Finished White and Gray Kitchen Reveal

pandora1July 11, 2013

We finally finished our remodel the end of May. With kiddos home for the summer, not having any renovations errands to do, enjoying the finished outcome, its been hard to get motivated to put our finished pictures and information up, but here it is:

Cabinetry-custom made by Summit Custom Cabinets(local) � painted BM Simply White, island stain- custom color

Wall Paint- Kitchen-BM Nimbus Rest of house-BM-Revere Pewter

Flooring- 5" quartersawn, rustic grade, hand scraped white oak- 50% Dark Walnut- 50% Provincial

Appliances-Refrigerator-Samsung, Everything else-GE Monogram

Sink � Blanco Diamond Single Bowl-White

Countertops - Granite (island)- Bianco Romano Quartz Ceasarstone Raven(perimeter)

Backsplash-Marble Random Strip Bianco Venatino

Pendants -Sundance Catalog- Meridian

Cabinetry Hardware- Colonial Bronze - Distressed Pewter

4 Panel Sliding Glass Door- Home Depot-Anderson Doors & Windows

Barstools - Pottery Barn- Jacquelyne Counter Height stools

I don't think I have anything special that I haven't seen elsewhere, but I do have everything I love. I do not regret any choices or decisions made.

From the before pictures, you can tell that our 1978 house was very sectional and not opened up. We were very fortunate that we had a screened in porch off our kitchen that we were able to convert to kitchen space. The opening/doorway from the kitchen into the living room was only about a four feet opening. In the remodel, we were able to open the space between the two. Has made a huge difference. We also removed the wall between the now dining room and the living room. I love this-it gives us a line of sight from the kitchen to the front door. Previously had to walk out of kitchen and actually into the entry way to see who was at the door. We made a lot of structural changes in an older home into a much wanted open concept. This also included adding support in the basement to support the removal of a load bearing wall on the main level.

If I have left out any details that you would like more information, let me know.


href=""; target="_blank">

Use to be a wall between the dining room and the living room.

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Your entire kitchen, and adj spaces are all just beautiful! However, that island. Wow! I would want to roll around on an island like that!!! :)

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Gorgeous! What a great space for entertaining. Great job! My favorite parts...the island and the hardware. Enjoy :-)

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What an amazing transformation! Everything is so gorgeous!!! Your house looks so open and inviting! I really like the backsplash.

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Wow! Beautiful space! I especially love the island and how everything flows together so nicely. I'm sure you are loving your new space :)

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You kitchen and dining area are just gorgeous. Enjoy! Really love your backsplash!

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Everything is so beautiful! Congratulations!

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Where did you find the quarter sawn oak floors! You're kitchen is beautiful, and right now I am drooling over wood floor porn. Thanks!

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Wow, that looks great! Beautiful AND functional. Congrats!

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What a fun space, congratulations! Great transformation, combination of colors, really like your backsplash and new organization and especially the beautiful view outside.

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Gorgeous! Love the floors, backsplash, and patio doors especially, but all gorgeous! enjoy.

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Huge, fabulous and functional! The triple threat! I'm too exhausted from the near completion of my reno to go into details of everything I love about your space tonight.. Suffice to say, beautiful.

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that is gorgeous! i love all of your lighting choices. can you tell me more about your 3 pendant lights?
DH would LOVE your coffee station. the organization is brilliant!
my fave though are your beautiful HW floors!

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That is my kind of kitchen. So open, bright, inviting, yet very functional with storage for everything. Great job!

Can you tell me a little more about your choice of sliders for the back wall? Did you consider French Doors? The entire back side of our house is made of sliders that will soon need to be replaced. We are in Evacuation Zone A for hurricanes, so wind resistance is very important for us. Also, we have next to no overhang over the doors, so water intrusion from blowing rain is a concern. I love the look of your doors with so much glass.


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Beautiful redo! The glass slider doors are wonderful. I'd love to have a wall to be able to put those into. Beautiful backsplash... very elegant.

Question about your pantry: can you list the measurements of the shelf sides, please? How do you like having the turntables in the corner? I've seen that before and thought it looked handy... is it? Where did you get the turntables and also the drawer dividers for your silverware. You got lots of great, organized storage behind all the beauty. Well done. It's apparent that a lot of thought went into the elements and it all pulls together wonderfully.

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I love it!! Everything about it is so beautiful, functional, and well organized. This is definitely one of my inspiration kitchens. How high are your ceilings? And a small detail, how deep are your pantry shelves, and where did you get/what brand are the lazy susan's in the pantry? You must be thrilled!

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Well done. What a beautiful space!

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I love the kitchen. A couple questions about the details. Do you like the dishwasher? I've been in a debate about what to get was leaning toward a Kitchenaid, but would consider the Monogram if it does a good job.

Also, how big is your pantry door?

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Just lovely! I especially like the BS, the pendants, and, of course, that fabulous island. Great job. Congratulations!

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Gorgeous, love it! Love the backsplash, thank you for sharing so many views and details! Great eye candy and so helpful, too!

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Can't say enough about your gorgeous kitchen! Such a huge undertaking, but so great! Love everything, but your floors stand out since I'm working hard to convince my hubby that we NEED wood floors to finish off our kitchen renovation. The floors are beautiful!
Enjoy many happy years in you lovely kitchen.

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The project turned out beautifully. I especially like your island. It looks like you included some great organizational details.

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I love it! That was quite a remodel. Did you take in a porch too? I love the open feel and all your storage - so well organized too. LOVE your floors!

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Congratulations! You must love living in the new space. Everything is so well executed. Wow!

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Wow! Wishing you many years of enjoyment

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Really beautiful job. Enjoy everything!

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Beautiful. Stunning transformation. Exquisite colors. Lovely. A lot of thought and energy went into creating your new kitchen, and it shows! Enjoy!

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I love all the choices you made! Everything just flows so well! Gorgeous! I was wondering where you got the tiles from.

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thanx for the pix.. your kitchen looks great!! I esp like the cabinets configuration,, like the one above the oven, and the spaces for hiding small appliances.. and the coffee sugar drawer.. SO SMART!! i wish i have them :)

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Fabulous! This is a week of stunning reveals and yours is no exception!!

I love your choices and the openness of the whole space, and all the light with your great 4-panel door. The backsplash is perfect for your cabinetry and the whole space.

I especially enjoyed the peek inside your drawers and cabinetry. What a great use of the space and so well thought out. Love the charging station especially. And the appliance garages, and the tray storage, and so much more. Congrats on a great remodel, and enjoy!

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That is beautiful! I love how you opened up the space. The slider door is to die for! The value of your home increased significantly! Congratulations on a job well done!

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Wow, what a great space. We share the same granite, but I am pea green with envy over the beautiful island. It's obvious a lot of thought and love when into planning - congrats and enjoy.

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Lovely kitchen!! You did a great job in planning a beautiful and functional place. Thanks so much for sharing all the pics that show your organization and storage.

I am still hoping and dreaming we will someday have such a kitchen. Do you mind telling the measurements of your pantry? That would be helpful in my planning. Thanks and enjoy!

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I love everything about your new kitchen... It's all just fabulous. I especially like your coffee station and drawer, even tho I do not drink much coffee. I just had the very same refrigerator delivered day before yesterday and I am still just swooning over you love it also?

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Thank you for all the nice compliments. From the time we decided to do the renovation to the time we started was about 1 year. This gave me plenty of time to accumulate ideas from GW and Houzz, and Pinterest and change mind lots of times. There were times when my husband thought it would be a better idea to just move into a bigger house. I didn’t like the thought of that. We have been in our house for 17 years. This was our first house, currently raising our kiddos and have put too much sweat and work into this one to just start all over somewhere else. About 10 years ago I said some day I wanted to use the screened in porch off the kitchen to enlarge our kitchen space and open the space up between the living room and kitchen into more of an open concept. When we found out that structurally we could do everything we wanted to do, there was no need to move! I think he just thought that we would do all this work to our home and still not be happy. But the same could apply to any other house we bought and renovated. I had been thinking of this for too long to just move elsewhere-NO WAY. The picture was already in my head.

Goodbyekitty-We are really happy with our floors too. A good friend of mine’s husband owns a hardwood flooring business on the side( and this is the same floor they put in their house. They service the area between the Missouri and Kansas border. On their floor, they alternated between 3inch, 5 inch, and 7 inch planks. I had never seen different sized planks used like that. It was really cool looking. My husband and I both didn’t want solely 3 inch planks, and cost of 7 inch planks got expensive, so on our floor, we just did 5 inch planks. The first time I went in their house, I fell in love with their distressed looking floor, took a picture of it to show my husband but he wasn’t impressed. I then made him go over there to see and it in person. After seeing in on a larger scale in their house vs. a sample board, he immediately said “I want the same floor in our house”.

michoumonster-Here is the link to where I order our pendants:
I noticed that they are 20% off right now. I watch Cougar Town with Courtney Cox just for her kitchen on the set. She also had these pendants, which is where I first saw them. When I was dreaming of my soon to be remodeled white kitchen, my neighbor said I should call her friend (who I knew somewhat) and look at their newly remodeled white kitchen. When I went to her house, she had these pendants (the same as on Cougar Town)! This is how I found out where to get them from. That is also where I got the idea to put them in a triangle formation at different heights vs. 3 in a row. I read the reviews for the pendants and several people complained that when they received them, they were not all the same height. When I got mine in, I noticed the same thing. I sent a couple a couple back, but still all three varied a bit in size. If I were to hang them in a row, it would be noticeable, but not how I have them. They are hand blow glass and variance in size does occur with these (FYI).

Meyersdum- We actually did not consider French Doors. If you look at our before pictures(4th one down), that is our old exterior wall between old kitchen and old screened in porch. We had 3 windows and one very, very old original to the house door. Our initial idea (short lived) was to push out the 3 replacement windows we had out to the new wall and just replace the door. After looking GW, Houzz, Pinterest, and friends houses’ who also remodeled, that idea didn’t last. A friend of a friend’s house that recently remodeled who let me come over and look at, had these same doors. I took a picture to show my husband and he loved them! We had that wall to work with so it was easy to fit it (perfect actually). In that before picture, the space outside the old exterior wall was a concrete slab surround with cheap screen. We had the perfect space to put those doors in. We enclosed that porch area to fit the dimensions of the door. We looked at Lowes(who sells Pella), a Pella Dealer, Marvin Doors, Anderson Dealer, and Home Depot(who sells Anderson). The Anderson Dealer was over twice the price that HD sold the EXACT same door for. For HD’s price, we actually could upgrade the hardware and glass and still come out ahead. If you have a HD near, you may want to get a brochure and check out the glass ratings. I just don’t know that much about it.

deedless and tea4all and legallin -My pantry shelves are 12 inches deep. I could have done deeper shelves, but I actually wanted to feel like I could walk in there so I didn’t go deeper. I have shelving on two walls. The longest wall in 58 inches long, and the shorter wall is 51 inches long. The door is 2 feet. The obscure glass panel door idea I got from Courtney Cox’s kitchen on Cougar Town. Although on the show, when her door is closed, the light is always on and you can see everything in the pantry, mess and all. That bothered me. So I put one of those switches in the casing so that when the door is closed, the light is off and when you open the door, the light comes on.
I do like my corner Lazy Susans. I got the idea of a kitchen I saw on Pinterest. The brand is Rev-A-Shelf. I got a couple at Bed Bath and Beyond to bring home and try out. One was plastic and I wondered about the durability, the other was wood but without a lip on the sides. I found the Rev-A-Shelf on Lowe’s website, not sold in our local stores. The price was more than I wanted to spend. I kept searching on-line until I found it more reasonable ( is where I ordered them from. Mine are the 18 inch diameter and I love them. Very sturdy, and has the lip on the side where things can’t fly off if spinning too hard around. They are made to screw into shelf, but I did not. I wanted to be able to move them around as I played with organizing my pantry. I love them. They help to find items that might get lost back in the corner. Genius idea! I got all my drawer dividers at Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond. For me it is hard to stand in the store and my kitchen being elsewhere, to try and figure out exactly what I need. Lowe’s had some on clearance so I picked up some there, used my coupons to get some at BBB. I just brought home an assortment and played with them.

legallin- With the exception of our living room(vaulted ceiling) our ceilings are the standard 8 foot. Before the reno, we had soffits above the cabinets, don’t miss them a bit. It makes the room feel taller now. We also removed the header and casing above old doorway into kitchen . Our new wider opening into the kitchen from the living room is the full 8 feet. This also makes the room appear larger. Not pictured, but on one wall of the dining room, we opened the doorway up wider and did away with the header/casing. This makes a huge difference in the room ceiling height appearing larger than the 8 feet. I think there is a picture where you can see into the dining room from the living room. There is a drop down header between the rooms. This actually used to be a full wall, but we were unable to do away with the beam that supports that space across. Oh well, you win some and lose some.
lmsscs- I do like our dishwasher. I originally picked out a stainless steel DW, but in designed the cabinets, I decided that I wanted a cabinet front panel DW. Since we had already paid for them, but not taken delivery yet, I changed and upgraded to the panel front and quieter model. Our old DW (Kennmore) I think, had the sound barrier/insulation parts come off and it was not quiet. Had to run at bedtime. So changing models gave me the opportunity to also upgrade to the quieter model. Had to be sure it was QUIET! Believe me it is. I always have to put my hear down to it when I start to make sure it going. My kiddos have opened it a couple of times while running(not knowing) to put their dirty dishes in. Although I could see that happening with our old DW if I ran it during the day, just because they don’t pay attention (haha). That is my only complaint, it gets opened while running because it is so quiet. I later saw that there are some brands of DW’s that have a light that beams on the floor when running. Panty door is 2 feet

marti9a-We did not add another screened in porch. Our old one was used as a dumping ground for outdoor toys. Now that our kiddos are older and the toys are lesser, rather than using it as an outdoor porch, the kitchen space was better. Missouri summers are humid and the porch was never used as made to. I just realized I didn’t include a before of the porch while it was screen in. The one I posted was as it was being enclosed with siding. But in looking at that picture, if you were to walk out the old door from the kitchen to the screened in porch, you would have to step down approximately 6 inches onto the concrete slab of the screened in porch. We had to build that up to the same level as the interior so it would be flush across. That also allowed us to use that 6 inches or so to run the heating/cooling vents to the new exterior wall.

annalyn123-I got my tiles from a place locally(Kansas City area). Actually, they are a distributer with a showroom, but do not sell to the public. I had the place where I got our counters(who sells tile, flooring, counters, plumbing)to order it for me and install it. When I was searching for tile, I found that sells sample pieces. Not actually Amazon, but tile companies thought out the US would sell sample pieces of different pieces of tile for about $3-5. I would just type the tile name that I saw on Houzz or GW to see if anyone was selling a sample piece. This allowed me to live with the samples and carry them around with me as picking out other finishes. When I found the one I liked, I then took it around town looking for it here locally.

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dbfirewife- Yes I love my refrigerator. Before the renovation, I had a side by side one, where the freezer was on the left and the refrigerator on the right. We bought it when my husband and I moved into our house 17 years ago, pre children years. Over time, I began to hate it. NOT WIDE ENOUGH FOR A PIZZA BOX OR PARTY DELI TRAY. A year before we started the reno, when we knew we were going to do it, but weren't starting yet. Our old frig was the first to go and the new was the first purchase. In shopping for the new, all I knew was that it had to be bigger than our old and fit in the existing space until the reno started. Now I look back and should have waited, and got a counter depth that doesn't stick out as much. I think someone may have warned me of that, but at the time, I really didn't understand what they were saying. As I said to someone else above, "sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some". That is one of my only choices that I might have changed, but really, I hardly regret it. Only someone who planned out a new kitchen would notice. I think there is currently a post going around about that too.

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Just saw your post on my reveal. Yes, similar updates - from a compartmentalized plan to an open one. I love your doors and the overall space. The large island is very nice. So great to have the large work surface.

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Thanks for the details on your doors. Good to hear that HD was competitive for Andersen. That's where we do most of our shopping!

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You put together a really lovely space with some great storage details. I particularly like the granite, wood floors, giant wall of glass doors, glass front cabinets around window, and charging area.

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Your space is exceptional! I am so happy I stumbled upon this post. My husband and I are in the early stages of building our home and I'm getting very overwhelmed looking/explaining what I see in my head. Your kitchen is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Love the back splash, love the small desk area, love the countertops (although laminate is all that's in my budget right now :( ), love the handles. We won't have a island, but your island is fantastic!

Hope you are enjoying your new space!

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Thank you for the compliments. We spent about a year in the planning process. Whenever I would go to someone's house to look at what they just did, I always took my camera and took lots of pictures. I also printed a lot of pictures of kitchens that I found on GW and HOUZZ. I carried these prints around me everywhere! I even gave the cabinet designer pictures out of magazines so he would know the vision I had in my head. Can be stressful but lots of fun too. Let me know if you need details or information of anything in particular.


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1pandora, I LOVE your kitchen so much! I especially adore your hardwood floors that are gorgeous! I love the backsplash, the counters, the style and white painted color of the cabinets, the hardware, the wall color, the appliances especially your beautiful French Door Refrigerator that does not look too deep as you designed it just right, your beautiful darker island the closed trash can top in the pull-out drawer, all the organizers in the drawers and your pantry. Gorgeous kitchen that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

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Evan Thomas

I'm just shopping those same Meridian Pendants. I have always admired them in the catalog. How are you liking them? Are they hard on the eyes with the exposed bulbs? Thanks!

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I do love the pendants. It is a simple look that doesn't distract from the rest of the kitchen. I didn't not use the Edison Bulbs. We have Edison Bulbs in our living room chandelier and the do take some getting use to as well as cast a yellow tone. I did not want a yellow tone in a white kitchen, so I just put regular clear bulbs in the Meridians. I do not find them hard on the eyes. We do have ours on a dimmer too, but rarely use it. When I am working in the kitchen, I love full light! Be aware when ordering these that they are not factory produced and have a lot of variance in the size. That is why I did the 3 in a triangle formation and at different heights(and to be different). If they hung 3 in a row, it would be obvious. I knew I wanted these(because same a Courtney Cox kitchen on Cougar Town) and was one of the first items I purchased, long in advance. I got on their email list(Sundance) and just waited for a coupon before ordering.

Hope that helps!

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Beautiful kitchen! can you please tell me what paint color you chose for your cabinets? Simply White? White Dove?

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I ended up with Simply White. It worked great with all other color choices- LOVE IT!

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Thank You! It was a lot of time spent online looking at other's BEAUTIFUL kitchens and carrying around a lot of samples from place until finding exactly the right thing.

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Oh my goodness...I don't know how I missed seeing this reveal!! I almost wish I hadn't come across it because it kind of makes me regret a couple of my choices. I absolutely love your cabinet/counter/backsplash combination and it was, in fact, one that I had considered. If I had come across a slab of Bianco Romano as gorgeous as your island, I would have done it! Your selections work so well together and I love the idea of having quartz on the perimeter and natural stone on the island. Just beautiful.

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lcskaisgir-I don't know why, but your comments made me laugh (probably because I have said the same thing about other kitchens). I would love to see your finished pictures if you have them posted!


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lol, I really mean it!! I was so indecisive during my remodel I drove myself (and my contractors) absolutely crazy. No matter how many pics you look at, you just really have no way of knowing how anything will look in YOUR kitchen. When I saw yours I immediately thought "she nailed it"!

I did post a reveal about a year ago....can't remember exactly what the name of the post was but it was similar to your title. Now I should really know this....

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Pandora, I just went to my reveal post to find a pic of something for someone and it seems that all the pics were lost during the transfer to Houzz :(

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Here is the link to lcskaisgir's amazing gorgeous "White and Gray Kitchen Reveal Lots of Pics" Post. Lcskaisgir is so right that so many of her pictures are missing. I just posted at the bottom of the thread about the problem. There used to be a few before pictures and so many after pictures. We need these pictures back. The kitchen is one of the most gorgeous kitchens and I used to visit it a lot as it taught me that what is important is how everything goes together and not a perfect detail.

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lcskaisgir, I sent a list of 11 kitchen reveal threads to last night, as suggested by Tamara in this thread about missing photos:

Tamara - Where Did Photos Go

I included your reveal thread in the list of links that need to be repaired. I'm sure there are countless more, but I just went through the last month or so of posts here. I tried to capture reveals that had been posted (or talked about) in that time frame, that are clearly missing photos and/or text. I consider it a starting point.

Tamara said in the above thread that the data isn't lost, but the threads will have to be restored manually, which will take time.

My question is, how long do we have to alert them to the damaged threads, before the data *is* lost? And secondly, will they eventually repair ALL the damaged threads, or only those we report?

I asked Tamara in the above thread, and I also asked the same questions in the email I sent last night. I have not had a reply yet, but if I do, I'll post back to the above linked thread.

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I noticed that last night when I clicked on your link. Not all my pictures got transferred either. I thought maybe it was my computer so I logged into another computer and still the same with yours, mine, and apparently others. If you go back to my link, someone (mudhouse) is looking into it. That is so upsetting!

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This is so frustrating. I know we all spent a lot of time uploading and responding to these pictures for others to benefit/learn from. This is my original post "Finished White and Gray Kitchen Reveal" - Can you tell me if you included it on your list of missing photos, or do I need to send something too? I wouldn't even know where to begin to restore/reload those again!


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Thank you mudhouse! I hope they have a way of fixing all of them and not just the ones that are reported. It takes a lot of time and effort posting all those pics! I do go back, from time to time, to look at members' photos for help in something that I'm working on...or just to admire :)

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You're welcome lcskaisgir. I hope so too. I'm going to bump the thread about this in just a bit,to see if I can prompt some answers from Houzz. I think these archived posts are the "treasure chest" of GW. I don't want them to be damaged or lost. I used them a LOT. And I have not started my kitchen!

pandora1, I only went back a short bit in time, and didn't see your reveal, so I have just emailed the URL for your reveal to Houzz ( So they should have it on the list of threads to restore.

I tried to see the original version of your reveal by going to Google and looking for a cached version, but since the reveal was from 2013, there's no cached version showing anymore. I don't know how long Google stores cached versions, but this is proof we have to get these restored, as even the newer threads will eventually not be available on the web in their original complete form, in time.

I don't think there is any way that you or I can restore these archived threads. The good folks at Houzz will have to do it for us. The only other option I can think of is to laboriously rebuild our own threads by posting a new one, if we still have saved the text and photos we used originally. And that's probably impractical if not impossible for most of us.

Hopefully we can keep encouraging Houzz to help us with this. I think it matters!

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pandora1, I don't know what I was doing wrong earlier (sorry!) but I just managed to get the link for the Google cached version of this reveal thread. So, here's a link with all of your wonderful photographs, complete. (We still need to get the Houzz version fixed, fingers crossed!)

pandora1 complete thread Finished White and Gray Kitchen Reveal

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For some reason when I click on your above link, it still takes me back to this thread (my thread minus 90% of my photos). The link says- This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Feb 6, 2015 06:47:22 GMT.

I can't remember the exact date they converted GW to Houzz- before or after Feb. 6?


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Hmm pandora1, this is odd, and I thank you for posting. When I clicked on the link above, the first time it took me to your old thread, with all photos intact. Then I clicked on it a second time, and it reverted to the Houzz version with 90% of the photos missing, as you said. And then I clicked on it a third time, and it took me to your old thread with intact photos.

I don't know why this is happening. And I appreciate the heads up.

BUT, if you click on it and arrive at the page that says "This is Google's cache of (etc etc) then you are on the RIGHT page. All you need to do to see all your photos is scroll down. (Waaay down!) Maybe try again a few times, as my results were inconsistent.

If you land on a page that says Houzz on the top, it's the damaged thread. You are wanting the page that talks about Google cache.

I'm sorry this is so frustrating.

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I'm working on another post to my thread about the missing content problem, to try to make sure Houzz understands the extent of the damage. Maybe this week we can get some reassurances about repairs. Kitchen Reveals and DAT Threads with Missing Photos and Text

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