Affordable cushions for window seat/ breakfast nook.

lalitharJuly 22, 2012

We have a built I window seat at one end of the kitchen that needs cushions for the base and the back. Is there any online source you have used for making substantial cushions (3 to 4 inches think). I was thinking of getting them covered in sun fella type fabric to make it easy to clean. Not sure if this is better than scotch guard. Would love to get some input on this.



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Hi! I just went through this and I have to admit, there is not a cheap solution. The foam is very expensive and I did the DIY route and it is still costing me over 150 with the fabric and foam. Online to have them made, I got quotes for 200-250. To have our local seamstress make the slipcover for my foam, it was an extra 100 so there you go- 250.

I wish I had a better solution but I looked EVERYWHERE!

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I have the same issue - we built a window seat and need cushions. We're going with the man that makes our boat cushions - they're much thicker and durable than anything we've found for the house. They are very familiar with Sunbrella fabric, also. You could look wherever you are under marine cushion fabrication. Sunbrella resists UV rays and so doesn't fade. It's not exactly made for stain resistance like Scotchguard is, but most of the fabrics are very tightly woven.

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There isn't a cheap solution. I'm trying to get our 94"x22" cushion done soon. I want 4" high density foam with Dacron wrap and piping. So far has been the best online place in terms of customer service and price. They're very comparable to my friend's guy she uses. That's the other route I'm considering. But if I was looking online, I'd look to them. They had very helpful YouTube videos explaining the different foam types which helped me select which type I wanted. I also sent an email asking for samples and received them very quickly.

In the meantime I went to a local fabric place and asked about using outdoor fabric for durability. Their response was that it was fine but not necessarily better since its not made to be laundered on a regular basis but is made to be more fade resistant from the sun and elements. And the weave is tighter. My thought was having a zipper on the back so I could take the cushion off periodically to wash it. They said a regular fabric made for upholstery (other than polyester) would serve that purpose better as most can be taken off and cleaned and not fade over time. So I've changed my thought process with fabric. I'm glad because Sunbrella is about twice as expensive ad others.

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I am using a local upholstery shop-was hoping to keep costs down but no luck.
I did find a foam place but went commercial. Search for banquette and someone did a DIY using commercial foam

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If you need a common size, now may be a good time to look at places like Ballard, Frontgate, Grandin Road and other places for outdoor cushions. Premade cushions are always much, much cheaper than custom.

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Unfortunately it is not a common size.. I also built my bench a couple of inches lower anticipating a nice cushy cushion. My local foam/upholstery places are atrociously expensive. There seems to several Internet retailers like cushion express etc.. Anyone have experience with any of those? Also I am looking for someone with some fabulous vintages fabrics..

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Adding new cushions to your furniture can not only improve your comfort but give a splash of color of elegance to your room. Recently purchased Sofa Cushions online from to enhance my house interiors. I bought cushions of different sizes and mix and matched them to suit the colour scheme of my couch. My Kids love the Sofa cushions a lot:) will upload some pics soon

Here is a link that might be useful: house interiors

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We have this dilemna in our new mudroom, except we have an old cushion that is just the wrong look for the new mudroom...I just bought an adorable shower curtain at Target for $20, and a hot glue gun. I'm going to attempt to cover the cushion with the shower curtain fabric. Wish me luck!

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I love your idea ATGD, can you post a pic when you're done?

This place has the least expensive foam I've seen online if you can do the fabric cover yourself (someone here posted the link a few weeks back).

Here is a link that might be useful: The Foam Factory

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I'm making a seat for a porch swing and have been facing the same issue. I lucked out last weekend by finding a lawn chair cushion at a garage sale. I'm going to order one yard of Sunbrella to cover the top and sides, and put straps or something across the bottom of the cushion. No one will see it anyway, and it's a good way to get the look and function without paying for two yards.

For a different project, a window seat cushion, someone here suggested I try a body pillow for its stuffing. I went to B,B&B and looked at them, but decided on a mattress topper instead. I found one that's very fluffy, so it looks nice. It just needs to be a little firmer. I'm going to look for another used pad to put inside it., then cover with fabric. Or maybe find an outdoor furniture cushion on sale at this time of year.

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See if you can find a local seamstress/slipcover person. The woman I use is very competitive and let's you buy the fabric.
I'll also second Marcolo on Ballards, etc., and 35ftCabo on the boat cushions.

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Besides the outdoor type cushions Ballard Designs also has the cushions for banquettes in different lengths and fabrics. Theres a site called best-deal that has window seat cushions too, Ive never dealt with them ...but Ballards is great.

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I custom-ordered foam from Foam Factory (ghostlyvision's link above), had it wrapped in Dacron, and then I "made" my own slipcovers.

I shopped around for complete custom cushions, but found them to be quite expensive. I figured I would do them myself, and if they were hideous, no real harm would be done. LOL. Fortunately, I am quite happy with how mine turned out, and I have no complaints about my transaction with The Foam Factory.

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Deborah Humphries

Oh my gosh!! This thread is so timely. Thank you!! I meet with my cabinet maker next Sunday for a final measure for our banquette. I'm going to have to look at the standard sizes see if they work in our space. In the meantime, would anyone care to show their cushions? (I know it's a personal question...LOL) Do the cushions slide around? Did anyone do a "lip" at the edge for the cushion to set into?


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Sure, I'll post soon as the kids go back to school and I have time for my project ;-)
I plan on using velcro to attach the cushion to the bench. The bench is not custom - DH put it together (got it on

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I'm still in the planning stage but I plan to make my own cushions using non-slip rug pads as part of the bottom of the cushion. I can't bear to put sticky velcro on my new (future) banquette.

Here is a link that might be useful: Non-Slip rug pad

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I am going to have the local upholstery shop that is doing our curtains to make these as well for my banquette. However I think $250 is quite cheap. I hope mine is that price!

Another place to try is there are a ton of seamstress on there who could make a cover for some foam pieces. they are usually pretty inexpensive and can do custom piping and what not.

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oh and I am going to go with vinyl ostrich leather that is used for cars. place I could find it.

It ain't cheap but should be super durable.

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I have the seat cushions from a couch that my mom got rid of a few years ago (yes, we've been at this remodel that long...) that I've been saving for a bench seat.

We picked up some auto upholstery material at a garage sale to cover them with. It looks kind of like a plush microfiber fabric. When I think of how long the seats in a car last with relatively little care, it seems like this should be a durable solution.

I've also made a quick non-sewing cover of a smaller cushion where I simply wrapped the foam like a birthday present and pinned everything together with large safety pins on the underside. The pins don't show from the top or sides. It looks upholstered, but the cover can be removed for cleaning. This might not hold up to high usage, though.

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We are researching the same thing. We just built a kitchen banquette/breakfast knock. The prices are quite shocking if you want the whole thing done for you. The foam Factory was by far the most responsive, and quoted us $585 for just the 4 cushions, cut to size w/ the angles we need, shipping included. On Amazon you can buy just the bulk foam and cut it yourself w/ an electric bread slicer. The price this way is $241 including the shipping ($168 + $73). I think we'll go the Amazon route and DW will sew the covers.

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Clarion - what did you search and who did you come up with through Amazon? I wonder if this would be possible for us since we also want a dacron wrap around it to have everything fill nicely when the cover is on it. Are you using dacron?

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Andrea, search " foam sheet fabric empire" on Amazon.

Yes, we are using dacron. It is very simple to attach. Just use 3M #77 spray adhesive.

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Great thread. I'm going to have a banquette made, L-shaped bench seat. When I go to have the cushions made - should they be 2 rectangular ones, or should they each be on a 45 angle at the corner?

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I was thinking of buying a extra long twin foam topper to make a seat cushion for my window seat.

I thought maybe to cut it in half and spray glue it to make it thicker and sew a cover myself. This is for a guest room that doesn't get much use.

Has anyone tried this?

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I will post pics tonight. I bought velco to attach it to keep it from slipping but it really hasn't been an issue. I used study cotton duck fabric and I applied the stain repellant. So far, so good:)

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Deborah Humphries

I'm talking to a lady on Etsy who sews bench cushions to custom sizes. She does beautiful sets of two, coming together with a mitered corner, all attached. I've got one side lifting as a lid over storage so the cushions cant be together.
The pricing seems pretty good and they look incredible! Search Etsy for bench cushions. Quite a few cushion makers on there.
Right now I'm working on hooks with the cabinet maker. I want a recessed d-ring and then the seamstress will put a long tab and snap hook on her side and voila, hooked in! I hope...Anyone else do this??

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Thank you Clarion! Will check into that info. :)

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I was just reading someone's blog who used a lady that sells cushions on ebay. She uses Sunbrella fabric. The prices were very reasonable, but I think she only does the bottom cushion. Might be worth checking into.

Here's the blog if you'd like to read more:

Here is a link that might be useful: Cushions on Ebay

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