Please share pics of your kitchen window modern trim?

thedorkJuly 14, 2013

I have a big dilemma...

My current kitchen window needs a new trim - the old one was curvy design part of the old cabinets.

The new kitchen will be modern/contemporary - walnut cabs + white quartz.

I also have another big window in the same area where the dining table would be.

I am not sure what to do...

Should I put the same 1952 trim around the kitchen window or change both trims with something more modern/flat but then the whole living room opened to the dining and kitchen will have the old trims which I guess I can change later... I am stuck and I don't know what to pick...

Thank you!

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I am a believer in keeping the bones of a house consistent with its age...I would do trim appropriate to the age and architectural style of the house, regardless of how I was going to decorate it. I have been in lovely old homes with beautiful moldings and trim that were decorated sleekly with modern art on the walls and clean-lined furniture-and it looked amazing.

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We wrapped our modern kitchen's window in wall tile, and took it up to the ceiling.

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i didn't have any trim at all (though none of my house has trims). we just bullnosed the edges

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michoumonster what a great idea! It looks so sleek!

What window manufacturer did you use? Have you noticed any downside to not having a window sill?

Thanks so much!

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Don't mean to hijack the thread but I have the same question as OP. The house has (sort of) transitional style. The current moulding is very traditional and clashes with my contemporary streamlined kitchen.

Contemporary works in the house as long as it is not "stark contemporary", iykwim.

But I am having a very hard trim finding a trim and a wall tile wouldn't work for me, unfortunately.

Please keep the ideas coming!

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