Delta's Venetian Bronze and Westbrass' Oil Rubbed Bronze

tj_shopperJuly 11, 2009

I am looking at possibly getting the Delta Leland Venetian Bronze kitchen faucet and soap dispenser. I am having a hard time finding an insta hot dispenser that will match Delta's Venetian Bronze. If anyone has this faucet or another Delta faucet in this color, can you describe to me what color the Venetian Bronze lends itself to? Is it more brown than bronze, or is it more black than brown? I have not been able to locate this faucet to see it in person. I have only been able to see it on line. I also want to purchase Westbrass' Oil Rubbed Bronze inst hot, but I'm not sure if they are both the same color.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Insta Hot

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I have the Delta Leland in Venetian Bronze. As far as describing it, I would say it lends itself more to brown/bronze.The bronze undertone is all through the faucet and handle, not just at the edges, nor is it a matte finish as i've seen with others. It shines very nicely, very pretty. I have ORB hardware/pulls on my cabinets and light fixture over my sink and they all go very well with each other. They have the more matte finish, but aren't right next to the faucet as the insta hot would be.

I found the finish in a Kitchen/Bath showroom in a different Delta model, couldn't find anyone that stocked the Leland in this finish.

Hope this helped


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Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for responding. Your description helped a lot. I couldn't find any real good pictures of it, so your description helped me picture it, especially the "shines very nicely" part. I think the insta hot that I am looking at is more of a matte finish. I wonder how they would both look together. Can you take a look at the link I attached above for the insta hot and give me your opinion as to whether or not it would look out of place? I guess my next option would be to purchase both and if it doesn't work, I can return it. I just hate the wait time. I'd like to go to a store that carries both and compare.

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hi, the insta hot looks to be more matte finish, If you go to the Amazon site to look up the leland faucet, it will let you zoom in pretty well. You can see the brushed look if you look closely, I wanna say the bronze is underneath the brownish finish. I think mine looks brighter and a tad more shiny than the picture.

I have an extra ORB cup pull that I didn't use(more matte), after work I'll go set it next to the faucet and post the picture, its under window so it may give you more of an idea.


Here is a link that might be useful: leland on amazon

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hi again, i've attached the pics of the pulls next to the faucet, sorry i don't think the pictures worked out so well.
lighting issues.

When I look at them side by side the pulls definitely have a duller blacker finish than the faucet . If I move them 12-15 inches apart you don't notice it as much, I think its going to depend on your placement and lighting.

Sorry wish I could have helped more.

Here is a link that might be useful: delta venetian bronze

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Hi Mary,

It did help. Thanks so much for going through all this trouble for me. I can tell the difference between the two finishes. I could see what you mean about the faucet having a shiny finish and how the pull is more flat. I wish I could find both items in the same color. I'm going to have a 33 inch stainless single bowl. My thought was to put the faucet and the handle in the middle, the soap dispenser to the left and the insta hot to the right. But it might look off balance with the different color. Maybe I should put the faucet, handle and the soap dispenser over to the left and the insta hot far over to the right so that they are not that close to one another. Where do you have your faucet? It looks like you didn't center it.

On another note, what color granite do you have? It looks like Giallo Napolean or New Venetian Gold. It's what I'm currently considering. Yours looks beautiful.

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I forgot to thank you for that link to Amazon. It helped give me a better view of the faucet since I could scan up close unlike pictures from other sites. I think the insta hot is going to be much more matted and dull.

I'm in such a quandry. I'm thinking to just scrap the whole ORB thing. Maybe I should just go with brush nickel or stainless steel and I won't have this problem. But...........I love the ORB look.

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