Caesarstone counter corner acceptable?

azpenJuly 1, 2012

The corner for my new Caesarstone counter (blizzard) has a noticeable seam and looks a bit chipped at the end. Do you think it's acceptable? If anyone has pictures of their corner I'd really like to see what I should expect. Thanks!!

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Here's a zoomed out picture for perspective.

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That looks chipped to me. They should have at least filled it in with the stuff they use to seal the seam.

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I wouldn't find that acceptable. I believe that finishing/smoothing that seam properly, including a patch on the chip, is fairly easy. Have the boss, whoever that might be, in to have a look.

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That is not acceptable. Tell them to patch the chip. It's small enough that it shouldn't be a problem.

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Our seams (two) are not in the corner. They placed them at the middle of both the sink and the cooktop, so most of each seam is cut out.

I would also advise having the chip repaired, that is not acceptable.

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Thanks a lot for your thoughts. I'm going to ask the installer to patch the chips. Hope it'll look nice at the end.

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