Vintage glass knobs on white cabinets?

lynn85July 22, 2011

We are redoing our kitchen using white thermofoil cabinets, "vintage white" color subway tile, victorian sands quartz counters, white appliances (which we already have) and our flooring is natural 5" ash. Our cabinets will go up to the ceiling with the crown molding. The only color will be the counter and a small area of space around the window which will be painted a medium tan color. I had planned on going with an antique brushed handle/knob combination for the doors/drawers however I have also thought about using vintage glass knobs (if I can find enough in the same style). Do you think that would look good or would it be too much white with no break (which the antique brushed would give? Thanks for any ideas on this. I had also thought about using a mixture of the vintage glass (clear) knobs as long as they were similar in size and shape to give a little character to the kitchen? Would that look dumb? I tried to post a picture of the glass pulls but don't know how, I am adding a link for the brushed stainless pulls.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock pulls

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Could you use the vintage glass on your door and the pulls on your drawers? Usually the crystal knobs have a backplate of sorts that is a finish like ORB or BN or something. (At the least the ones I am using for dd's bath and my butler's pantry do.) It might give you more of a contrast than you might think. My crystal knobs aren't vintage, though...they are from Amerock.

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I think what you describe sounds lovely. Many of my favorite kitchens on GW are predominantly white and combine crystal knobs with brushed nickel pulls. I do wonder whether the pull you posted would work with crystal knobs, thoiugh. I like it, but to me it seems a bit on the heavy and casual side -- which is fine, but I'd probably choose a more refined pull (for lack of a better adjective!) to go with crystal knobs. Just my two cents. As for using a variety of vintage crystal knobs, I'd love to see that. Sounds creative and understated at the same time.

Beekeeperswife used Amerock Westerly pulls with crystal knobs in her gorgeous kitchen. Amerock Revitalize is another pull to consider. It's especially functional since its profile bows out from the drawer/cabinet surface, making it easy to grab and keeping grubby fingers off the woodwork. Hmmm, I don't know how to post two links. I'll post the Revitalize separately.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock Westerly pull

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Here's a link to the Revitalize pull. Shanghaimom used these in her kitchen in the gilded bronze color. She didn't use crystal knobs, but photos of her beautiful kitchen do a good job of showing the profile of these pulls.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock Revitalize Pulls

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Anthroplogie has some great pulls that would go wonderfully w/ vintage crystal knobs. I think some people on here have commented on potential quality issues w/ some anthropologie stuff but the ones I ordered seem very nice and substantial so far (albeit not yet installed).

For our dining room cabinet we are doing these:

with these:

I thought the oval of the all-glass knob nicely mirrored the back plate and both were a little twist on basic crystal/glass pulls.

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Should you be looking for a real antique look that continues your theme of using some browns as contrast to your whites, consider porcelain knobs.

Among these are some brown repros at $9 apiece and include my fave, the marbled clay ones.

Emtek makes similar ones and also some crossed with modern flair. [Can you tell that I'm a Bennington / Rockingham antique nut? Love the pre-Civil War look of these.] Other repro houses had some also I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: House of antique hardware--ceramic pulls

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I love crystal knobs and am planning some in my kitchen and/or DR. There a little antique/junk store downtown where I love with many different antique glass knobs so I understand why you like vintage. I don't, however, think they would go with the pull you posted. The pull is kind of generic, but glass knobs are....romantic? Nostalgic? Something not generic.

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WOW! You guys are great! Love the idea of using the glass with the brushed pulls (didn't even think of that). I also like the porcelain knob idea. Both of the Amerock pulls I also like and they may go well with the glass pulls. Now I have more to consider! : ) I agree too that the original pulls I liked may not go with the glass knobs, they seem more colonial/rustic compared to the glass!

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Hi Lynn,

I used these RH crystal knobs together with Amerock Revitalize. I looked for vintage, but they were always too small, too big, or had the screw going all the way through the middle, which I didn't want.

These come in several base finishes, although it almost doesn't matter because once installed, the base color is hard to distinguish.

My kitchen needed a bit of sparkle and these were just right.

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shanghaimom, oops, thanks for correcting me! I didn't realize you had used crystal knobs along with the Revitalize pulls. You did such a beautiful job with your kitchen.

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I'll just chime in here mainly in agreement that your chosen pull is too heavy for the glass knobs you are considering. I think the glass pulls are a great idea and I would let that choice dictate my pull choice.

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lynn, apologies. I see that I misread your initial post. My only advice about the pull you posted would be to get one and make sure there's enough space behind it to grab it comfortably. This is a tip I learned here on GW.

By searching the finished kitchen photos you can see all kinds of knobs and pulls on white cabinets. This will give you an idea of whether you like the contrast provided by a darker metal against the white background or whether you prefer less contrast.

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lazy, no problem! The kitchen pic that shows up around GW doesn't show that side of the kitchen.

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...and I meant to say "thank you" to Lazy. (-:

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You almost can't go wrong with "crystal" knobs (actually most are glass).
Your pull choice would be ok, but not inspired, with the crystal knobs. We did one crystal knob (shaped like a beehive) for our master vanity with pulls on the drawers. They look nice together. I am at work or I'd post a pic.

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Thanks everyone! We have the cabinets in and now I have to find the right knob/pulls to go with them!

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