Rug suggestions for several areas

homey_birdNovember 15, 2012


We recently got wood flooring installed throughout our house. It's in the hallways that lead to the bathroom, and we are interested in getting recommendations for a nice looking bath rug that I can lay *in the hallway* (bathroom already has a rug).

The reason is, that we've noticed a tendency among kids to splash water from the bath sink to the floor, and then step out with wet feet into the hallway. So far it did not affect us since hallway had carpet, but now I am especially concerned about the beautiful wood that we have.

Has anyone solved this problem in a creative way? Do you have recommendations for absorbent mats or rugs that can serve as transition rug from bath to hallway?

Any other ideas? Pictures? Thanks in advance!

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If the floors have a substantial finish then the water shouldn't bother them at all. Of course a hall way runner would help. How about a six or eight foot runner right in the bathroom and a little sign "wipe your feet" at the door so they can change their patterns. Other than that, I don't think the floors will get ruined.

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Thank you for the suggestion. The little sign idea is great! The floors do have substantial finish (they are pre-finished), but just trying to make sure they do not get abused.

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I have had good luck with so-called "indoor/outdoor" rugs in this situation. My rug faded horribly when I left it outside, but it does resist water. Spills "bead up" slightly if you wipe them up quickly.

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Not to highjack this thread, but I would also try to find out how to nix the problem at the source, i.e. teach the children how to wash their hands without splashing so much water on the floor that they get wet feet despite a bathrooom rug. That's a good skill in itself. Or is the faucet the problem, are they too short to reach the sink properly (stool?), or is the towel too far away?

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