Love my cushy cupboards!

classy123July 18, 2014

A friend told me about this great site and I wanted to share this new item I purchased ~ Cushy Cupboards. It's easy to install, easy to clean and my dishes are secure (always good in earthquake country!!). I especially love it under my sink. I wish I had it when I had a leak, Cushy Cupboards would have saved my cabinet. I highly recommend this product!

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Marc Johnson

Interesting... may be considering that when we start putting everything away in the new cabs!

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No, not spam. A number of us here have bought/used CC in our kitchens. :). Works well!

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Registered today to spread the love.

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I agree with Cat Mom. No site is linked, and Cushy Cupboards (which I love also and have often recommended here and elsewhere) has frequently been discussed on GW. Hard to believe that True Value Hardware would be spamming for it!
I would wait and see if the OP responds.

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Cushy Cupboards has had many long and feverishly devoted threads for many years. It was enough to convince me, and I'm hard to convince.

I have no relationship with the company. This post is definitely not spam. The new poster might be someone who heard about it from a friend who heard about it in this forum and wanted to come here to say so.

IF you carefully cut to fit exactly, you have a cushioned liner that catches spills, keeps things from shifting and rattling, is easy to remove for cleaning and replace, protects the drawer/shelf, and even works as a mini-pullout.

When I do my spring cleaning, I pull the Cushy Cupboards out and scrubb them well, let them dry and put them back. Inevitably, there's something that spilled or leaked but not enough to see. The stain and rust and whatever just go away. My salad spinner is on the top shelf in the corner where there's a counter. I pull on the Cushy Cupboards to get hold of it, instead of using the ladder.

It looks like ordinary packing material--and in many ways it really is--but it's ideal for the stated purpose.

ADVICE: It comes in 12" and 24" rolls. You still have to trim, unless you have a lot of shelves that are exactly 12", so it makes most sense to buy 24" rolls for most cabinet uses. My father, who is gifted that way, even managed to make one piece work for my corner upper cupboard. There's a teeny little triangle missing right by the edge, but you can't see it, and certainly can't put anything where it is, so I call that a success. That's where my dinner and soup plates are, and my Pyrex bowls.

Here is a smattering of threads that mention it, for good and bad. There are 10 pages of them on Google. I think the last one might have one of the first mentions. When I joined in 2007, Cushy Cupboards was already anointed as one of the favorite things in GW Kitchens, along with plugmold, Tapmaster and air switch. Some people really don't like it. Some are fervent fans. Some, like me, are converts. I used cork in some places, but will eventually change them over to Cushy Cupboards.

April 2010
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Cushy Cupboard shelf liners

Last Month
shelf liners on refurbished cabinets/drawers

September 2006 (second post from last)
Best cabinet liners?

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I think I don't care if someone registers today to comment, which has had some jumping down their throat,
or if someone is here to promote a product. Once. And pertinent to the theme of this board.

Just because someone's new, or talking about a product, doesn't mean it doesn't have value or relevance.

Now if it was like that recent crap about real estate or insurance in every city on earth, that's spam.

This, however, is not. Spam doesn't miss an opportunity to post links taking us away. Interesting that those proclaiming spam recently have evidently not been around long enough to recognize something periodically discussed.

So slow your fast butts down and take a look at a product recommended here by many. And maybe lighten up.

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I did not mean to offend anyone. My sincerest apologies to all.

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I may have been a bit stirred up, because the Cushy Cupboards love had died down enough that a couple of you didn't know about it, but certainly not offended!

BTW, contrary to what the OP said, I don't think it would help that much in an earthquake. I could keep something that fell over from breaking, but if the cupboard doors swing open, the CC is going to vibrate out with its contents sooner than cork or contact paper. One of the great things about it is that there isn't any tooth--but then there isn't hardly any friction to hold it in place either. It does keep things from shifting in drawers much though.

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How much do these rolls cost?


Do any on-line stores sell them?

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I ordered directly from De Nault's at (949) 888-5200 and got the best price. If you're going to do your whole kitchen with it, measure everything you want to line and put in one big order and you'll save a lot on shipping.

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Below is a link to the Cushy Cupboards site on DeNaults. As Pillog said, your best bet is to order the 24" wide rolls and cut them to fit. I use a metal straight edge and a razor blade.

Plllog, I just looked at the earliest post (2006) you cited and WOW!! a great idea there.
I never considered lining refrigerator drawers with CC. Brilliant. And I have some left over from cabinets, too. Darn well worth a try.
Have you--or anyone--ever put them in the DW? I have had no occasion to, but I might put fridge drawer liners in the DW.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Cushy Cupboards source

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OMG, refrigerator drawers, now THAT is a clever idea!

Separate question, I don't like the waffle weave stuff because things " stick" to it making it hard, for example, so slide glasses in. Is CC like that, or is it slicker?

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Nothing sticks to CC. Easy to slide glasses in and out, ditto cast iron pots, you name it.
The surface of CC is easy to clean, both top and bottom. Smooth, but not slick. No ridges and grooves. The slight "cushiness" is pleasant. A heavy pot upside down, resting on its rim, will leave a dented circle, but it will disappear after the pot is moved. I have no signs of left-over rings on the canned goods shelves, for instance.

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Some people who are used to jerking their drawers so things come sliding up to the front don't like CC because they stay in place too well. Because it's cushy, things don't slide as easily as they do on a slick, hard surface, but they do slide if you push them. :) Nothing at all like the grip of the rubber waffle stuff that's the same stuff they use to keep rugs from slipping! That stuff doesn't just stick, it grips! The CC just resists a tiny bit and doesn't grip or stick at all.

Bellsmom, I saw your name in one of those old threads too. :) Do let us know how you like it in the fridge!

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I don't understand cupboard liners. We have all hardwood shelves and put dishes right on top of them. If you don't slam things in there, why have something to collect dirt, etc?

We like our naked cupboards :)

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My post wasn't SPAM. I am not associated with this company. I am a VERY pleased consumer who wanted to share information with others regarding this great product! Enjoy!!!!

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Glad you responded, Classy 123.
I'm another fan. I even put them on top of the cabinets. SO much easier to remove them and wash them in the sink rather than climb a ladder and try to wash the grease off the top of the cabinets.

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Classy welcome aboard! Sorry some GWebbers were a bit over zealous. - we do get a number of Spammers promoting products. We had a recent one on appliances promoting Thermidor as the only oven worth buying and all others failed miserably!

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Can any of you make a comparison with Warp Brothers Plast-o-Mat? That's what I'm used to using, but am wondering what might be different/better about CC?

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From DeNaults! Good grief, I may have to drive over and take a look at this stuff. lol They do carry some nifty kitchen tools that are not the usual retail offerings, but it has been a while since my last visit.

Just this week I ordered something from Amazon, and chose the CA company because I figured it would arrive quicker. I laughed when I got the box, and realized that the company that shipped it was just a few miles away from where I live.

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Is Plast-o-mat ribbed? It seemed from what I found when I googled it that it was. If it is ribbed, I think Cushy Cupboards, despite its tacky name, is infinitely better. I have found ribbed shelf liner a PIA to clean.
You might want to check out some of the links Plllog posted on July 19 at 14:15. There have been lots of reviews here.
Here are a couple of pics of Cushy Cupboards on my pantry shelves (these were previously posted on GW):
A closeup of it on the old, original shelving in my pantry.

A not so close closeup of it on the new DIY 6"+ recessed-into-wall shelving in my pantry

(My dog is addicted to peanut butter pressed into those hard rubber dog toys with holes in the center. I have several jars in reserve for her. She brings her "holey" toys hopefully for a refill several times a day. She gets ONE refill a day.)

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Yes, the Plast-o-Mat is ribbed. I actually prefer ribbed liner under jars that could be sticky or oily, and have not had any issue cleaning it with warm water.

From your photos, the CC looks like foam underlayment used with laminate flooring. If that's the case, buying the underlayment would be a big savings.

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