Shenandoah Kitchen Cabinets vs Kraft maid

oldfarmgirlJuly 19, 2009

Would anyone would be willing to share their experiences with Shenandoah Cabinets? Good or bad, quality, durability and price considerations. Same with Kraft Maid? Thanks!

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I can't comment on Shenandoah, but I did buy American Woodmark cabinets for a small kitchen in 2001 ($3500). I think they are the same company (Shenandoah=Lowe's, American Woodmark=Home Depot). And I just installed a KraftMaid kitchen in our current home ($11,000), so here are my 2 cents. The American Woodmark were decent budget cabinets. We did buy plywood boxes and upgraded the drawers to full extension undermount (that might be standard these days, not sure). I thought their base pull outs were cheap and kept falling off the rail...I'd skip theirs and buy aftermarket ones. We did consider Amer Woodmark for our current home, but KraftMaid offered many more options in terms of cabinet sizes, so we went with them. Plus, we really THOUGHT we were buying a superior quality product. Once we received them, we were not overly impressed with our KraftMaid cabinets. We didn't do plywood boxes to save $ and the boxes just seem cheap, lots of glue and staples. We had some defects and they replaced them right away. I had an issue with some the stain not looking even and they sent a Tech out to inspect it and he pretty much blew me off (long story). We need to just get on with our lives so we let it go...Life's too short. I hardly notice the "problems" anymore. I do think we got a lot of cabinets for our $11,000 (cherry wood, 2 corner supersusans, soft close drawers, large pantry with deluxe undermount glides, 2 large 3-drawer bases, fluted columns, crown molding, etc), but I think we could have gotten a similar quality cabinet out of American Woodmark. A couple things KM does better are the supersusans (wood tray, not plastic, no pole going all they way through the center) and the pantry cabinets with extra deep dovetail pull-outs. Plus, as I said, Amer Woodmark just did not have the cabinet sizes we wanted to do our kitchen. So, depending how complex your layout is, you might be able to do Shenandoah Cabinets and be perfectly happy with saving some $ in this economy. If you are playing to move in the future, I'd say save the money and go with Shenandoah. Whatever you do, do not expect KraftMaid to be a far superior product...It's moderately superior, at best. Hope that helps some.

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You mentioned $11K. What's the size of your kitchen ? How many liner feet of cabinets did you install and may I ask what was the price that you were charged ? We met a KraftMaid retailer yesterday and his price was to the tune of $376 per feet - which sounds atrociously high to me.

Thanks for your post.

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I just put some Shenandoah cabinets in my laundry room. I posted about them in another thread. I do not like the design of the base cabinets. You have to open the right door before opening the left. On the 36" base that is, not on the 24". Wall cabs do not do this. Basically, the piece of wood that goes down in the middle of the cabinet is attached to the cab door (left) which does allow for a wider opening when both doors are open. You wouldn't have to worry about that getting in the way if you had something very large to put in it. They look nice, and are sturdy, just don't like that design. Guess I'm used to my kitchen cabs which are full overlay.

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Shenandoah does have the all wood super susan. I think all the susan's are pretty pricy though : ) We spent 7,000 and have
one 24x90 pantry with pull out drawers,
2 upper cabs one with two doors one with one (cant remember exact sizes and one has a spice rack on the door)
a wine rack,
top and bottom corner cabs that I call L shaped but I am sure they have a real name the bottom has a pull out and the top does not
a base microwave cabinet,
6 inch spice drawers (a lot of money but we had 6 inches to fill),
a base pot and pan organizer,
9 inch slide out base,
corner sink cabinet,
2, 15 inch base cabs, trash pullout with 2 bins.
refrigerator return panels
I think thats all the cabs.

All the upper cabs are 36 inces and we opted for all ply construction.

Kraftmaid does have a much much wider selection in terms of door styles and finishes.

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I am not sure how many linear feet I have, but here are the details....
Base - 27-inch 3 drawer, blind corner (not sure on the size), 15-inch full height garbage, 33-inch fluted clipped corner sink base, 2 super susan cabinets, two 18-inch door/drawers, 30-inch 3 drawer for pots and pans (has stronger drawer glides to handle weight), 12-inch door/drawer. All with soft-close glides.

Uppers - 36-inch pantry with deluxe undermount soft close glides, 2 frig panels, 27-inch, 2 large angled corner cabinets, four 24-inch, 30-inch over stove, fluted columns, one 12 inch angled, decorative door for end of peninsula, panel for back on peninsula, simple crown molding, toe kick, scribe molding, stainless steel tilt out. No pullouts other than in the pantry.

Here is a mid-progress pic. Cherry, sunset stain, Lennox Court door style from Home Depot. One thing about price, when you have a large order, Home Depot will send your quote to the "bid room" and you can negotiate a lower price. I can't remember how much we saved doing that, but I recall it was quite a savings...maybe $1,000.

If I can find the info on the linear feet I will let you know.

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merimom- thx for posting that and the pics. it's very helpful. this is the KM you recently put in?

i've seen some woodmark i really like and want to get and i'm hoping they won't be too much for my teeny weeny budget! I did find doors somewhere else i like tho!

I don't have as many cabs as you do either so that should help me. I do want all drawers (except sink base) on the lower cabs - and I understand they cost more than doors.

after I move in and figure out EXACTLY what I will need I will also check the cost with some local cabinet makers.

I think I remember your kitchen from prev posting - didn't you ask a question about your granite? I really like it btw.

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I just put in KM and so far have been very happy. Had no probs with stain or quality of cabinets. They've been installed for a couple of weeks only so I can't give a long term report for those. However, we put KM in our bathroom when we remodeled 6 years ago and they have held up like a dream. No problems at all. We did upgrade to plywood ends for both kitchen and bath. We also looked at Diamond cabinets from Lowes, which I liked but DH liked the KM finishes better so we got those.
HEre are some pics of a few weeks ago during the install.

We have oak cabinets and spent a total of ~$9000 for all cabinets. We have an island that is 117'' long, appromately 186'' of wall cabinets and another 150'' of base cabinetry. I got drawers, pullouts, or lazy susans in all of the base cabinetry.

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okpokesfan - those are really nice looking! bet you are so happy to have new cabs w/pullouts/ drawers etc. looks like you'll have a lot of them.

do you know how much more expensive KM is than Woodmark?

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Thanks! I don't have countertops yet but have everything back in the cabinets, etc. and I can't tell you how much more efficient it is than my old kitchen! (wouldn't take much though...) Fits everything with room to spare.

We didn't price the Woodmark so I don't know. The KM was more expensive than the Diamond but that's about all I know.

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We have been very pleased with our Shenandoah maple cabinets. We've had them for 3 years as of this month. None of ours have the issue mountaineergirl mentioned...having to close one before closing the other. We also have a Kraftmaid cabinet in our powder room, purchased within a month or two of the kitchen cabinets and the only reason it's not Shenandoah is because Shenandoah did not have a corner cabinet available. Ours are the Winchester maple with a coffee glaze. The soft close drawers are awesome as are the pull-outs. Here's a couple of pics of our kitchen:


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rmlanza, Thanks for the pictures. I'm trying to decide which Shenandoah cabinets to order and pictures are so helpful. Yours look very nice.

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FYI, Diamond has recently changed some of the way their cabinets are built so that they are closer to KraftMaid.

Also FYI, Thomasville at Home Depot is Diamond under another name.

Shenandoah, in my experience, is a good cabinet that people tend to like, provided they have the doorstyle/finish that you want or can live with. Shenandoah keeps their prices down by limiting their selection. For example, KM has 24 finishes available for Cherry doors, while Shenandoah has 3.

I had some Shenandoah cabinets in my last house, and have some KM in my current home. If the price difference were not an issue, I would go with KM every time.

If you do have issues, like the one mentioned with the finish, and you have ordered through Lowe's, try discussing it with the kitchen department or management. Often, if they manufacturer won't replace a door, they can order you a replacement at the store's expense.

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