Updating a vintage bathroom cabinet

funkyartNovember 27, 2012

This is the powder room off the master bedroom. I can't replace the cabinet now.. so I don't think it makes sense to replace the countertop either. I'd like some thoughts--even if outside the box-- on what to do with the vintage cabinet, countertop and overall look of the room.

I will remove the carpet though I am told the floor tile may have some problems. I will paint the walls and replace lighting (which you can't see in any of the photos I took).

Currently I am planning a light greige/taupe & off white color scheme though I am open to other ideas. The adjoining room will be various iterations of light to dark gray-greens and lavender. The walls will be a light neutral or ivory.

Would you..
Paint the cabinet a vintage sage? greige? or leave it off white?
Replace the cab hardware with vintage knobs?
Replace the faucet?
Paint the countertop with a faux marble finish?

How far do I go with an outdated PR?

This is not a bathroom that will be used by visitors. I also don't see it making it to the top of the priority list in the next few years. I'd like to have a touch of glam but right now I am thinking of limiting the glam to only the gold and silver frames on my artwork.. and *maybe* lighting. I'd love to add moroccan style pendant lights but right now I just can't see them working with the cabinet.

All ideas are welcome.. I'd like to have some fun here despite the limitations.

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let me see if I can get the photo to load this time.

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I like all your ideas , just changing out those few things is going to make a big differance. You could also make that big open space built in open shelves. That would give you added storage . I wouldn,t worry about the pipes showing because as you said its a private space. But if it does start to bother you take of that top board with the cutins and replace with one that is deeper. You would still have shelf space under that.

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How about a silver metallic paint? And crystal knobs.

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Well, in keeping with your name...how about a fun/funky paint job on the cabinets to go with the Moroccan style lights you want. I think this could work with a different background color more in keeping with your colors. You could use a stencil and get some glam pulls....

or a combo stencil/freehand:

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I like the idea of shelving the cut out area, you can place a storage basket in front of the pipe, and it won't show.

What color is the floor tile?

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Keep it fresh white -- and yes -- change the hardware and the faucet.

Add storage containers to the open area -- and add a skirt in a great ikat- or morrocan-style fabric.

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I love crystal knobs on cabinets like this. The existing hardware will have two screw holes, so you will need to use a good woodfiller before painting.

Love the edit feature - I do know how to spell "love".

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I think a shelf below the sink would be a wonderful idea. Extra towels, in great colors and a storage box in rattan or fabric to hold the bottles currently on the counter would bring additional texture and color to the bathroom while hiding the plumbing.

It's a great looking vintage vanity - I'm of the school of thinking that it's even better because it doesn't look like everyone else's.


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Check out retrorenovation.com or savethepinkbathrooms.com.
Great cabinet, wonderful vintage American standard sink.
You may want to change out the faucets and as much as I love retro, I hate those pulls. You can get glass handles which would solve the screw hole problem. The more I think about it, why wouldn't Morocco lights work? The more I think back to my 50's,60's & 70's days, I think they'd fit right in.

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Oh gosh, didnt you guys get me fired up lol. Oly, I have been lusting after that cabinet (and it's companion media cab) for years! I really want it in my LR.. so you hit my taste dead on.

And I love the moroccan style.. but I think this little PR is too small. I fear it will look theme-y, especially next to a room that will be pretty simple in style. I know I brought up the moroccan pendant and I'd love to try it.. but I think that's as far as I'd want to go with the look.

I hadnt thought about under-sink storage but I like the idea. I had also thought of a skirt as Teacats suggested. I don't usually like the country skirt look, but have a bunch of linen voile that I could use.. and quite a few old shower curtains, duvet covers and curtains that could work.

I'll definitely start looking at hardware and storage containers. The bathroom as you see it now was my g-mother's/g-father's. I won't likely keep so much on the counter.

Jaysmom, you are so right about that era-- there's a lot of leeway, especially with lighting. I'll keep an eye out for a deal.

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I have a similar size opening on my BR vanity.
I added 2 shelves to it.
I used melamine shelving cut to fit so no need to paint or finish. I mounted to either side with L brackets.

And....I left the bottom area (on the floor) open enough to fit my bathroom scale underneath! You could do this too.

The bottom shelf holds a basket where I store used towels, and the upper shelf stores our bathroom library and some clean washcloths and hand towels. I used to keep my hair dryer there, and I sized it so that it and the cord would easily fit.

So I suggest you think about what you want to store, and then mount the shelves at a good distance to hold these items, either loose or in baskets.

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