Typhoon Bordeaux Granite and Floor Tile Question

kodak1July 21, 2010

My cabinet maker will be starting my cabinets in about 2 weeks. I am planning on cherry cabinets (traditional door style) in a burgundy/bordeaux stain. I may also install a small island in the same stain or possibly a painted cream finish. I have been looking at granite slabs and love typhoon bordeaux. Some slabs have more gold tones in them and I think I prefer the creamier color. I am planning on choosing porcelain tile on the floor and was hoping for some help in choosing a color. Should it match the granite? Does anyone have pictures of a typhoon bordeaux countertop? What color flooring did you choose? I would love to see pictures. Thanks for any help.

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I have TB on my island- my slab has more of the creamy background.. Most of the slabs i was finding had the golder/yellow/orangy background. I would have loved to do my entire kitchen in TB, but A- it was too pricey and B- once I finally found a good slab there was only 1 and i needed 3. Here is a pic. of my slab.. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.. There are so many beautiful kitchens on this forum with TB. I hope you get to see all of their kitchens, as mine is only a tiny glimpse of TB.

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I forgot to add. I have HW on the floor, so I am not much help in that department, but I think if you go with almost any taupe (y) cream floor color you will be just fine... Hope this helps at least a little bit. :)

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I have natural quarter sawn oak floors with my cherry cabinets. I need more later photos but here are some early ones.

ucket.com/albums/vv314/bostonpam/?action=view&current=IMG_4881.jpg" target="_blank">

one of my slabs

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We selected Siena Bordeaux granite and selected this floor tile. Then at the last minute we change granite (Gialita) but there was not enough time to revisit the floor tile decision. We love this tile and think it looks great in our kitchen and I think it would have been great with the Siena Bordeaux.

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I have TB as well...very similar to gillylily's and bostonpam's. I have walnut floors, so can't help you with suggestions on tile. But...I would get a sample of the Typhoon Bordeaux granite and take it with you to the tile stores. When you find a few tiles that might go, get samples of those and bring them to your kitchen space to see how they look in the light in different areas and at different times of the day (with the TB sample).

It's really amazing how lighting affects the colors. You can see that in bostonpam's picture where she has all the backsplash tiles lined up. Some that you see in the store look totally different in your light.

Good luck! We all love our TB!

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions and for posting pictures of your beautiful granite. I've brought home a few sample tiles. I looked at them at different times of the day to see how they look in different lighting and I was finally able to pick one.

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