laundry room project may move up. AC drip pan in the attic overflowed and damaged the ceiling. It's still dripping. AC guy will come tomorrow. I hope it's not too expensive. I'm about tapped out.

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Terri- mineral spirits should take off the stain. I would also try nail polish remover if you didn't have mineral spirits.

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Thanks Country, I have the polish remover. I'll give it a whirl when I'm done.

Painted another wall..small, mostly door..just have the cutting in to do.

But out to the garage to strip that skirt.

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Teri, NOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOO!!!!!!!

Mineral Spirits can reliquify the stain goo and soak it right back into the wood. This is not your mama's stripper, countryatheart. Stay with the last century's products if you must, but this stuff is totally different.

I have pictures of the stain turning into magenta ick and soaking right back into the wood because I used mineral spirits. As the website says in a tiny blurb, WATER and a scrubbie for stain. Why waste time, product, and money having to apply another coat of Citristrip?

Teri, please don't do mineral spirits. And frankly, why introduce a pretty evil chemical into the environmentally friendly situation you have right now. What IS the point? This is a common mistake and it can work -- or as I'm here to tell 'ya, -- or not.

And as far as your hands, you can use Citristrip to get that off, right? Just wash your hands after a moment or two and gone.

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I'm too fried to think right now, as I was up in the wees working with my credit card company on a fraud alert. Somebody nefarious put hundreds of dollars of charges on my card and I had to cancel it. So I have only enough for one thought, before I forget it!

Schicksal - the one thought is for you. On the fridge gap. It would look REALLY cool if you got a chunk of hefty plywood (not Bubba plywood but something like 3/4 or 1 inch baltic birch) and made a plate filling the space at the counter front plane, then tiled that plate the same as your backsplash, until such time as you put in the built in! Also, your counters are really awesome, but I'm twisting my brain wondering how the heck they delivered and installed that monster sized counter WITH the monster waterfall edge. My back aches just wondering how this was done.

OK, I'm off to bed. Catch up with the rest of ya tomorrow.

This post was edited by beautybutdebtfree on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 9:55

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Gate fixed, tall cabinet anchored to wall so it won't topple over - courtesy of non-kitchen contractor. Also asked for estimates on a few other things and asked about a few other things he said we should be able to do.

DH got home and saw gate fixed (broken for about 6-7 years)
DH: "I should have been able to do that."
me: "No, he said the little wall was leaning so the wood had to be ripped to make it fit."
DH: "Wood had to be ripped off of where?"
me: "Define ripping wood."
DH: "What?"
me: "No, you couldn't have fixed it."

Spent the morning looking into various UCL set ups. Will call Environmental Lighting tomorrow. schicksal, I don't know if shipping is crazier from them direct than I could ship it for, but if I head down there and you'd want to try to figure out if it's a lot cheaper for me to ship, email me. DH ships a lot of stuff and says if you know dimensions and weight you can find out how much it would cost online.

Missing fridge cabinet is due via DHL tomorrow. Hopefully before 3 so I don't have to give up classes (ie: money) and inconvenience my (salaried) co-worker to take them last minute.

Then the only thing missing 'structural' is the toe kick for a tall cabinet. I asked if they could just build one if need be. I was told yes, but it'd be a change order for the time for the guy to go get supplies, build it, etc. and it wouldn't be warranteed. I said that I'd proceed that way if it seems that the missing one isn't going to be here on time. Same with the damaged cabinet. If it's going to take more than a week to get it, which I assume it will, go ahead and glue it and fix it and move ahead. It's one of the low cabinets below the windows. No appliances to support. In an obscure area. I'm going to hope it'd be fine. So hopefully, I'll get the missing cabinet tomorrow and they'll give me an install date. And hopefully it's Monday.

Demo confirmed for Wednesday. Electrician confirmed for Thursday. Plumber confirmed for Friday. Had to go through some gyrations to figure out how to get inlaws home from the airport on Thursday, but should work.

And I got several more boxes of the kitchen packed. I was hoping for a second wind tonight and to do another round, but I don't see that happening. Maybe a little, but not a lot.

ETA: And the sewing cabinet was old when I got it. It was my 9th grade graduation. 1981? My mom had a 1959 Singer. I really liked it. She agreed to get me a machine for graduation and there was a 1963 Singer available. IIRC, it was more than she wanted to spend, so she said she'd give me hers and she'd take the newer one or I could pay the difference between what she wanted to pay and what the '63 cost. I took hers and spent money I had on the cabinet.

Now...I have both. Can't part with either but haven't used either in years.

This post was edited by cal_quail on Mon, Jul 14, 14 at 22:44

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CEF-I did read all of what you wrote about citrastrip and I totally agree with not cleaning the wood with mineral spirits. As a matter of fact I am using it to strip two banisters and following your instructions to a T. I assumed Terri tried the citrastrip on her hands but still had some residue.

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Cal_quail, I don't LOL often, but I did over that conversation with your DH.
"Go back to the TV honey, everything'll be all right. I'm just gonna borrow your man card again tomorrow. Don't worry your pretty little head about it."

BBDF, I am SO sorry about your fraud thing. Thank goodness there are better protections than there were even 3 years ago. I'm sure, and I hope, everything'll work out.

Shicksal, always lovely. How did they get that waterfall into the house? Is it seamed at the edge? I'm picturing a miter corner.

Countryatheart, didn't mean to overreact. I had such a hard time getting that suddenly magenta stain back out of the wood. Took me 2 more coats of Citristrip, whereas all my other doors were slam bam done.

I think to be fair, you guys need to know I did run into a finish that not only defied me, but it defied all the evil chemical stuff. I'm talking couldn't CHIP the finish off it. So I antiqued it. Done. My point is that every finish is different. Try the water first, and if that doesn't work? Other things. When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? :)

Oh. Tonight I put the door back on a 36" wall cab I'd taken down and off to paint in the MBR. Welllllll I didn't have enough room to get the door on its hinges. I had to take the top cabinet off again, unscrew the 36"er, slide it over, put the door on, slide it back, screw it back in, and put the top cabinet back on top. Thank goodness I'm not afraid to take cabinets down and move them around. Hung, the door had enough room to open, thank the cabinet Gods. So that tiny bit is done.

Now I'm going to bed.
C U manana.

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~slapping forehead~
Citristrip to remove the stain from my fingers...could explain why a good portion is gone..after I got done working the skirt of the table..
Oh and Citristrip takes of nail polish too..got a little blob on my big toe tonight..lol..wiped it off..blob sized bare spot.. All fixed now.

Bbdf, Oh man that totally sucks!
Hope it sorts out quick!

CalQ, I've got several machines. The White Jeans machine is what's set up..but I have a Singer too...I don't recall the year..works like a champ for simple stuff. I also have a Singer Serger from the 90's.

I go through fazes of sewing a lot and then not for years.
When I actually have a room to have it all set up and the cutting table..I will start figuring out quilting. (Need another boy to leave home.)

I have so much to do this week to get ready for this party..I'm starting to get over whelmed with my to do list, menu, shopping, timing, prep work, make aheads..

I have list with sub lists..

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Schicksal-love your edge pulls and ceiling and cabinets and.... With what brand of edge pulls did you go?

It's nice to read about everyone's progress. I definitely need a n udge to get started on a few projects. DD's room painted (again), map room trim work painted. Two goals for the week.

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Teri, I wish you were closer.
I've quilted for years, but in the late 80s, got into computers. I started building and working with them, so my handwork energies were redirected.

After moving out here, I quilted for a while again, to make some things for the bedroom, but my heart wasn't in it.

Even now, when starting to think about window coverings, my first thoughts for fabric are my stash. Containers and containers of beautiful fabrics. Since most are cotton (always buy fabric with over 50% cotton, since more synthetic components will pill) I am usually thinking linings or as sheers.

In 2006 I gave away huge containers of fabrics I decided I could live without. I was in a get-rid-of-everything mode. 360 boxes of books, for example. Anyway, Freecycle got a lady to me who had to leave Oklahoma with her son in the middle of the night, in their jammies. The police took them because her DH had a hole dug in the back yard. Ropes, saws, and lime. Evidently the police finally took the domestic violence charges seriously enough to follow up when their local hardware store called them. They came to Maryland via Mexico City, Miami, Baltimore, to this area. They were serious about getting these two away from this man. Couldn't arrest him for buying stuff, you know?

Anyway. It ended up that I had a lot of the fabrics she'd had to leave behind. She had a decades-old stash as did I. She cried. I gave her son all my Stephen King books.
I'm hoping she never went back. But as a former DV counselor, I know most women go back an average of 7 times before 1) she leaves him for good, or 2) he kills her.

If you were closer, I'd invite you to come shop my stash. I don't know how much quilting I'll do again, but some of these fabrics are incredible. Oh - the gold detail in Hoffman fabrics turns black (oxidizes) after 20 years. LOL. Kinda of like the greens in the post-Civil war fabrics.

Makes me want to get into that room and pull them all out.

Oldbat2be, I butted in on a Conestoga question to you on another thread. I think you should show some eye candy and post that great closet for that person again. :)

Morning, all!

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beautybutdebtfree - That's not a bad idea actually... it would tide me over until I end up replacing the fridge. It's a little louder than I'd like it to be anyway but I need a better reason than that. Fraud alerts though... ugh. At least it was with a CC and not a debit card.

Christina222- Hope it's not too bad - we had the same thing happen and had to replace a 2x2 square from the ceiling. Now both a/c systems have a way to add bleach to the main drain line + float switches that aren't mounted so high up that they never shut anything off. If you add a cup of bleach to the main drain in early, mid and late summer you'll be just fine.

cal_quail - I think the length is what gets you on shipping. They go in a long round tube. I'll measure what I have this afternoon and figure out how much more is needed. My entire order was something like $80-90 in shipping, but it arrived in three boxes and the LED transformers are crazy heavy so it's hard to tell what drove up the cost. It's nice how they have all of your work lined up like that though - looking forward to seeing how it all goes. Good luck with the in laws... Mine are coming in two weeks and I'm trying to work things big to small at this point, kind of cherry picking what will get done and what won't.

CEFreeman and others, here is how they got the countertops in:
The cooktop side was easy. Two pieces, seam in the middle of the cooktop (~9ft long total). The peninsula is 4-5 feet wide. Starting from the wall is ~3ft piece from the wall to center of the sink. ~7-8 ft piece from the center of the sink to the column. ~2ft piece from the column to the waterfall end. The waterfall end has a miter joint and the final piece runs to the floor. They used a cart to get the big piece in and others were able to be carried by hand. I watched while caulking joints in the ceiling in the family room :)

oldbat2be - edge pulls are by Berenson and I bought them online in brushed nickel. I think the grand total was right around $100 so not too bad.

In laws are coming in two weeks. No rooms will be complete but priorities are...
1 Hook up sink/faucet, put the panel on the dishwasher
2 Order wallpaper, cross fingers that it gets here in time
3 Finish the ceiling, caulk and paint it, put family room furniture back where it belongs
4 Door frames, casing and baseboards
5 Door for the master bedroom

Anything beyond that is just a bonus. Slate for the entry hall would be cool, and once the dishwasher is in I need to finish the toe kick lighting. Putting the stainless in is also a plus. I don't see how I could accomplish anything beyond that, and at that point you start to get into more things I have to pick out, order online and wait for like pendants.

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Okay, so I had to stop reading all the great postas because they are giving me a little anxiety, but schicksal, your place is coming along awesomely! Love that ceiling! And lovelovelove BBDF's umbrella stands, we SO need something heavy duty like that here!

Am I back? Sort of. rReally feeling the pressure to finish the kitchen because I have pieces and parts coming together for our half-bath and less than two weeks before our new furniture is due and the living room will need to be painted, first. And, of course, the requisite, never-ending outside projects. Trying to hire some help but it is not going well.

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schicksal ... you got HORSEHAIR!!!! All I got was the straw the horses were standing in.

ETA on plaster completion keeps slipping :(

First one guy broke/dislocated ribs when an ATV landed on him, then a thunderstorm took out some roofs and no work got done inside houses and now another guy hurt his back.

They did hustle to set fence posts before the rain eroded the holes into mud-pits, so the fence is one step closer to being done. (the contractor is busier than a frog on a freeway)

BUT ... I'm gonna do the wood floors in the back of the house (a 10x14 room), paint the ceiling and walls back here, close the door and PRETEND IT'S DONE!!!!

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Schicksal, here's a craptastic photoediting attempt at the look:

(Your kitchen is a-lookin' SOOO FINE that we simply have to take care of that fridge gap one way or another, to get your look finished out.)

I'm seeing an oversized matte glass subway or softly glazed stoneware subway with tile L x W proportions similar in L x W of your cooktop drawers. Stacked looks good with your veneered panels being a stacked look in the drawers.

This post was edited by beautybutdebtfree on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 10:19

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Schicksal, here's another visual illustrating the design idea. Oversize subway tiles with proportions similar to the drawer proportions, stacked.

(photo credit, Houzz: http://www.houzz.com/photos/540468/Wet-Bars-contemporary-kitchen-tampa)

This post was edited by beautybutdebtfree on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 10:32

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I have to say every photo I see of Shicksal...makes me go..that's DIY! You are awesome and inspiring.

So my husband after seeing my little table pieces all stained up..Agree that Black Cherry is pretty nifty..and now he says we can buy the cabs off the shelf and DIY..
That man kills me.
We had a friend that did that..in her kitchen and she did do a great job.

I said let me get the other things done before I think about that!

Okay, marine layer is heavy this morning..so I should get at it while it's cool.

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We were on vacation last week, at a Minnesota resort, with 3 other families - all college buddies. We've been spending a week together in the summer for 13 years - four couples, seven kids - all boys, ranging in age from 12 to 19.

This is how we spent most of the week:

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Thanks for the compliments! I am used to making excuses about the state of the place so it's a pretty big difference. The last house I put a new kitchen in I lived in for three days before moving out to sell it so I didn't get to enjoy it much. Being around something new/nice is a big adjustment.

These are approximately what I was thinking for the backsplash...

Or, possibly this (1x4)

If bad comes to worse there's always using some extra grasscloth around the fridge, or making something. Or, getting a 48" refrigerator if I find somewhere else to use this one.

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Schicksal - OOoooo, I like both those tiles, and they have the advantage of being better to work with for cutting around the outlets than huge tiles. Is the green one two-tone or is that an optical illusion?

CEF - that was such a heartwarming narrative about your fabrics and that woman. To sorta answer your question, I'm on the east coast (only about 2 hours from you) but I never give specific info online in public as I've been cyber-stalked in the past. We live on top of a knoll, and the area ALWAYS has prevailing breezes (thus we can get away with a railing instead of screen enclosure since there is not much mosquito problem generally). And it seems a few times a year we get those red bands of thunderstorm fronts move through, or the tail of a noreaster hurricane, bringing some stiff winds that toss stuff around on our porch.

annkh - wow does that look relaxing and I'd love to be there... any chance this was lake mille lacs? We used to go there when I was a kid. Fond memories.

terri - we need a picture of this "black cherry"!

lazygardens - hang in there! Sometimes delays result in discovering things that end up BETTER - my whole kitchen project is an example of this, each time I hit a wall with a decision I ended up with a better solution than what I "thought" I HAD to have. It is frustrating, though.

Greenhaven - I think it was your facelift threads that were part inspiration for this thread idea... I'm still watching your projects. Stools look comfy as well as stylish.

oldbat2be - we'll cheer you on in your projects. This thread really helps me get in gear, and it's fun to touch base with others doing stuff, too.

cal quail p - LOL!! Yes, men just have to be managed a certain way, at times.

I'm sure I forgot someone in here, sorry!

My credit card problem is not so bad, just a slight inconvenience of waiting for the new card to arrive. (My card was hit with a charge to Groupon for $6xx.xx. Yeah, right, like frugal me is gonna burn six hundred bux on GROUPON. Not. I have my own lovely kitchen to make food in, now.) HOPEFULLY the origin of this problem was NOT that my computer has been infected with something, though! Working on that...

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Oh yes as I am half way through the table project it dawns on me to have taken pictures of the process.

Shicksal, choice #1 is nifty! I like, very very much.

I had so much done by 10:30 today. Ooh I have a picture for you, look at the bottom of my post.

1) clean up the kitchen from last nights dinner (I hate going to bed and leaving a mess but I was tired.)
2) cut in the edges of the door wall (2 coats)
3) bake cupcakes, bake cookies, make frosting, frost cupcakes
4) washdown 2 doors, top of fridge, kitchen cabinets

The table and all it's wood parts have one coat of Poly on them.
The roses have been watered.
I was able to partially take my oven door apart and cleaned a good portion of the inside glass. I now see how to take it competely apart, but will save that for another day.

Ah fabrics, I also have a button thing. Lol
I, like you, gave a very good portion of my collection of fabrics away. No time or space..and it made me sad to see it all sitting unused.

Sewing up these slip covers for the deck cushions..sunk in how much I miss the hum of the machine and the creativity of changing and manipulating cloth into something. But have you seen the price of fabric these days? It does not cost less to make your own anything!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes
All from scratch. Brown sugar chocolate chip cupcake, browned butter brown sugar cookies (mini) Brown sugar butter cream baked in baseball themed wrappers for my youngest sons end of the season party this afternoon.

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Beauty, you were only about 40 miles off! It's Fish Trap Lake, south of Motley, MN.

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I put the knobs on my new laundry room cabinets today. I had never drilled holes in brand new cabinets before and was really scared I would mess it up and have knobs going every which way. But I think it turned out pretty well. I surprised myself : ) Power tools!


After : )

All of you have done a great job this week, even enjoying friends at the lake is quite an accomplishment. It's so hard keeping in touch with people who mean so much to us. Kudos for keeping up a tradition for 13 years!

Keep up the good work everyone. It's so good to get things off of our to do list.

This post was edited by gr8day on Tue, Jul 15, 14 at 20:36

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Looks finished gr8!

Steel wooled then tacky cloth then 2nd coat of poly on all table parts.

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Yesterday is one of those days that feels like nothing much happened.

On my way home I stopped by HD to pick up what I thought would be all I needed to do the sink and faucet. Put it all together over the course of the evening and thought I needed...

- two supply line extensions because the one that Grohe ship with are short
- random washer to finish connecting the drain.
- o-ring to replace one that came damaged with the faucet
- paint for the ceiling

Got it all home, ate dinner, selected a wallpaper design, remeasured to make sure the right amount gets ordered, started putting it together and realized... no studor vent. Lowes/HD were already closed so we'll try again tomorrow.

Today I need to finish that up, finish the dishwasher and panel install, and get back to either putting up more of the ceiling or caulking/painting what's already up depending on weather. I'm more awake now than I was this time yesterday, let's hope that's still the case this afternoon when it's time to go home from work.

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Thanks! I ordered two more upper cabinets to go over the desk and two rev-a-shelves and will have to install those plus put the crown molding on top of the cabinets. Then the hardwood floors have to be refinished. Today have to plant some flowers that HD said they would replace since they died on the first day. It's just a couple so that's good, the rest of them are flourishing. Good luck on your projects!

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CEF, what a sad story about that woman and her boy. I'm glad you were able to help them out. How's the search for the tenant going?

Gr8day, you did a gr8 job there! LOL. I am still amazed at your laundry room.

Terri! We NEED the recipe for those cupcakes! They look awesome!

Annkh, what a fun vacation!

Schicksal, OMG!! I LOVE the green ones! LOVE THEM! Green is my fave of course, but I think they would look terrific in your kitchen. Your counters look perfect!

Yesterday, I went to Costco and they price adjusted my swing and returned me $100, thank goodness for my friend who texted me it was on sale while I was away. :) Then I mowed front and back lawn, went to the salvage yard to look for a hubcap that fell off this winter, fixed my rear wiper, got a haircut, made some home made weed killer and sprayed some weeds and then I just vegged and read on my swing. I had farmstand corn and salad for dinner.

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I started this post last night, DH called me to move the last few boxes out of the kitchen. I just got back and finished it (so the days probably don't make sense). But I'm now enjoying the last cup of coffee made in the old kitchen. All I have left to do is the last few dishes in the old kitchen and move a couple things like the brita pitcher, etc.

gr8day - said it before, I'll say it again, I love your laundry room!

annkh - that looks heavenly. I'm a water baby. DH isn't. Many, many of my best memories are at lakes.

terri - must. have. recipes! Those sound amazing. We frequent the Brown Butter Cookie Company when anywhere near Cayucos.

beauty - glad the CC issue wasn't worse.

schicksal - both nice, I really like #1, but I'm partial to non-rectangular stuff (Geometry teacher).

Tomorrow is demo day. Kitchen is almost empty. DH helped through the parts that I was struggling to attack.

The over-fridge cabinet was supposed to be delivered today by 5. I had classes starting at 3:30. I had two people on backup to take my classes if it hadn't arrived. I got a call about 11:30 that it'd be here tomorrow 12-2.

While teaching, dogs start going crazy and I hear a knock at the door. Fearing that it's the tomorrow cabinet that I have to sign for, I excuse myself (NEVER happens) and it was UPS. They left stuff on the porch. After class I discovered it was bringing "3 missing floating shelves". However, I'd explained to the KD, though they thought my shelves were missing, but they weren't. But I didn't REALLY get 3 floating shelves. I got one long one, one short one, and one box labeled that it was another, natural cherry 33" floating shelf, and it's really about a 3'x3' quarter sawn oak end panel. Huh? Whatever, good I didn't need the shelves (though I might use them since they're here...I doubt they'll ask for them back.)

GC said to have the gas co turn off gas and the water co turn off water for demo day. I called the gas co and they said they could be out on the 29th. GC seemed to expect they'd hop over here in the morning to turn it off and back over at night to turn it on. I didn't even try with the water company. There are two layers of shut off we can do. Probably covering his a..

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I'm leaning towards the non-rectangular tiles too. To me they add a vintage touch to an otherwise modern kitchen but don't look out of place. The kitchen is the only room in the original footprint of the house that I'm not going MCM with.

If you shut off the gas will the water heater and furnace work (I know... wrong season), or are those electric?

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No, they won't work. But he said to have them shut off for the day. Not happening. He said it's a precaution for demo. When I emailed him back he said 'Husband can turn them off.' I didn't explain that husband won't be here. I just said okay. I figure demo guy will either A) turn it off or B) tell me how, or more likely C) laugh at the thought.

CEFreeman - I forgot to mention the fabric story. Yes, very relatable. Mom had a TON of fabric that I inherited. And I'd amassed a half ton myself. I got rid of most between my move here 14 years ago and a big decluttering since. I can still picture which drawer in which dresser some pieces of fabrics were in practically my whole life. Strong, strong memories. I wish I'd taken pictures of some at least.

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cal_quail. How nice. :) I understand.

Today isn't a good day. My Morgan's back legs are really failing. She can get up with a struggle. Once up, she gimps along, but there is no getting up a step or standing for a long time. I am afraid I have to take her in very soon. I just can't do it today.

I painted hopefully the last coat of paint on my MBR. I started a thread entitled "When you write on the walls..." I primed all the things I've written on the drywall with an oil-based, stain blocking primer. All around the entire house. I'll paint that tomorrow.

I go to work at 3:00.

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Pleasant thoughts for Morgan. Always super hard to deal.

Demo guy looked at me confusedly when I said GC said gas and water would have to be shut off at meters. Shouldn't have lost sleep. Luckily, I was too tired to lose much.

3/4 through demo. Second guessing things, of course. The fridge is staying in the same location. Once the end panel came down, I wish we'd at least checked out a plan with the range and fridge switched. It was a GW suggestion, but between getting gas across the kitchen and the fact that I didn't think I'd like the functionality as well, we didn't pursue it. However, I didn't factor in how much it opens the view from the LR/DR. But, the new fridge will be so much less deep, I'll survive. And since I didn't want two sinks, I'd rather have the fridge by the sink than the range by the sink.

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Cool flooring! The brick walls make me think moving utilities would be extra fun.

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...which is why nothing on the brick walls is moving. :)

The flooring is sheet vinyl in rusty tones because the old counter was rust laminate. We only put it in a couple years ago and I love the function so much, it's hard for me to okay DH's desire for tile in the kitchen.

That cabinet between the windows, THAT's the one I wanted down long, long ago, but didn't want to risk hurting the brick any more than a professional would. That's where we'll have floating shelves. There and where that utility cab is in the corner.

I assumed demo included taking up the floor. Evidently not, since we're not getting the floor at HD. I can take up floor. I've done that plenty.

And I've decided that I'll paint in the interim. I loaded up with classes for the weekend since my weekdays are up in the air, but I think I can get it done by Monday. We're undecided on wall color, but better to definitely get the ceiling done and put SOMETHING on the walls. We're not doing anything dark, so I can always paint over it rather than just touch up, if we don't like the color. MIL has offered to help, and I said it could be odd hours and I'll be fine on my own, but if we end up with 'normal hours', I'll take the help.

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CEF, ugh my heart breaks for..we have an old lady named Jillian. She will be 13 at the end of the month..I don't think there are to many years left..maybe 2, likely not..

gr8, you have the spiffiest laundry room ever! It'd make a great sewing room too.

Shicksal, I just love the shape of those tiles..and the color has just enough punch with being "hello!" Lol

CalQ, I absolutely love the sheet vinyl I left behind at my moms. It makes a difference to get the higher end stuff and have cush! This cheap stuff here...blech..

I will replace this with better quality sheet...some days I spend hours at a time on my feet in the kitchen..I am not looking forward to that day in this kitchen. (Friday) lol, I'm sure I'll be whining!

Okay so black cherry debut. Here's a peek at the color. I put the table all back together, but have to wait for different lighting to give you a full shot of my beauty.

This post was edited by terri_pacnw on Wed, Jul 16, 14 at 15:06

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Lovely job, Teri! Doesn't that stuff have you looking around to see what else you can strip? It changed my whole outlook on just painting furniture. Which I do love, but if the finish can be restored, I'll try that step first.

I just called in to work. I can barely see to type, let alone talk.

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For the first time since July 31, 2013 I have a kitchen sink.

On to the dishwasher panel...

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Geez, you guys are all rockin' it out!!!

schicksal, I cannot imagine the pleasure you must feel with the sink accomplishment! Looks great, too!

terri, loving that black cherry stain. Hubba hubba!

I started feeling guilty around noon, but could not bring myself to crack open a paint can, and I had no energy, so I decided tot ackle the most tedious, mind-numbing job at hand: the "flower bed."

So all the rocks and weeds that are on the sidewalk were in the flower bed. now they are not. Only took me about four hours, I guesstimate another eight will get the job done. :o/

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Wooohoooo! Working kitchen...working kitchen.......!!!

I'm sorry your day is not going well.
I have to say this is the first piece I have ever stripped and went through the process start to finish. Years ago I tried stripping my old childhood bunk beds...couldn't get the "natural" stripper off..so I trashed the project.

And Yes, my writing desk is next, but not quite yet. And I am going to see what will happen if I put the Citristrip on the cabinet door.

Here's the guideline for the cupcakes. I did not care for the cupcake recipe, it was a new one. I will link to a yummy yellow cupcake recipe that I use a lot, sub brown sugar for the white and add a cup of chocolate chips. I prefer to use mini in cupcakes. I also wing my frostings..never really measure.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes:

Cupcake, see note above
Brown Sugar Buttercream
1 c softened butter, 1/4 c brown sugar, whipped well together
Add 2 t vanilla, beat
Add 3-4 c powdered sugar beat add
2-3 T milk, 1/2n1/2, or cream to adjust consistency
Whip till fluffy, go ahead taste it..and again...

Brown Butter Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies
3/4 c butter, browned
1 1/2 c brown sugar
2 t vanilla
1/2 t salt
Mix well.
Add in one egg plus one yolk, beat in well.
Blend 2 c flour with 1/2t baking soda, add into batter and mix.
Fold in 2 cups or 4 over flowing handfulls of chocolate chips.
Bake cookie scoops at 350 for 8min for chewy and 9-10 for crisp.
To get the mini cookies, I used mini chips, scooped my dough out, then split each ball in half.
(I use a standard size cookie scoop.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Cupcake

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Thanks! With the last kitchen I did it may have been 4-6 weeks without one. 111/2 months seems like forever ago. The dishwasher and its panel is now in too, so that's another thing off the to do list. Tomorrow I clean and go back to the family room. Going with panel ready appliances was a great choice, and the finger pull works just fine.

It's 8:45 and I haven't had dinner yet so that's next on the agenda...

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Hey, I work like that too!

We just finished a meal of Spa-Get-E's and meatballs at my 17 yr olds request. Lol when he was little that's how he said it.
#3, Mr. 14 has requested waffles for Thursday Breakfast Dinner. Sounds good to me.

Isn't she a beauty? In her current location, both sides are down.

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That's a cool table. Is that what you've been striping / refinishing?

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Yes it is..
When I bought it a few weeks ago at a yard sale. I paid $30. It was spray painted black, with red edges and the top was chalk board.
This guy had a thing for black and red..he had lots of furniture pieces painted similar. I needed a low table that could fit under my picture window.
This had the matching leg shape to my writing desk in the same room and had the drop down sides so it was narrow enough to fit the space I wanted it for too.

Greenhaven, I missed your post the first time..

That was a lot of work! .I do that kind of weeding. Usually throw it in the lawn and the boys get mad because they mow over it.

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Wow, cool! Spray paint can be nasty stuff to get rid of. What kind of finish did you apply? I'll have to give citristrip a try next month when I start working on the craftsman. After I finish with the kitchen and the place goes on the rental market I figure it'll be ok to bring home a door at a time to refinish. Using the heat gun and a scraper (controlled temperature / no lead exposure) takes a long time.

No progress here besides ordering wallpaper. Doubt it'll be here by the time the in laws show up, but who knows.

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Holy Schmoley! I'm amazed at how much you guys get done in a week. Pats on the back all around.

CEF, Last week I met a woman from Jordan (the country). She and her husband are rehabbing a cute little house in his hometown. She was telling me about their reno adventures and I thought of you. Their property was overrun with poison ivy when they moved in. She solved the problem by borrowing a goat for a few weeks! Apparently they love the stuff and are good for clearing other noxious weeds too!

Around here, I've just got a few things left before I can call Phase One of our Ugly Duckling Lake House renovation complete: 1. Waiting on the electrician to come back to put in a couple of outlets that I forgot to specify when we put in the beverage center. 2. Touch up paint on a couple of shelves. 3. Find the box with all my cookbooks in it and put them in the new cabinet that I had made for them. 4. Find and install a replacement toekick plate for the dishwasher. The old one has disappeared.

Why can't I get these things done?

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Terri, that turned out beautifully. Isn't it amazing? :)
I'm going to start on the antique bed I bought, to see what's under the alligatored finish, and on another kitchen cabinet. At least that is my plan. I don't feel like doing much.

edeevee, there's a whole bunch of land clearing being done in Rock Creek Park (Washington DC's version of Central Park) and parks along the Potomac with goats. A recent article was talking about how they're renting a herd from a farmer because they eat everything. Trash, vines, leaves, everything. Kind of like Round-Up, it's indiscriminate. But they can get in where humans would have to use heavy equipment or get covered with PI, PO, or PS. It's pretty amazing. Rock Creek is having a horrible time with English ivy pulling down trees. Do Not Plant it!!! That, Chinese hybrid honeysuckles and Wisteria.

Anyway, if you could tell them what not to eat, I'd rent a goat. In the meanwhile, all my Japanese maples, heuchera, hosta, and many other ornamentals will remain safe! :) Love those little goats, though.

I take Morgan in at 11:20. Oh, boy.

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Ahh, didn't think about all the other stuff the goats might eat. My guess is that it worked for my new friend because she used the goats at the start -- before they had anything they wanted to save.

My heart goes out to you and Morgan.

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CEF, I am very sorry for your trials with Morgan. I have an old cat here at home who is fine now but showing definite signs of aging rapidly. I hate that I have to start thinking about that stuff already. :o(

CEF said: "Rock Creek is having a horrible time with English ivy pulling down trees. Do Not Plant it!!! That, Chinese hybrid honeysuckles and Wisteria."

Add to that creeping euonymous. It was not a problem in IL but here in MI it is aaall over the woodlands in some areas. Scary! Rumor has it kudzu is spreading this way, too.

terri, I usually throw the small stuff in the lawn, I don't care if it gets mulched in by the mower. ;o) And I was just saying last night that I was jealous of everyone who finds these awesome trash or cheap pieces that just need love! You now how hard it is to even find discarded pallets anymore? People with more time and hauling space than I gather such things in large quantities and then SELL them to people like me who just want a few for projects. Lame.

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The table and black cherry are fabulous Terri!

Greenhaven, that's a lot in one day! The pros and cons of rocks, they stay put.

I've considered goats on my hillside, below the fence where I have stuff I want to keep. It's really brushy, but since they're not picky, it'd give me a clean slate. But it's below the fence, and right now I just deal by cutting down the taller offenders as needed.

Today is electrician day. Kitchen is empty. I pulled the vinyl floor yesterday too. Mostly. There are some patches where the back stuck to adhesive and 90% of it just comes up when pulled slowly. The rest I can get with a putty knife. I was worried I'd have to go to the local flooring place and ask to borrow one of they're big scrapers. They've been great at letting me do that as I've done other rooms. This stuff was newish and laid on a clean surface, so it's not bad.

The only other thing the guy didn't take was the downdraft vent. You can see it and where the peninsula with the range was in the pic up above. I didn't complain, because I don't think he was supposed to haul away my old range, and I'm super glad he did. After the electrician does something about the wires, I'll see what I can do with it.

DH thinks we should have someone come in and paint. The problem is that I STILL don't know when cabinet install will start. Ridiculous! (I think, maybe I'm wrong.) The word HAS been that they'll tell me as soon as I get the last cabinet. It came, unscathed, yesterday. But their email said they wanted the electrician to have a look before they set the date. *)#@! I'm hoping that still means Monday or Tuesday. If later, then I guess there's time to have someone in to paint. But if it's Mon or Tues, there's no time to have someone else do it, it'll be nights and weekend work. I figure I'll start washing it down and filling stuff tonight. We'll see.

Thinking of you today CEF.

ETA: Oh, and I think it would be GREAT to have had the kitchen demo'd and THEN plan the kitchen. I have such a different perspective on the room! I know that's not practical, but seeing this big, white, bright, empty room and standing places I couldn't stand before, has me second guessing 80% of what's planned. I'm not questioning the sink placement, but that's about it. ;)

This post was edited by cal_quail on Thu, Jul 17, 14 at 8:58

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Thank you, everybody, for your kind words. Of course, today she's having a great day and even barked at me when she realized I was up. Her eyes are clearer, and her ears are perky. I didn't give her the medicines yesterday. I've got a call into the Vet to see if anything she'd been taking would make her so sluggish and thick. Don't know what I'm doing.

I realized today that my youngest kitty is now probably 10. That makes my oldest between 12 and 14. They're not displaying old age yet, but oh, boy. I should say my tiniest kitty is now 10 or so. Buster, my now fattest boy is probably 4? I adopted him last Labor Day, so he's the most rambunctious youngest. And then there's my chronological age....

Teri, I also throw my weeds into the lawn. Why not? They've already germinated, so they're not seeds for future plants. I'd be throwing them in a compost pile if I had one, so why not mulch 'em back into the lawn. I'm even that way with small branches and things. I take things out to the garden and bury them. Coffee grounds and filters. Egg shells. Veggie scraps when I make soup. Anything not protein. Why not? They're gonna just end up there, anyway! So if someone's fussing, tell them they're welcome to 1) weed and/or 2) pick them up and get rid of them before they mow. I'm certain they're physically capable of doing that, not just sitting on a mower and whining. How's that for tellin' 'em?!

greenhaven, I think I've decided to make my kitchen floor out of pallets I get from a medical equipment importer. They're huge machines, so the wood is 3/4" oak. Absolutely beautiful grain! I made a bunch of doors and drawer fronts for the MBR cabinets out of them. My thought is to check the phone book and see if you have any in the area. They're giving the pallets away, so it's not like someone can claim them all. Unless they've wised up and are now selling pallets to nut cases like me.

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Why not paint before cabinets? That's the way I've normally done it. It's much easier, then you just go back and touch up the couple of spots where something rubbed the wall or ceiling.

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CEF - what a tough decision. My heart is with you today.

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I painted my kitchen before cabinet install - ceilings and walls. It was the easiest paint job ever! I didn't even have to drop cloth the floors.

CEF, I've been there with old pets. We euthanized our 13-yr-old black lab on Christmas Eve day - our sons (age 8 at the time) said Jack's Christmas present was a ticket to Heaven.

For years he had been an old, arthritic dog, and that's how we thought of him. But when he was gone, we remembered him as the active, energetic dog that he had been for many years, and those memories were a joy (and still are, 12 years later).

Hugs to you and Morgan. She's a lucky dog, with a life filled with love and comfort.

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CEF: Sending support! They don't dread the rainbow bridge the way we humans do, and it's better to set them loose there before they suffer too much. To them, you are with them, and they go to sleep, calm and peaceful. To us, we stress about playing God, etc. It's one of the hardest things we fur parents have to do. It really hurts.

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Awe, Annk, that is so smart of those boys.

Yeah Jilly has good days and slower days.
Sometimes meds are prescribed wrong, you might be on to something.

The finish on my table is just semi gloss poly. I put it on with a 2" foam sponge brush. 2 coats, steel wool between coats..because that's what the boy said to do. (He did not like wood shop, but his report card comment said, real natural talent, should contiue further classes.) We were shocked he even took it.
He's a total STEM Geek/Gamer. He's a super smart human. A very wise old soul. But is a teenager that has a sucky 'tude lately..Yesterday he was "my" boy again. It was a good day to share.

Well today is some prep work in the kitchen for the party.

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Christine, I'm so sorry. I haven't been keeping up with your Week threads and decided to stop in today and see what was going on.

I've been through this too many times, and saying goodbye never gets any easier. But it's the promise I make to all my animals. I will give them the best life possible, and when it's time, I won't make them linger or suffer because it's too hard for me.

I do firmly believe that there's more than this earthly existence and that animals have souls and we'll all be together in that sweet by and by.

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Right, want to paint before cabinets. Initially we were told we could paint after, preferably, because then things wouldn't need touching up. Or we could paint before. But it sounded like demo would happen one day and install would start the same or the next day, so it didn't seem feasible before. With this demo Wed, electrician Thurs, Plumber Fri and then who knows when cabinets, we have the time. BUT since it's a weekend, we couldn't have someone IN to do it, it'd definitely be DIY. And I've loaded up with classes. So I'm still thinking that I'll do it between Fri night, Sat early, Sat night, Sun early, and Sun night.

The biggest issue about doing the paint is the prep because of weirdness of the different textures of the different surfaces and different layers of finish on those different surfaces. There are a couple holes in the drywall that are sizable enough that they need to be patched. I'm not equipped for that. There's a chunk of adhesive of some sort on the brick from where the laminate was attached. I got one off that was left, but this other one is stubborn. I did try hitting it with a hammer, it didn't budge. I will try cutting it off. There are some little chunks missing in the brick where a cabinet was attached. I don't know what to use to patch that.

I used to think I was a fairly handy person and DIYer, but I've got to say I'm feeling less and less equipped as time goes on. So many of you do so much, I'm not worthy.

The non-kitchen contractor is coming by tomorrow morning to talk to me about either doing the patching and/or painting, but he said his guys couldn't start until Tuesday. Which may or may not be before cabinets.

Kitchen GC is supposed to come when the electrician is here this morning, so I'll try to get info from him, both about when they'll start cabinets and ideas on some of my prepping q's.

Also, the plumber was unsuccessful snaking the line (drained, but slowly and not all the way, still blocked) and will be back out today with the jet and the camera. We'd used the same plumber the whole time we'd been here, second and third generation of plumbers that inlaws used first, second and third. But we'd not been happy with them the last few times. Second generation died earlier this year, so we decided to switch. Using another local company that the neighbors seem to use and inlaws had in as a sub on a job that a GC called at their new home.

We've known that we have a line of bottle brush and pineapple guava that act as a fence/screen from the neighbors' driveway that are right over our sewer line and the roots are an issue. We're planning to take them out, but then we have to build a fence and/or if we have to replace the sewer line, then, can we plant there with a new and improved sewer line? So that project, and finishing the front yard landscaping always gets pushed down the line. But we've never had it looked at with a camera. I'm hoping that we'll get a clear idea of what to do and just do it now. Not in the budget, but...

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CEFreeman ... It's the hardest and the last good thing you can do for a pet.

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OMG I missed all the talk about the pet problems. That's sad, I've thought a few times about my own dog getting old someday and it's not something I can dwell much on. I can't imagine what one goes through when that time draws near. :(

Over here I finished the high side of the ceiling. Only the last partial row of the low side remains. Tomorrow I caulk and paint. I wanted to cut the grass but last time I used the mower I forgot to turn the key "off" so it sits on a battery charger tonight.

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Looking good!
Well my accomplishments were in the kitchen. All food though.
Today's list:
Double batch of Maple BBQ sauce
Homemade vanilla wafers
Homemade vanilla custard
Triple batch of BBQ Rub
Spicy ranch dip
Salted caramel sauce
Flourless Chocolate Torte
Cranberry Cream cheese

And shortly I'll turn 1 standard pillow case into two small accent pillow covers.

Oh we just put the new aluminum door sweeper on. Which required a trip for hubby to town for a new hack saw.. 3/4" to long..

Tomorrow's list:
Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream
Gunner's Pasta Salad (GF noodles, browned beef, kidney beans, grn pepper, tomatoes dressed with homemade Catalina and seasoned with taco seasoning)
Turkey rollups (Costco copycat, hence the cranberry cream cheese)
Slice and marinate chicken breasts for skewers
Rub rib racks
Spinach Dip

Oh and clean the house.

Then run to Costco when hubby gets home from work.

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Many hugs for you and Morgan, CEF. It's a tough time for sure. We love our pets and don't want them to suffer but we don't want to let them go, either.

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Holy cow, I am going to terri's for dinner. Ohhhh yum!

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Kitchen has a nice trench in it, the downdraft vent is gone, and there's lots of drawing on the walls.

The electrician didn't do any electrical work, just get briefed by and strategize with the GC and then went for supplies. GC left after talking to him, then came back to do the trench in the slab for the electrical to the island. Tomorrow the electrician and plumber should both do everything, theoretically.

GC says that the guy who patches drywall, etc. will be available Tues or Wed. Then cabinets installed Thurs, Fri, maybe into Sat or Mon. So I need to set templating up for Mon 7/28.

Glad to have a plan, but that puts us getting appliances and doing finishing touches just the week before we go back to school 8/11. Better than after, but I'm sad that my summer will be over. I'm sad that I'm looking forward so much for my summer to be over.

Mostly frustrated because that means that these cabinets will have been in my house a full 2 weeks before they'll be touched. Grrr.

Should get things mostly painted by then though.

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Party is Saturday at 2.

Ooh there's more than all that..that'll be made and grilled that morning.

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It may be a good thing that cabinets hang around for just a little while; at least they won't get bumped/banged while other things are going on.

I'll second going to terri's for dinner. Last night was Taco Bell and PBR because I kept working until late again.

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PBR and Taco Bell..........oh my

I could have fed you waffles, sausage patties and scrambled eggs with chipotle cheddar. But we are out of beer.

CalQ, that sounds like progress. If you are done from demo to finished in several weeks, you planned well.

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True. Keep telling me that. I will need it these next couple weeks.

Definitely want Terri's party/food. Taco Bell and PBR sound pretty good right now too. Last night...Pizza and Vodka. :)

I need to work in the yard today. Besides plant tending, I'm going to clean the patio so I can do some food prep out there and enjoy sitting out there. It looks like, knock on wood, it's going to stay decent temps for the duration of the summer that I'm home. Woo hoo! I prefer 60's and 70's. I can deal up to low 90's. But I definitely am in the wrong spot, because we're frequently over that. Luckily, not a lot this summer.

They've got the kitchen/DR door sealed up with black plastic. It's maddening! I want to watch! Electrician is here. I only made 3 changes this morning. ;) Asked him to not make the outlets on either side of the range the focal points that GC has them drawn out as. I asked him to move them down and outward. On another wall (drywall, not masonry) I asked him to also make the outlet not so obtrusive. And I asked about putting an outlet into the utility cabinet to charge hand vac, etc. So far, so good. Plumber and GC due soon. Then I'll run up to the inlaws and start some laundry!

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The weather has certainly been pretty good for us too. :)
Black plastic? That is cruel!

I can go no further in the food prep until I head to the store for 2 things. I thought I was good...oh well...and stop by my mom's to grab the meat that was thawing in her empty fridge. ;)

Okay there is a bottle of pink wine my oldest left when he was here with his wifey for the 4th.?? And some large containers of frozen water in the freezer.

I did not know window washing was such a work out! I can't show off my "view" with water marked windows. ;)
At my mom's the 3 livingroom tall skinny windows face the back yard, only needed cleaned once a year.
So I've sprayed down the showers/tub and sinks. Squirted blue stuff in the toilets. Time to move back to the bathrooms for the scrubbing. Then a few more windows.
Then out on my errands.

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Almost time to go home from work, finally. I can't wait to wrap up the ceiling work, get back to caulking and begin painting already. That's the one thing really keeping me from putting the family room back together. I have no way to paint the area above the entertainment center so this will probably be a 2-3 day affair. Late tomorrow if I'm lucky.

More than anything I'm curious how caulking everything will impact dehumidifier run time. With the ceiling nearly complete I've noticed humidity tracking a couple of percent lower today but I'm not sure if that's a real change or just statistical noise. Air finds creative ways to sneak in though.

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Interesting that it maybe, a well caulked and insulated space will eventually even out. Although with that fancy steam oven, you'll be creating more. ;)

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Fence is DONE!!!!!

However, nothing has been done on the inside plaster since the rear bedroom was finished ... I'm priming it and will paint and keep living in dust and chaos.

Ordered a NEW STOVE ... double-oven with the small "pizza and muffin" oven on top of a larger oven. Replacing an elderly (1996?) flat-topped Whirlpool with an LG dual oven flat-top 5-burner. :)

Losing the pan storage drawer but I don't care.

Need to buy OTR microwave/exhaust combo ... getting back some counterspace will be nice.

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I would love to hear how you use that new oven..after you've had it a while.

I'm trying to decide between a double of some sort and a huge three rack like I put at my mom's.

I finished stitching up the side of my mini plum pillows!

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I tended to some roses today, but that was the extent of my yard work. May squeeze some more in, but it's doubtful.

Electrician looks to have another full day of work Monday. He found some interesting things in my walls that made it take more time. Plumber moved the gas line from previous gas dryer to new gas range (I've got to check the specs...looks high and looks like it sticks out quite a bit) and moved the one supply line for the washer over as needed. But...I think it's too tall. But that should be easy enough to cut down if needed. I emailed GC, plumber didn't fix sink plumbing yet. Supposed to get new angle stops etc. GC's wife called and said that's no biggie, it'll get done before cabinet install, or even after. I said since they're leaking, I'd prefer it was before. She didn't know they were leaking, so it will now be before.

My big accomplishments for the day were nailing down almost all lighting issues, I think. I bought the recessed lighting things (I don't know what they are each called...the attach them in the ceiling part and the plug them into that part...but don't call it a bulb), a few dimmers, one receptacle with usb holes. I ordered a few more lighting/switches related things on Amazon and should be here Sunday. And I emailed and talked on the phone with Environmental Lighting and got a plan for my UCL. I'm sure I could have pieced together something less expensive, but I understand this and can install it myself, so that'll be a savings in itself. Also, I confirmed that I need one less outlet for the UCL installed, so that will save.

I 'adjusted' a few things re: the electrician's work. The GC had drawn the outlets smack-dab in the middle of the backsplash. I had him move them down and over on either side of the range. I didn't ask the one in the middle of another wall to be moved, though it probably could be. I may end up asking about that if it wears on me this weekend. And I also asked him to install an outlet in the utility cabinet so I can charge my hand vac, Braava, etc.

Tacos just arrived. :)

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Sounds like things are going as scheduled, something that's more than envious.

5am and I'm here at work... commuter mugs are still mostly full at this point. Today's goal is no nap when I get home this afternoon. I finished caulking the high side of the ceiling yesterday and painted most of that end. I asked for the exact same paint color that I was using on the walls. What I got was something slightly different. Of course it's not returnable and I found out after I started anyway. It's quite close though and I may just use it. In order to see a difference from the floor you have to really be looking for it and know there actually is one. If I'm still not happy with it, apparently it's a whole lot easier to paint the ceiling than I thought it would be.

Today if I can finish painting the ceiling on the high side + cut the last thin row, caulk and paint on the low side I'll be more than happy. That means door frame work and casing / baseboards start tomorrow.

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Shicksal, at least it'll look like it was on purpose, vs. the middle of a wall that is so evident! Great job on finishing that ceiling in the 1st place. That's a huge accomplishment in the face of many.

I put down about 5 wheel barrows of wood chips, then it became meltingly hot.

Moving to the shade, I cut out some shrubs that just weren't recovering from the cold winter. They are just skanky and pathetic. It was hard to give up on them, but enough is enough.

I admit it, shrubs never spoke to me, but I thought they'd grow and provide shade from horizontal sun. Nope. Never got big enough.

I'm creating a whole different looking garden. I've planted a few of my hosta that have been in pots for almost 10 years. I should divide, but I'll let them establish, then probably. I couple of huechera, heucherella and tirrella. They look really nice. A birch I grew from about a 2' stick (whip) is shading them. I just don't have enough shade! I'm going to move some day lilies into the sunny part, and divide some incredible iris that make huge blossoms.

I mowed the lawn: 3 hours.

Sat on the porch and stared a while.

This post was edited by CEFreeman on Sat, Jul 19, 14 at 7:40

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