Can this backsplash and granite work?

aprilhJuly 15, 2014

We are building a 'spec' home - spec in quotes because even though that is what it is technically, we put a contract on it when the lot was first purchased and customized it how we wanted. But now that it is being built, the builder can't make any changes. Which beings me to the kitchen. I have had this vision of my kitchen for a while now - dark floors, light colored cabs, neutral/warm colors. Well the granite we were going to use came in and it had some strange colors in it so I had to chose another. Somehow in the process, the backsplash did not get updated and now I feel the colors clash. Here is a close up of one of the counters. The backsplash looks warm to me and the granite more cool. Although in person, the granite does have some warm brownish tones in it, it's just hard to pick up in the pic.

Behind the range. Maybe these colors will help tie in the SS appliances and darker wood floors?

And full picture of the kitchen to give you an overall feel. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of the granite with it taped up. A picture of the slab is posted right after.

I'm torn. I don't have the vision to be able to tell if this will work out when it's all done. Is there a way to make this work? If not, I am willing to change it after we close but would it be easier to change the backsplash or change the granite? I'm thinking just change the granite but would that rip up the backsplash in the process? I just don't know. Would love to have some feedback!

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I like it. It's a terrific layout and am confident you will adore it...once that brown wrapping is off and the kitchen becomes truly yours, with all your stuff. are a lucky family!

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To my eye it's not an optimal combination.

It will be much less expensive to change the bs than the granite, and less expensive still to simply modify the tile. I would remove a line of subway tiles, preferably the second or third line from the counter top, and replace it with the elongated grey mosaic tiles that outline your behind-the-range mural. It will incorporate some of the cool into the warm in a way that looks purposeful, and it will be relatively inexpensive.

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I don't like them together. I also don't like the little mosaic sqs in the part over the stove. Or the 'frame' around it.

I'd change the BS part. The granite is busy, I'd go with something very plain for the BS. like white tile with maybe black or dark grey pencil line tile across it (maybe just 1 line of it). maybe over the stove top a block of the tiles on the diamond angle outlined with blk or dk grey trim? you'd probably need to draw that out /photoshop it to see if you want something like that.

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I really like your granite. I don't think the backsplash compliments it. Lovely kitchen.

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Beautiful kitchen you do not want to screw up, so yes, sorry they clash. The border on the framed area also clashes, too busy, but should be able to remove if you could size something else to fit. But maybe you love it as is.

Which do you like better to keep? Which is easier to find something else that works? Maybe work both angles and see what combinations you come up with to choose from.

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What pretty granite!

The white cabs and dark floor sound cool, not warm and this nice granite seems great choice while the tile seems to be what doesnt match as too warm. Tile could be better with a warmer granite but not thinking as great a match as youve already got going wit white cabs, dark floors and current granite.

I agree with desert on the framed tile - I do like diagonal / diamond pattern backsplash but never been a fan of a frame of tile with tile inside although see it frequently enough to know theres an appeal to others. To me this framing has seemed nicer when outer tiles larger, inner frame tiles smaller.

If you still want the tile / warm, think you dont want to keep this granite but shame, such pretty granite and it does match white cabs / dark floor.

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I feel the tile is suited to a more casual, rustic kitchen. I like the idea of the framed area, but the frame itself is too eye catching. You see the frame before anything else in that area. It should be a more subtle frame. Your kitchen to me looks more classic and formal, with that lovely trim work. What about a glass or crackled subway tile? I like the granite slab with the white cabinets. Keep the grey tones going in the backsplash.

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I agree the inset tiles of the frame are also too large. Moreover, renov8 makes a good point about the rustic tumbled stone. There is a discord there with your classic more delicate cabinetry; one that doesn't seem it will work.

I'd redo the backsplash. Do you have any inspiration photos of what you are going for?

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Such helpful suggestions. Thank you to everyone who gave their input. I feel I need to wait until everything is finished before I make a decision. I went by yesterday and light fixtures have been installed. They are Kichler Lacey in ORB and that changes things up a bit too. We are going by tomorrow and I will try to take updated pics then but here are the pendants and chandelier in the bfst room

Here are a few inspiration pictures I like

Floors are a little shiny in this one but I like the color

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Great light fixtures. Wait til it's all in. Get all your "stuff" on your counters & see how you feel then.
Edit: love the backsplash in inspiration pic #2.

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I agree with others -- the granite is the keeper. I'd change the BS (which should be cheaper to do). To me, the BS doesn't really go with your cabinets. They have a clean, sophisticated look to them. But the BS reads rustic to me.

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Another vote for the granite. The flecks of brown are clear in the photos and they look lovely. Anything less than plain less texture will take away from the beauty of the granite.
Did you /could you consider a plain white or an off white BS?

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Yep, I am thinking you are right about the BS now that things are coming together. Went by this morning and the granite has been unwrapped.

Try to ignore the unpainted cabinets

So, to me, what stands out is the tumbled travertine BS. It is more casual/rustic like a lot of you have mentioned. It would be so much easier (and cheaper) to change that out plus I *really* love my granite. I also think a glaze on the cabs would tone them down a bit to make them less stark. What do you think?

So I've been looking at BS now to get ideas of what I would want to change it out to. Thoughts on which of these, if any, might work?

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The alternatives look nice--slightly warm but not dominating. The second one appears a little pink, which was the problem with the travertine. Is your floor white tile or is it covered? Hard to see.

When you retile, don't let them put the tile on the wall for a sidesplash. It's not a current look.

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The floor will be white oak, stained dark - probably Jacobean or similar. You think the current BS is pinkish? I pick up more yellow/brown. But I'm sure the lighting is affecting it too. That is interesting about the side splash. I hadn't noticed that before. Ripping out the BS is going to tear up the drywall too; how would they fix that?

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We closed on our house and moved in late September. Not long after that, I found some backsplash tile that I loved. Had the builder's tile guy demo the tumbled travertine (such a waste) and he just finished installing the new tile. I absolutely love it. I am glad I changed it out - the kitchen looks so much more cohesive.

We used crackle tile for all. Subway tile and diamond mosaic is pumice crackle and the mosaic frame and accent buttons are slate brown crackle.

We are sampling some cabinet glazes and etching on the cab below.

Close up

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Thanks for the update! This looks much better. Enjoy your lovely kitchen in the best of health.

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Beautiful kitchen! The crackle subway tile works so much nicer with that gorgeous granite than the travertine with the pinkish undertone. Your cabinets look great and I love the symmetry.

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So much better! What a beautiful kitchen!

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