Rough granite countertops

mcmurphy1July 27, 2011

Today I had granite countertops installed in my kitchen (Jonquil, sometimes called Starbeach). Everything is beautiful, but the surface is rough when you run your hand over it. There are flecks of mica throughout, and most of the roughness seems to be over the flecks. The installer told me this is normal with some types of granite, but I don't think I buy this. The contractor and the granite salesman are coming out tomorrow to look at this. Any thoughts or suggestions as to remedies I should request? Thanks

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some of the more exotic stones, those with a lot of mica, do tend to be rougher. we have bianco antico and it's not smooth like glass.

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Normal. It's a natural material, not manmade.

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Hello, Our granite also has some rough spots, that we were told was normal, from both the fabricator and the salesman.

Oh well...We still LOVE it.

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Same issue here. I'm fighting it with the granite fabricator but its a unique stone and maybe i'm stuck. I'm willing to pay someone else to come in with penetrating epoxy (azstone guy recommended) and fix it.

Since everyone loves pictures here are a few:


here is examples of worst one. Its a black depression and feels like tar to the touch and you can scrap it out with your fingernail:

also a fissure (NOT CRACK! don't say CRACK!) that is rough to the touch:

i have another fabricator guy coming out tomorrow. Getting my armour in place.

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Sophie here again. Search on azstone for his comments. Very helpful.

Here is what i had posted:

no resolution yet.

Stay strong!

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My Santa Cecelia is the same way. The dishcloth will catch slightly on some. It doesn't really bother me. However, the NVG in my master bath is smooth as glass. Different fabricator from 6 years ago.

I actually have fairly large pits in the SC. My fabricator told me that you can fill them, but they will fall out again eventually. I have a few chips around my sink too, so someday I will have everything fixed at once.

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Thanks for the feedback. I met with the granite salesman yesterday...not surprisingly he thinks is it the stone I picked, but claims to have installed 5 other Jonquils lately and did not hear from the customers about similar problems. He plans to consult with the "expert" in his shop and get back with me. Says they cannot hand polish the whole thing because it would be too labor intensive (and require removing everything). I think i will have him set up a time for me to view another Jonquil he installed for comparison. The are very, very beautiful, however, and the seam is almost invisible.

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I have New Venetian Gold on the hutch and it's the same way. I'm glad I chose quartz for the working countertops.

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Mother Nature's works of art will never be glass smooth---unless you pick something like Absolute Black that has a small uniform crystalline structure. There are only a few granites of this type. Most have a varied crystalline structure that you can see and feel. That is 100% normal, and no amount of polishing will change that. It will only expose other "rough" crystals. You can resin the whole slab, but what's the point? If having glass smooth counters is one of your requirements for your counters, you should be looking at man made materials like quartz, corian and laminate.

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Even Ablolute Black won't be glass smooth. My desk is AB and while it is still shiny it's far from a mirror finish. :)

In order to truely appreciate natural stone homeowners have to understand it's characteristics. It has it's limitations. One person's idea of smooth may not be the same as the next person.

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