RTA Inset Manufacturer?

bigds01July 13, 2014

So of course,after I post a Barker question, my wife tells me she want's inset cabinets.

Is there someone like Barker that makes inset?

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Conestoga makes RTA cabinets. There are four online dealers that I know of. The only thing is they don't post prices, you have to email them for a quote.

Here they are:

Hope this helps.

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I'm a CabinetJoint.com fan because of Brian's accessibility.
Let alone the fact I absolutely love the cabinets I've purchased from them. I have to do individual cabinets because of $$, but I do order only from them.

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Any ideas other than Conestoga?

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I just posted asking for insets other than Conestoga and got some good recommendations. It shouldn't be too far down if you look through the threads.

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The link to Christina222 post is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Christina222 Post

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