Am I the only one tripping over my dog?

soibeanJuly 7, 2013

Just curious about this one. We've had our dog for about three years and we love him to death. When I'm home, he follows me around wherever I go. He usually parks himself right at my feet. Which is fine when I'm sitting at the desk, for example. But when I'm working in the kitchen, he lays himself down right where I'm working and blocks me. Sometimes he's in front of a drawer, or the trash pullout, or the refrigerator, etc. If I'm not careful, I will definitely trip over him while I'm working. I'm sure I'm not alone in this problem...but it occurs to me that for all of my planning around the layout of the kitchen, this was one variable that I didn't account for. Anyone else have this problem?
One of these days I will snap a pic if I can. Meanwhile, here he is as I type this message.

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My GSD is the same way except she tends to lay at one end of the island or the other instead of at my feet when we're in the kitchen. If she decides to lay down where I'm working a soft word will get her to move. She's such a good little girl! That is, unless a storm is coming or blowing. Then she's glued to my side. It's not easy to vacuum when you have a big baby leaning against you!

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Absolutely! Always under foot and my current kitchen is just too small. She is not a little girl either - 75 pounds and she is going to be 6 this August. We got her as a puppy. I will try to snap a pic too when I can. She is not a fan of getting her picture taken. :) Currently she has retired for the night so she is not in the kitchen.

Thunderstorms, power tools, fireworks - she is not just under foot she has to be actually TOUCHING me. Usually she will lay down against my legs which if I am standing is a bit tricky!

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Our cat who recently passed away was notorious for getting underfoot. Now the remaining cat now does the same thing in the kitchen. He will follow me to the fridge and sit behind me when I am prepping on the counter.

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If I'm in the kitchen, our dog is, too. I'm the 'food lady' you know. I think they hate to miss a possible prep snack.

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Always stepping over and around my 85 pound Golden Retriever who is supine right in front of the cooktop like a bear rug. Everything takes me twice as long "dogging my steps".

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Dogs are den animals and love their sheltered places, like under the desk.

Set up a crate with the dog open near the kitchen but out of the way, and encourage the dog to curl up there. Put treats in the crate, feed the dog in the crate, pretty soon the dog will prefer the crate to being kicked by accident!

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my dog also follows me around the kitchen. i put a bed for him to lounge on the edge of the kitchen. he enjoys lounging there where he can still keep an eye on me. also, i tell him "out of the kitchen" whenever he comes in and he obeys and goes back to his bed usually, unless i am slicing meat. lol.

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My beagle will happily wait until I'm stationary for a few moments and lay down so her back is touching the back of my feet. I just have to put a bit of pressure against her to get her to move, but occasionally I forget she's there, and she gets stepped on. She also sits under the dining room chairs, under my computer desk, behind my desk chair, under the foot rest of the recliner, and pretty much everywhere but her designated spots. She's just as bad as the kids. lol

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Don't you wish you'd taken care of this training issue when he was a puppy? Yes, dogs love to be right on top of you, especially in the kitchen with all that yummy food, but they can be trained to stay out of the kitchen. They sit right with their front toenails touching the magic do-not-cross line hoping that some morsel will somehow come their way, but they will stay out. Someone posted on here a while back about her well trained dog who stayed out of the kitchen even when the kitchen had been totally gutted and the magic line was no more. Maybe that dog had an internal GPS to tell him right where the OK spot used to be.

Never fear, it's not to late to re-program Mr. Snuggles. Sushipup's crate thing is a good idea, but you can also go with the magic line which is wherever you say it is. It will take a while and will try your persistence, but it can be done. Much better than tripping over Mr. I'm-not-in-the-way and crashing or squishing his foot.

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Multiple times a day I either trip over or step on one of our 3 cats. To them, being in the kitchen means they are getting fed - even if breakfast was only 10 minutes ago!

Or, like now, one gets between me and the computer and sprawls on the keyboard. Life does revolve around them! :)

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Sparky is getting old and has a hard time getting up and down. So when he decides to lay down blocking access to the DW or a set of drawers I try to let him stay as long as possible. Only if I really need to get access to something do I make him move. Sparky is an Aussie that weighs about 75 lbs.

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I feel I should clarify - Tess sleeps in the kitchen when I'm in there but she does not beg at the table...lays near by hoping for fall out from one of the kids. If you tell her to go lay down elsewhere she will but she much prefers to be near me and I guess I don't mind enough to make her move.

debrak - aww. I think I'll be doing the same as my girl ages.

Here she is but NOT in the kitchen this time. She is a golden doodle.

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I guess there are really two behaviors going on. One is when he is hoping for a food treat - in this mode, me stands next to me quietly as I prep, looking up, in hopes I will toss him something (I confess that I do on occasion; we have not disciplined him as we should). The alert standing doesn't bother me though, because he moves when I move. The second behavior is lying flat on the floor, like gr8day describes - this is the one that gets me. I think I will put a bed for him just out of the way, where he can see me from a comfy spot. He certainly loves a comfy spot - when he isn't following one of us, he is sure to be sleeping on our most comfortable chair, or in the master bed if we are not at home. I do realize we have brought this on ourselves by not training him better; I'm the first to admit that he's pathetically spoiled, but he is generally a very good dog (we have been very lucky in that regard).

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My Corgi, with her loooong body, always lays with the full length of her, in front of where I cook. One time when she was a pup, an errant piece of bacon dropped from the pan above, she caught it in mid air and never complained about how it must have burned her mouth! Now she's convinced that bacon may fly by again, so there's no moving her!

Fortunately, she's not very wide so I just stand behind her when I'm cooking!
I just love my Corgi! ;))))

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We have 3 dogs, so when I need to move around and cook they need to be out of the way. They've been taught "out of the kitchen". They can hang out just on the other side of the kitchen table out of the work zone. It just takes some patience and consistency to teach them. You can also put a dog bed where you want them to be and teach them to go there. Our puppy figured it out pretty quickly watching the older dogs. Besides, I don't want to slip on a puddle of drool on the floor....... :)

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Same school as annac54 here. We lost our golden last year, but she had to learn "out of the kitchen" at a young age. Small work space and I'm a bit of a spaz :-) would have been dangerous for both of us! Besides, I think goldens have more fur per square inch than any other beast on earth, esp. our Iris, aka Farrah Fawcett dog, and it was always floating around.
That being said, I would give anything to have her in the kitchen right now! End of August will bring her successor

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My GSD nearly always follows me around. (She used to more, but now with old age and hip dysplasia, she's more apt to park herself somewhere she can see me as I move around.) In the kitchen, she has a few spots that she and I consider "acceptable" parking places. When she was younger, I trained her by telling her to lay down in one of those spots when I knew I'd be in the kitchen. Now she instinctively lays down in one of those spots without being asked. She's close enough for her comfort, but out of the tripping hazard zone. I also never give her morsels directly from the counter. If I wish to give her something that I've just been working on in the kitchen, I always go to her bowl and place it there. It keeps her from begging. My parents house has a counter and their dog loves to lay under there, behind the stools. I agree with sushipup, that a sheltered place (such as under a counter, table, desk, or in a crate) would certainly be a convenient and comfortable location for your dog if you have an available space. If not, find any spot that works for you and tell your dog to settle there. Perhaps even give him a treat when he does settle in the preferred spot. Soon enough he'll probably go there without direction.

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Yes!! She lies down in the 2 busiest parts of the kitchen! Right in front if the range, and right at the corner of my L. I'm always nudging her out of the way. Great thread!

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I had trained my chocolate lab to stay out of the kitchen, and she did lay right on the line where the vinyl flooring transitioned to the hardwood of the hall. Gradually during my cooking session, as she stretched, or moved around, her front paws would creep over the line. If I said out she would back up, but if I was busy and didn't notice, she would eventually be 100% in the room without ever having gotten off the ground.

Now I have joint custody with a giant Golden who takes up a lot of real estate himself, but doubles the area used by lying with his head on the dog bed, and the rest of him on the floor.

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Autumn.4 - to add to the list of things we have in common, I also have 2 large golden doodles. :)

I made my kitchen aisles extra wide to account for dog traffic. They will happily sprawl out underfoot when I'm cooking, and most of the time, that is ok. One dog is especially helpful at cleaning the kitchen floor which is appreciated.

There are times, however, when it isn't safe (or is just too annoying) and they know where their allowed space is when I tell them to "kennel," "go," "sit," "down," or "stay." ("Kennel" means they have to go in the adjoining room that looks into the kitchen. They both do sit with paws on the "invisible line." They will stay in that room without any barriers until invited back out. Good girls!)

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clueless- oh my those eyes! :( What a sweetheart so sorry for your loss. I am dreading that day - mine is only 6 but 6 is different than 5, I can tell already she is slowing down a bit. You will have to post pics of your puppy.

mabelding-that's funny! So the slow inchworm until all the way in?

lolauren-really? That's funny. Ours was so easily trained - but she is a big baby (my fault). She's my running/walking partner for our super early exercise before sunrise. :) Of course I 'pretend' she is my attack guard dog but no one else would be the wiser. She does have a beasty bark but that's it! She does NOT like my hubby in uniform. Sounds the serious alarm. It's crazy. I joke that she has something against navy wool/poly blend. Hehe!

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We had a "desk" area in the original kitchen, and it was just the right size for Winnie's crate when she was a puppy. When she wanted to to be with me in the kitchen, she would lay down in her crate. She was 2 when we remodeled, and I kept essentially the same layout, but I replaced her crate with a bed. Now when she joins me in the kitchen, that's where she goes, out from underfoot. It was just serendipitous that we had the space there in the first place and it worked out so well.

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My constant companion, kitchen or otherwise. Love thay guy Jamie. He's a good one.

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He's like a speedbump. Always there, and putting himself in peril. See above, sleeping below an open knife drawer. Now his favorite spot is in front of my 100K+BTU culinarian cooktop.

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We raised 2 littermate, lab puppies. I accidently trained them to move when I said "beep beep". My daughter thought it was hilarious, but they new it meant get out of the way and they did. Not sure how it all came about originally.

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Love that, mary lu! Our Winnie seems to understand "excuse me," but "beep beep" is quicker and cuter.

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Sometimes, I do like the dogs underfoot for picking up everything I drop on the floor, but I do have to be careful.
I actually can't step back, ever, because I'll look back and there will be both dogs, with looks of anticipation, and our African Grey parrot, wanting to be picked up. Ugh!
I hate locking him up in his cage, but I can't have him wandering around the house all the time either!

(Note: can't take a good picture of the three of them looking up at me, because the parrot will always run towards the person with the camera, but you get the idea)

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My enormous (80 lb, huge for the breed) Airedale likes to sit and lean right under the cooktop, against the pan storage. He figures he won't miss anything as he's right in the prep/cook area, or zone of maximum snack potential. He can reach all but one small corner of the counters and, though he knows better, sometimes can't resist filching an unauthorized morsel or two.

He knows that "beep beep" means back up! He can also operate all doors in the house, which explains the interior dead bolts.....

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Withoutanh, my GSD can open our storm door because of the lever handle and scare the life out of some hapless jogger-she loves people but pointy dog faces are scary when they come barreling at you. We ALWAYS lock it.

She can also open the door to the garage because it doesn't latch well.

My other dog, 100 lbs of mutt, only comes in the work area when I'm cutting meat. He leaves when I tell him to, though :) He's always in the kitchen but has his spot, out of the way, in the corner behind our kitchen table.

They are both almost 11. I admit to feeling sentimental these days and don't enforce the rules as much as I used to.

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Finally got a shot of my guy, blocking the main sink tonight.

I'm loving seeing everyone's dogs! Also the commands - when we adopted our dog, he had been taught to go to his crate with the command "condo". Cracks me up.

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clueless - your baby is so beautiful! her eyes remind me of my old girl's eyes - so quizzical! She used to look at me with those quizzical eyes when I talked to her... i know she was thinking 'What is wrong with you mom? You are such a fruit loop. You ask me questions and then you answer them!' She was 16 when she got her wings a yr + ago.

Her 'sister' doesn't get in my way much in the kitchen. She usually stays on the other side of the 'table' area and just watches me. I'm not in the kitchen that much since I seldom cook. Maybe she's figured out that I won't be in there long enough for her to get comfy anywhere.

Here she is - she's standing on the vinyl planks I bought for the kitchen/hall floor. She got to run, skid and slide on them for 6 wks to 'dog nail test' them. Her sharp nails didn't damage them at all so I had them put down.

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desertsteph, you just reminded me of something else my dog does that constantly entertains us. Our house is pretty much all hardwood floors with a few area rugs here and there. Whenever he gets excited and tries to go straight to a full-out run, he ends up doing the Scooby-Doo - running in place because his paws aren't getting a grip on the floor. It's hysterical!

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And her favorite spot. The sink is to the right of her rear. The aisles are not even close to what is recommended, let alone to be stepping over a dog but I guess she doesn't know that. ;)

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Here's my Corgi, Koko. She's annoyed that no one cooks in the kitchen anymore and the worker dudes that drop food are late this morning!

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Our friends have two goldens that are as sweet as can be , but man, I have nearly tripped over them on a number of occasions. They are ALWAYS under foot and it can be very annoying if you are not used to it. It's hard to relax and enjoy being there as the dogs are licking your hands and trying to get at your plate or drink, etc...

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joanie - ewww. My dad's dogs (well mainly the male) will try to sit with his head in your lap while you eat at the table. Umm, no thanks. Drives me and my kids NUTS! It's so gross. And - he drools. He doesn't dare do it to my dh - they must have an 'understanding', lol! I have to say it's totally my Dad's fault - he is the ultimate spoiler. Growing up, my sister and I used to joke that the dogs had it better that we could ever dream!!!

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joaniepoanie, I hear you. Some of my relatives definitely find our guy overly "friendly", if you will. We need to be conscious of who is visiting - who likes all the attention and who could definitely do without it.

sanjuangirl, I'm pretty sure our guy is lonely with all the workers gone now. Our GC lectured us about how strict he is with dogs, but then we found out that he was sharing his lunch with ours on a regular basis!

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Autumn and Soi...these are friends we've known for 30+years and moved here several years ago. I think they sensed our discomfort and it seems their solution was not to put the dogs outside or in another room when we were over, but to stop having us over. Kind of sad really, but honestly, one time we were there I could not eat dinner because the dogs stank to high heaven and sat at our feet through the whole meal...I guess waiting to scoop up any food that fell. The friendship has changed over this...I just wish pet owners would not be so defensive about their animals and gate them in another room when they have people over who are not comfortable being around pets, especially large ones that won't leave you alone. I just went to a baby shower where I know there are 2dogs, but I did not see them at all--kudos to the host!

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Joanie - oh no! That is terrible. I can't imagine.

I frequently put my dad's dogs out on the porch when we eat there because he won't do it - doesn't bother him to have them underfoot and head in his lap. While I am a dog/cat/animal lover I realize that not only are some not, some are really quite scared of dogs - especially larger ones. I am pretty sensitive to that and while I walk my dog off leash in some areas I am sure to heel her or put the leash back on when others are around. If she is invited by the person to say hi that is another story but I never assume that 'everyone' likes dogs because they just don't. Although my dog certainly does think everyone wants to see her!

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Joanie, that is awful! I can't imagine losing friends over a pet. We even boarded our dog so that a friend who is allergic could visit. Also, we were on the other side when our DS was younger and was afraid of dogs. Having said that, though, you have reminded me to be more conscious of our guests and be more proactive in keeping our doggie in check. Like with kids, not everyone thinks he's as adorable as we do.

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I should call my dog "Elmer" because he sticks to me like glue. But he has been trained to not go into the kitchen. Not just a big deal in our house, because we have room, but at my Mom's house, if there is more room than one person in the kitchen, there is not room for the dog.

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Connie K

I was told by a dog trainer to never step over a dog...that you need to train the dog to move out of your way. It's probably too late for that.

Our dog never stays put long enough for us to step over her, even if we wanted to. Since this is the only dog we have ever had, I just assumed it was their nature to jump/move out of the way.

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Soibean - I just have to ask where your got your dog because he looks just like mine - have to wonder if they are siblings. Ours was born 12/2010 and we got her from Pine Ridge Kennel in PA. Her moms name is BB.

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Hi, numbersjunkie. I think our guy must be just a distant relative. He is actually a rescue from Louisiana, so we don't know his exact provenance or age, but probably around 4 years old. Oddly, we have seen what appears to be his identical twin on more than one occasion. Overall, he's a thinner than your average lab and weighs less (~55 lbs), plus he runs like a greyhound.
Not that you'd know from this photo :-)

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That's amazing - they just might be distant relatives! Our lab is also very thin and runs like lightning. Our vet made the comment that she actually has a waistline - very unusual for a lab. I swear if some one showed me that picture of your dog and told me it was our dog I would not know that it wasn't. The facial structure and even the coloring is an exact match.

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My Skeeter (male Maltese) who was only about 6.2 lbs when he passed away (best weight was 7 lbs) used to follow me everywhere in my small kitchen and I was always afraid of stepping on him. My other Furkidz sometimes come into the kitchen but do not stand so close to me and usually only come into the kitchen when they think their meal is ready. I miss him so much. He passed away at age 12.75 years on 12-30-11. I miss his barking as my others are quiet and wait patiently for their food. Skeeter would bark at me to hurry up which I thought then was a pain but now I miss hearing his cute bark.

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I have 2 rough coated collies (Lassies) that come inside when it is really hot and really cold. They are well behaved, but one of them gets restless and sticks that long nose into everything. Both of them do hog the floor fan though. They love to sit in front of it.

My two Pekingese feel they have to sit next to me at all times. The oldest one with cataracts and no hearing will actually lay on top of the youngest peke to make her move if she is sitting beside me and the oldest one wants the spot. The youngest one gets too hot and moves. Works every time. But they do know "out of the kitchen" and follow the rule.

The young peke goes everywhere I go except the kitchen. When I go outside she wants to go. She will stay by the window or door until I come back. If I go into the bathroom and shut the door, she slams the door with her shoulder to try to push it open. If it doesn't open she cries under the door. I can't go anywhere by myself. Pekingese are one-person dogs. They will tolerate a second person when their first person is unavailable.

It's funny how much like children dogs can act. You know...when the phone rings our kids want to talk to us.....while we are trying to talk on the phone.


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This is Charlie.. if he's in the kitchen, he's usually standing up or sitting at attention, waiting for a treat. He was taught "say please by sitting" at an early age, and it works because he moves when I move.

If he wants to watch, but not really be part of the action, he parks himself in the hallway looking in to the kitchen or on a small space on the way to the family room.

Wouldn't have it any other way! Here he is on his birthday, waiting impatiently for a cheeseburger, dry. (Trust me, this is about a twice a year treat!)

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All these posts brought a smile and a tear... we lost our Chloe after 12 1/2 years, and can't believe I can't find a picture of her in the kitchen... whenever I turned on the vent, she knew it was getting close to dinner time... Here she is in another of her favorite places... the boat

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Peke, my little Lexi hears the phone ring and she can tell by my voice if it is a friend or a client. If it is a friend, she wants me to pick her up so she can kiss me and I can pay attention to her. Our doggies are so much like little children forever. I really need to find a picture of my Skeeter to share. I loved seeing all the cute doggies and beautiful kitchens. I thank all of you for sharing.

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ctycdm, your Chloe was so cute and passed away close to my Skeeter's age. My Skeeter died on 12-30-11 when he was 12.75 years of age. I still miss him so much. He was always following me in the kitchen and everywhere. He loved me so much and I loved him. He was not perfect and his barking used to bother me when I was making him his dinner but now I miss it so much. It is too quiet in my house without him as my others miss him also. Here is is in 2009 standing on my new Brazilian Cherry Floors in my home office.

Susan Lynn

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Susan, he was so cute! I love his little face. Looks like he had really silky hair.

Dogs are cheaper than kids! Plus the bonus is they are always so happy to see us when we come home. Even if it has only been 5 minutes.

My first Pekingese lived for over 18 years. I had her before I married my husband. She was sort of senile and had cataracts about 2-3 months before she died. Poor thing would stand in front of the wall and bark. She couldn't figure out how to back up or get away from the wall. She could still play and beg for treats though!

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Peke, Skeeter was adorable and loved to play fetch. He had silky hair on his head and tail but a little bit wavy and coarser on his body. I miss his kisses and how he understood my moods. He was deaf since I adopted him at 17.5 weeks and had seizures but he was so intelligent and loved me and his life. I miss him so much.

Yes, dogs are so happy to see us when we come home and give us so much joy and love.

That is wonderful your first Pekingese lived until 18. I hope my Sassy who seems to be healthy (Maltese like Skeeter) lives until 18. She turned 12 on 12-01-13 and still loves to go for walks and car rides but I can see she is slowing down. So sorry for your loss.

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Julie, your Charlie is so cute and well behaved!

Everyone's doggies are so cute. I miss my Skeeter so much.

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Like debrak2008 and so many others, our Murphy is up there in age. He is a chocolate lab and turned 14 last week. So when he finds a spot, I let him stay there as long as he wants. Unfortunately, he tries to get up and follow me all the time. I wish he would stay put longer most times because he has a hard time with the up and down.

The pic is obviously not from in my kitchen, but of a time when he was a lot more mobile and able to come out on the porch and hang for a bit to watch for deer across the street.

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Fivefootzero, your Murphy is so handsome and amazing that he is now age 14. So glad he is still with you. What a loving wonderful home Murphy has with such an understanding mom about his age. Our doggies are part of our family and are our Furkidz.

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It is so true lynn2006. He is one of my children basically. He is older than my oldest child by 3 years. My kids are so attached to him and it's going to be hard when the day comes that I don't hear his big tail wagging against the floor when I come downstairs in the morning. Trying to make what time we have left with him as comfortable as possible.

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He is one of my children basically. He is older than my oldest child by 3 years. My kids are so attached to him and it's going to be hard when the day comes that I don't hear his big tail wagging against the floor when I come downstairs in the morning. Trying to make what time we have left with him as comfortable as possible.

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