Please HELP! Questions about Cabinet Brands for galley kitchen

paulairisJuly 12, 2014

I am new to this forum and need LOTS of help, so thank you in advance for your input. We are remodeling our galley kitchen which is 9 ft x 71/2 ft.

We have looked at many different brands of cabinets and are wondering about the pros and cons of each brand. At this point, we have seen doors that we like in Cabico, Ultracraft and Executive.

We are getting price quotes in the range of approx. $11,000 without installation. Having never remodeled before, it seems quite expensive for such a small area.

The plans contain:
1 - 30" pantry with 4 roll outs
2 - 18" upper and lower cabinets
1 - cabinet over the microwave
2 - sets of 34" cabinets
1 - 18", 3 drawer unit
1 - cabinet over the refrigerator

Please give me your opinions regarding the brands and also if the price seems out of line for this size kitchen.

I am so confused��.

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I would advise you look at Ikea. I have been super impressed with their quality, and they would undoubtedly be less expensive. My cabinets, which includes at least twice your number of cabinets, cost about $8000.

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That seems high. I have a $15,500 quote for about twice the number of cabinets, painted finish, custom made, with install.

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I just put new cabinets in my galley. It's shorter on one side than the other. 7 1/2' one wall, 12' ish the opposite wall (walls with cabinets). I bought my cabinets from Ikea during the sale (I believe there is one on now) and it was about $3600.

I have 36" over fridge, 30" over the range micro cabinet, 4x 18" uppers 39" tall, 1x 30" uppers 39" tall, 2x 18" pullouts, 1x 24" sink cabinet, 1x 24" drawers, 1x 30" drawers, 1 24" pantry cabinet with pullouts and 2x 9" perfekt shelves, one 30" tall and one 39" tall.

I LOVE my new kitchen! The cabinets are Adel White, they wipe clean easily, the drawers are a dream, and it's just so functional and quiet. I did not buy a lot of internal organizers, as I found I didn't need that many.

I'll include a link to my reveal which has some other details in it. Another member, NYCGirl or something similar has a really nice galley kitchen. It has dark cabinets and it is an amazing transformation!

Here is a link that might be useful: Galley Kitchen Reveal

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I mixed up two names! LOL Here are the links. If you search galley kitchens here, you'll get a ton of hits.

I don't know how to put two links in the same reply, so the next one will follow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nattygirl's kitchen

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How many individual cabinets? You say "upper and lower" and "sets" which is a bit confusing. If you add just the numbers, it totals 8, but I can also get 12.
Any glass doors? That triples prices sometimes. How much for the pantry pullout? The last one I ordered was probably 2000 in a low middling cabinet line.
It's usually more expensive per foot to do a smaller kitchen than a bigger one because the bigger has more plain cabinets and more open space.

This could be high but might not. The most expensive kitchen I ever did was the smallest.

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Here's the other one. There are loads of gorgeous galley's when you search.

Here is a link that might be useful: NYCBlue Devil's kitchen

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Another IKEA fan here. I bought cabinets for my galley kitchen in their last sale. I have the following:

6 - 24" wide lowers
1 - 30" sink base cabinet
1 - 15" wide lower

1 - 24" wide pull-out pantry

2 - 24W 24H 12D uppers

1 - 24W 12H 24D upper
1 - 24W 15H 24D upper

The cabinets with Applad doors (mid-range price) were around $3000, I think. (I bought a range hood and some other odds and ends and did not break down exactly what the cabs cost.)

I've had IKEA kitchens for 18 years and have have always been satisfied with the quality. People get custom doors made all the time for them--dunno how this compares budget-wise to what you're looking at but might be worth looking into. If you don't like any of the current IKEA doors styles, that is. They are admittedly very limited and I passed on IKEA on the very first kitchen I did 24 years ago because of this.

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Thanks for all of your responses. We did look at Ikea cabinets, but they weren't quite the look we wanted.

palimpsest, to be more specific:

No glass doors

2 - 18" upper AND 2 - 18" lower cabinets

The 2 sets of 34" cabinets are above the sink area. In total there are 4 doors that are 17" each.

I do not know the individual price for the pantry pullouts.

Does anyone have any specific thoughts about the brands
Cabico or Ultracraft or Executive?

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11 cabinets and the pantry? No itemized costs in your estimate?

Find out how much the pantry is at least. Can you google a picture?

Seems very high. They are all estimating about the same?

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That sounds a bit expensive but not wildly unreasonable; I have just finished a galley kitchen that is 7.5ft wide and 14 ft long (was 12ft before we opened up a wall.) I priced frameless cabinets from Cabico Espresso, all drawers in the lowers, and the not-quite-everything total was around $9k; I comparison shopped Innermost (frameless also) at Home Depot and it was slightly more expensive. I also used the Ikea planner to mock up layouts so I could gauge the price there, and it was in line with what the previous posters suggested.

In the end, we used Diamond cabinets (a very mid-range brand) because of the contractor we chose; they're not frameless but we're very happy with them. I don't know the specific price because the cabinets got wrapped into the price for all the work, which included a lot of other expenses like moving plumbing on a slab and opening up a load-bearing wall.

Bottom line is that cabinets are probably the biggest expense in doing a kitchen, other than labor if you mess about with the layout like we did. By comparison the granite/quartz estimates seemed like a bargain! I don't think I anticipated this when I started contemplating what to do to our kitchen, and like you the numbers sort of shocked me. I spent more time as a result, figuring out a layout that made the costs feel more worthwhile.

If you want to see some beautiful galley kitchens, google kitchen reveals by @yesdear and @brooklyngalley and @erhm, among many others including the ones posted above. Oh, and also @marthavila and @histokitch, two of my all-time favorite kitchens irrespective of size. I've linked below a google search for galley kitchen reveals on Gardenweb which should turn up some of the above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search for galley kitchen reveals on GW

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Please help!! I am so confused about kitchen cabinet company comparisons. We need cabinets for a full size kitchen and are debating between Plain and Fancy and Omega. Then for the master bath and a dressing table in the bedroom we are thinking of Omega or Ultra Craft. I just can't figure out the difference. At this point my head is swimming and they all look alike in a very traditional style in white. Need to order and I need your advice. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Omega, lots of GW posters have commented that they use Dynasty (Omega's semi-custom line) for most of their cabinets and Omega custom for the pieces they need to customize.

Our neighbor used the same strategy and was very pleased with the result, and the cost savings.

We found a local cabinetmaker for our kitchen and we were completely satisfied with the price and quality.

We didn't look at Omega/Dynasty since we wanted frameless, but that is no longer an issue since they have now introduced a frameless line (they call it "Full Access".


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Thanks for this. So I guess the difference in Omega really is one is custom and the other is semi-custom. I imagine then that the door style and construction may be the same.

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