I really need your help relocating appliances...or not

BarbaravJuly 13, 2013

We've been in our home for a little over two years. There's a lot of cosmetic work that needs to be done...new floors, update kitchen, and redo/update three baths. We started downstairs because that was the easiest to me. But I wanted to live in the house a while before making any decisions about the main floor. Well, it's time! I have been cooking on a 1980 coil top cook'Ncounter range for too long.(when you turn the oven on you can also cook anything sitting on the burners without turning them on!)
OK, so far I have moved the dbl pantry (that was dividing the dining rm from the kitchen) to the side wall next to the fireplace. It opened everything up, and I love it. I added this old workbench to see how I would like having an island. It's pretty handy. The dining room became the family/TV room and that is working well, functionally and visually. I've painted the cabinets, which were a bad green with an wallpaper center. They're custom, so I can't just pull one out and put something else in, as I previously thought I could do.
After reading tons of your posts on the appliance forum, I have an almost definite list of appliances. Bosch 30 " induction cooktop, either a Bosch 800 or Electrolux wave wall oven, an LG, Samsung, or Electolux CD FD refrigerator, Bosch dishwasher (although I've never had one as quiet as the frigid afire/Electrolux that's in here now. Microwave, small and off the counter (maybe in the island or pantry). I'd also really love a steam oven, but that may be out of the budget. Sink is undecided right now until I choose the countertop material. Floors will be hardwood.
Some thoughts mulling around...flip the dishwasher and sink , and keep everything else as is...put the fridge next to the wall oven with maybe a tall cabinet in between... Leave the sink where it is and put the cooktop next to it with a downdraft exhaust..
I'm adding a photo of the room, but if a plan would be more helpful, I can Attach that, too.
I have looked at the many photos of your gorgeous kitchens, so I'm hoping you'll be able to help me with mine. Thank you in advance.

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If you flip the sink and dishwasher will that put the DW almost in the corner? Would it then interfere with the stove? I know that the stove handles stick out past the edge of the counters. Would the dishwasher miss it? Could you open both the DW and oven door without them hitting each other?

What beautiful big windows! I'd move the sink to the center of that wall and put the DW the right of it.

Love the idea of an island. Stick the microwave in the pantry. I use mine for defrosting and popcorn! One last thing. Be careful mixing different manufacturers stainless, all stainless is not treated equally, colors can vary a lot.

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Thanks Bullydosmom, if I flip the sink and DW, I would also move/build a trash pullout cabinet to the left of the DW, so I should be ok with the door clearances. You're right about the stainless. It is tough choosing different mfg, because rarely are they all being shown in the same store.
The only thing about putting the cooktop/wall oven where the range is now, is that I worry that the wall oven will be too low. I use my oven pretty much..roasting veggies, chicken, etc. and I wonder if it would be a back breaker? Thought?

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You want the wall oven installed under the range top? I think you're right it would be to low.
I have all Electrolux appliances. I'm not real thrilled with them. I wait an extra 6 months to start our kitchen remodel because I wanted the FD fridge. We did our kitchen in 2010, and they hadn't come out with one yet. So we wait until they did. Had the fridge installed 10 days later it died. Twice. The compressor went. Took 10 days to get it fixed, then at one month the circuit board in the DW went. Plus I can Never get dishes on the top rack clean, Electrolux solution? Run the hot water in the kitchen sink first before you start the DW. But i will say its the quietest DW I've ever heard, you don't know its done until you see the blue light shining on the floor.
Then 21 days after the warrantee ran out some 385.00 part in the gas range died. The only thing that hasn't broke down is the range hood, but that sounds like a freight train when it's running. Nearly 9,000.00 not impressed.

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Oh my gosh. You did have some bad luck with those appliances, Bullydosmom! Do you happen to have the model # of your fridge? The one I have my eye on is the E123BC35K. although I just looked at a bunch of reviews for the LG LFX25991ST on ajmadison and it gets a rating of 4.7. I think I may be going with that one.

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bullydosmom, Thank you for letting us know about the bad experiences you have had with your beautiful Electrolux appliances. This forum is so great for sharing and learning. I would love to see more of your kitchen as I love the style of your cabinets and the reddish color that I see on my monitor as well as the hardwood handles.

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I have different SS appliances...all bought 18 mos ago----Kenmore Elite fridge(made by LG), Bosch DW, GE Profile stove and MW---they all look fine together with regard to finish. If you use your MW a lot like we do, put it either on counter or island...will be a hassle dealing with pantry doors all the time.

While I love the wood ceiling it does tend to make the room dark...perhaps you can whitewash it or paint.

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Joaniepoanie, I have thought about painting the ceiling but this is a post and beam house so the wood ceilings, knotty cypress, are throughout the house, upstairs and down. This kitchen faces west, so doesn't get sun til the afternoon. Although we haven't really seen the sun in VA in a long time. Joanie, how do you like your bosch DW and what model do you have, if you do like it?

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Are you now planning a total gut and start over? I has site built custom cabinets so moving one or two things pretty much led to a total gut of the kitchen. That's a far cry from where you started -- in terms of work and budget. I'm not clear if you have moved up to that level.

You said something about a fireplace and wall ovens. I don't see either. I also don't know what you are happy with and what doesn't work for you. How you work and how I work are probably different. I wouldn't be happy with the small space between the range and fridge, but you've said nothing about that. The sink and DW appear better to me than flipping them and creating conflicts with the range. You might want to find the new to this forum post with suggestions about how post the information that is most likely to result in the best advise.

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You're right lascatx. People work differently in their kitchens. That tiny 16" space between the ref and range is never used.
The wall oven and cooktop will replace the range that is there now. So I'm really just trying to decide whether I want it under the cooktop in the same location as the range is now, or if I want to create a refrigerator/wall oven wall (newly constructed cabinetry/built-in) on the same wall that the fridge and range are now. I would then put the induction cooktop about 3" from the sink.

I'm trying not to do a total gut, and the cabinet man said matching the shaker cabinets is doable.
We are doing a lot in this house, including the master bath with a steam shower, so I'm trying to prioritize.

I can live with the cabinets. I love the shaker style. And I need new appliances more than i need soft close drawers.
Really, there are four things I cannot live with:
1. The tiny space between the range and the sink
2. The tiled countertops
3. The 1980 coil top electric range
4. The full size fridge

The fireplace is to the right of the doorway, next to the fridge. It gets lost in here, but it's a see through, and it gets used in the other room a lot.
Ideally the kitchen should be flipped with the family room adjoining it. I think it would function better. But that'll get done when I win the lottery :) Thanks for your input!

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Barb....yes, if those ceilings are throughout the house, then they should stay that way. I I have the Bosch SHX7ER55....it's just ok....I do have to pre-rinse, especially a knife with peanut butter on it. And I do get a funky smell once in awhile that some complain about here. Miele was twice the price so out of budget, but wonder if I should have gone with a Kitchen Aid...but as I recall there were issues with those too.

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You know, joanie, my DW is a frigidaire, I don't know how old (in fact I think I'll look it up), and it is the quietest DW I've ever owned, and cleans anything! Makes me wonder why I'm looking for a replacement??? Because it's black and not stainless? I never realized buying appliances would be so difficult.

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Can you move your fridge to the space where the white cabinet is in your photo on the left? I can't tell how deep that cabinet is, but that would free up the wall with the fridge/range, so you could center your cooktop on that wall. I'd put the wall oven under the counter to the right of the sink or maybe in the island. I have my wall oven under the counter away from my cooktop, and Iike that arrangement very much. I'd put it higher on the wall, but I don't have room. Or if you can move the fridge to the wall on the left, you could put the wall oven where the fridge is and move the cooktop a little to the left so you have more prep space between sink and cooktop. That way you wouldn't have to touch the run of cabs with the sink/dw. If you flip the sink/dw, would the sink then be facing a column? I would hate that! Love your windows and your workbench island.

Post a floor plan, and it will be easier to advise.

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Baltimore, I tried to imagine how I would like walking into this space with 27-30" jutting out. I don't think I'd like it, what do you think? It's really the ref that is giving me the headache. I really like the idea of putting the oven in an island, a lot. Part of me is thinking ahead and wondering if an under counter placement of a wall oven will be too low in a few years-as I'll be 62 this year. I've never used one so maybe I' m imagining them to be lower than they are.

Anyway, you said to post a floor plan so I did. One, of the original space, and the other with the pantry moved next to the FP. I have to say it holds a lot of food, dishes, and glassware, the bulk of it in easy reach. I really don't want to lose it.
Thank you so much for your help.

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Here's a drawing with the pantry relocated next to the FP, and the counters in front of the windows.

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